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A Thousand Faces Staring Back At You A Thousand Faces is a website where you can have your portrait published, along with some personal information. Imagine it as a virtual stickers collection, wich you actually may purchase as "regular" collectible stickers. It is very easy to join the flat crowd! Why don't you get started by taking a look on the following directions? Fill the blank spaces on SUBMIT area with some personal information. Remember that only name, age and city is shared on the website.

The Ultimate Guide to Good Figure Drawing Reference Yes it is and it is long overdue. I’ve been asked countless times by students, friends and artists in training about getting good reference for figure drawing and head drawing studies. With the unfortunate lack of a centralized and well organized image gallery, it’s about damn time this issue is settled once and for all. I’ve posted some of my personal reference collection here in one place, also known as The Official Freshdesigner Good Reference Gallery (GRG). There’s a ton of great reference I’ve personally gathered and hand-picked from various sources.

НЕДЕЛЬКА Общий тег - #artnest_week Каждую неделю мы выбираем одну тему, на которую каждый день выкладываем референсы, туториалы, статьи и другие полезные материалы. АКТУАЛЬНЫЕ НА НЫНЕШНЮЮ НЕДЕЛЮ РАБОТЫ УЧАСТНИКОВ 8.08 - 14.08 - "КАМНИ И МИНЕРАЛЫ" 22.08 - 28.08 - "ОВОЩИ И ФРУКТЫ" 29.08 - 4.09 - "МЕТАЛЛ" 5.09 - 11.09 "ДРАКОНЫ" 12.09 - 18.09 - "ЭФФЕКТЫ И СВЕТЯШКИ" 19.09 - 25.09 - "КОТИКИ" #week_cats 26.09 - 2.10 - "ПЕЙЗАЖ" #week_landscape 3.10 - 9.10 - "ДЕРЕВЬЯ И РАСТЕНИЯ" #week_tree 10.10 - 16.10 - "ЕДА" #week_food 17.10-23.10 - "ВОДНЫЕ ОБИТАТЕЛИ" #week_watercreatures 24.10-30.10 - "WITCHCRAFT" #week_witchcraft 31.10-6.11 "СТЕКЛО" #week_glass 7.11-4.12 - "ОРУЖИЕ" #week_weapon 5.12-11.12 - "КНИГИ" #week_book 13.12-.19.12 - "ПТИЦЫ" #week_birds 20.12-.2.01 - "ЦВЕТ" #week_colorscheme 3.01. - 9.01 - "СНЕГ" #week_snow 10.01. - 16.01 - "ВОДА" #week_water 17.01. - 23.01 - "ДЫМ И ТУМАН" #week_fog 24.01. - 30.01 - "ПЛАМЯ" #week_fire

Significant Objects Object No. 94 of 100 [The auction for this Significant Object, with story by Victor LaValle, has ended. Original price: $1. bodies-in-motion 30 second sequences from BiM Not long ago, I had twelve artists from Natural Motion (of Morpheme and Clumsy Ninja fame) into Somerset House, my home away from home, for a four day anatomy workshop. At the end of each day we would take about 20 minutes to draw from the Bodies in Motion library. sketching from BiM We made extensive use of the timer for gesture drawing. It can be set to 10fps, 1fps, 30sec, 1min, 2min, or 5mins, and ticks down to zero before flipping to the next frame of the motion sequence.

BBC Motion Gallery Video Collection From the BBC’s first broadcast in 1922, up to yesterday’s news, BBC Motion Gallery gives you exclusive access to the world’s most comprehensive collection of unique motion imagery. Spanning news, sport, natural history, wildlife, locations, celebrities, culture, and more, there is a wealth of content just waiting to be discovered. There are 100,000+ digitized clips available for online licensing, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Our text-based research tool puts the BBC Broadcast Archive at your fingertips.

The Civil War . Images of the Civil War Background on the Archival Images: In late September 1862, Mathew Brady opened an exhibition entitled "The Dead of Antietam" at his New York gallery. The photographs were made by Brady's assistants, Alexander Gardner and James F. Gibson. Nothing like them had ever been seen in America. "The dead of the battle-field come up to us very rarely, even in dreams," wrote a reporter for The New York Times. 54 Free Human Skull Images for DownloadWELCOME TO A WORLD OF SKULLS Media Militia have created this amazing downloable file of human skulls for you to use as reference for illustration and other creative projects. It can be used for personal and commercial purposes too. Heck, how amazing is that? The file contains 54 human skulls, from fetal skulls through to decrepit skulls, and all skulls are photographed in a number of positions on a black background. Browse Exhibits · History Harvest The Lincoln, Nebraska Refugee Community History Harvest took place throughout the Fall 2012 semester at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A number of local institutions supported the program and helped publicize or otherwise contribute to the program, including the Center for People in Need and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. The eleven History Harvest students and Professor Patrick Jones were joined by a number of University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate students and faculty members. During the Harvest, students met with refugees and former refugees and spoke with them about their items and their history, photographed the items, and recorded oral histories. Further Reading Mapping Flickr Commons Update 6 Oct 2012 – I now have a web-based map up and running Did you know that Flickr Commons, home to some of the finest images from many of the best public collections in the world, currently has 181,247 images of which 17,456 (9.6%) 218,514 images of which 27,343 (12.5%) are geotagged? (data updated 6 Oct 2012) In a review I wrote about websites and services for displaying vintage images on maps (and in mobile apps for that matter) I mentioned that there was no such thing, as far as I was aware, for displaying Flickr Commons images.

Looking for (crowdsourcing) love in all the right places - Open Objects One of the most important exercises in the crowdsourcing workshops I run is the ‘speed dating’ session. The idea is to spend some time looking at a bunch of crowdsourcing projects until you find a project you love. Finding a project you enjoy gives you a deeper insight into why other people participate in crowdsourcing, and will see you through the work required to get a crowdsourcing project going. I think making a personal connection like this helps reduce some of the cynicism I occasionally encounter about why people would volunteer their time to help cultural heritage collections. Trying lots of projects also gives you a much better sense of the types of barriers projects can accidentally put in the way of participation. It’s also a good reminder that everyone is a nerd about something, and that there’s a community of passion for every topic you can think of.

Play to Cure: Genes in Space » EuroPAWS Play to Cure: Genes in Space was developed by Guerilla Tea Games in collaboration with Cancer Research UK, and was released on iOS and Android. The project is a world first, and a prime example of the power of video games. It showcases how video game design and technology can be used to get through massive cancer data bottlenecks and use the collective force of gamers for good. Play to Cure: Genes in Space is a game where simply by playing you are helping analyse gene microarray data and thereby contributing to the fight against cancer. Keynote: Crowdsourcing our cultural heritage, Nordiske Arkivdage 2015 - mia ridge I was invited to give a keynote on ‘Crowdsourcing our cultural heritage’ at Nordiske Arkivdage 2015 (#NordiskArkiv), a triennial gathering of archivists from Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland in Copenhagen on May 8, 2015. I greatly enjoyed hearing about various crowdsourcing projects that state and city archives in those countries have worked on over the years (and would still love to hear more). My slides are below. From my introduction: