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Getaround - Peer-to-peer car sharing and local car rental

Getaround - Peer-to-peer car sharing and local car rental

Car Sharing, an alternative to car rental and car ownership – Zipcar Travel Companions + Dream Vacations = Travel Social Network | Travellution An innovative travel social platform Travellution has arrived to change the concept of what social networks can do. We've come up with an innovative travel social network that can only be described as the first "social" social network. As a member of Travellution, you'll have a say in the type of community that you participate in. We encourage all of our members to apply to our Community Advisory Board for the opportunity to work with the development team to implement suggestions and shape the future of your travel social network. At Travellution, we're all about realizing your dream vacations. One of our guiding principles is to respect the cultures native to our travel destinations. Sign up with us today and begin planning the trip you've always wanted to take. The Travellution team is made up of a group of individuals with a passion for travel and a committment to protecting and preserving the worldwide cultural and natural diversity that enriches travel. Co-founder & CEO Co-founder

Robot Invasion: Can computers replace scientists? Can robots work as scientists? At first, this seems like a silly question. Computers are pervasive in science, and if you walk into a large university lab today, there’s a good chance you’ll find a fully fledged robot working alongside the lab-coat-wearing humans. Robots fill test tubes, make DNA microarrays, participate in archaeological digs, and survey the oceans. There are entire branches of science—climate modeling and genomics, for example—that wouldn’t exist without powerful microprocessors. Machines even play an integral part in abstract fields of discovery. Farhad Manjoo is a technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal and the author of True Enough. Follow Still, in most scientific fields, there’s a clear division of labor between humans and computers. In the last section, I wrote about lawyers who believe their thinking-heavy profession is beyond the scope of machines; in science, that feeling is so pervasive as to be unquestioned. Image is courtesy of Schmidt.

SMALLKNOT | Welcome to Smallknot Peer-to-peer car rental Ahorra alquilando, gana prestando - Plnnr - plan the perfect trip, automatically! Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine - Apprenez à tout réparer Piccole (e grandi) contraddizioni del noleggio nel 2011 | Rental Blog Il noleggio nel 2012 tra vecchio e nuovo Il “mestiere più vecchio del mondo” si appresta a vivere probabilmente una delle sue ennesime rinascite, ma di sicuro c’è che si è da poco lasciato alle spalle una delle sue annate peggiori. L’anno vecchio si chiude però col botto: Edmondo Colliva di Italnolo sparato sulle pagine di Repubblica (22 dicembre) e, qualche giorno dopo, assonnato ospite televisivo a Unomattina, sempre entusiasta nel diffondere il (suo) verbo. Se avessi filmato le sue interviste di dieci anni fa, potremmo fare il giochino “Trova la differenza”. I giornalisti generalisti che incontrano il noleggio generalista sono uno spasso, almeno da cinquant’anni: “C’è una nuova tendenza, non si compra più, ma si noleggia… Oggi (oggi!) Eppure, mai come adesso, con un po’ di determinazione e chiarezza, l’opportunità di cambiare finalmente la testa degli italiani, privati o imprenditori, è così concreta. Il noleggio nel 2011: un’occasione sprecata? Il noleggio nel 2012: l’ultima spiaggia?