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10 Ways to Show Your iPad on a Projector Screen

10 Ways to Show Your iPad on a Projector Screen
If you don't mind keeping your iPad in one spot, then a VGA adapter (for 30-pin Dock connector or for the new Lightning connector). Apple has made four types of adapters – determine which one you need. Or, a document or USB camera might work for you. If you want to wirelessly transmit your device's screen and audio so that you or your students can walk around the room, then it gets more complicated. You'll tap into Apple's AirPlay feature that is built into all iPad 2s and newer, including iPad mini. AirPlay works over Wi-Fi and requires all devices using it to be on the same network (unless you're using the newest Apple TV and iOS 8–then you can use a peer-to-peer connection). Apple TV is a small black box that can connect to a projector. iPad can mirror wirelessly to Apple TV using AirPlay. If you already have a computer connected to your projector, you should look into using software to turn that Mac or Windows PC into an AirPlay receiver.

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7 Ways to Collect Student Work in an #iPad Classroom (Updated 09/15/2012) Next week, I'll be facilitating a short one-hour workshop on a topic that is deceptively simple on a computer, but can be complex on an iPad--how to get student work off an iPad in a place where the teacher can get to it in ONE place. This short blog entry tries to offer some solutions. Let me know what you think, ok? Many apps--here's a short list--will output to WebDav, video or image format that ends up in your Camera Roll.

3 Principles for great online courses I love teaching. It’s all about that “ah-ha” moment someone gets. You see their eyes light up as the revelation sweeps over them. At Learndot we build tools to create those moments. Google Glass receives regulatory approval in Canada Google Glass is one step closer to a wider release in Canada, after receiving approval from Canadian regulators, the company confirmed to the Financial Post on Friday. The Google Inc.-made computerized eyeglasses — currently available to a limited number of Canadians who are part of its Google Glass Explorer program — got the go-ahead from Industry Canada this summer, said Aaron Brindle, a Google Canada spokesperson. “Glass has regulatory approval from Industry Canada and we’re super excited to bring Glass north of the border,” he said in an e-mail. “We don’t have a timeframe to share at this time, but Glass will comply with all regulations when it launches in Canada.” Last month, the tech blog Android Police reported an Explorer in Louisiana received his Google Glass with a card that said the device was approved for use by Industry Canada.

Tim Bedley Landing Page IPAD APPS FOR EDUCATION by Tim Bedley All apps are free unless otherwise noted. Favorites are in bold. *My Students should download these Social Media in Higher Education “Social Media Manager” was recently named one of the Best New Jobs in America, according to CNN. Looking ahead to 2013, social media is set to become a required skill-set, as demand for professionals experienced with social media continues to rise. Social media is gaining adoption company-wide, and currently there are over 13,000 job postings per month requiring social media skills. To meet this growing demand for social media experts in the workforce, HootSuite has created a Higher Education Program.

Google in Education Articles exploring the usefulness of Google apps in education. Inside The 3D Cities of Google Earth Photo: Also Top 7 Guides on how to Use iPad in your Classroom iPad is definitely a gadget of huge potential in education. Many schools in the States and Canada are adopting it as a learning tool within their curriculum. Developers have already started creating e-textbooks with enhanced mobile compatibility. More important, there are now several apps that are easy to use and that enable teachers to create their own teaching content to go on iPad. Ask3 for iPad: Put an end to homework confusion! The second students walk out of a classroom they often leave behind their ability to collaborate and problem-solve. Many are unable to get help at home and have to wait to ask questions until the next time they’re in class. Ask3, our new iPad app, aims to solve this problem.

6 Good Chromebook Apps for Recording and Editing Audio October 30, 2014 Awhile back I received couple of emails from some teachers asking about some app recommendations to record and edit audio on Chromebooks. Below are some of the good tools I would suggest for this purpose. Please have a look and share with us what you think of them. What can you do with an iPad in the classroom? It’s a tool, it’s a tool, it’s a tool. The iPad is not going to replace teachers or ‘fix’ education. There is a cost implication that must be taken into account and only an educator will know if it is right for their students.

Mobile Learning Support for New Teachers The mobile learning revolution is alive and growing in popularity every day. When schools move toward mobile learning in the classroom, they can take advantage of electronic devices such as tablets and cell phones that offer portability and ease of use. Mobile learning technologies can offer teachers a flexible approach to learning with their students in a variety of locations, and encourage this learning to continue at home. As schools begin to consider the movement towards mobile learning, it’s important to support teachers with strategies for success, particularly if they are new. As I began to research this topic I was disappointed to discover that resources for supporting new teacher use of mobile learning strategies weren’t easily accessible.

Educational Conferences and the ethics of EdTech Over the last two days I attended a digital teaching conference. Like all conferences where educators get together to talk about technology, there was plenty of sharing about useful apps and tools to use in the classroom. I went to 8 different sessions where people talked about the purposeful use of technology in education and showed examples of how students are learning with these tools. But as the conference went on I also noticed a worrying trend. 7 Fun Ways to Use QR Codes In Education QR Codes Quick Response are so fun to integrate in classroom. Quick Response codes are bar codes with information. QR Codes can include contact information, websites, text, SMS, pictures and so much more. My students absolutely love using these in their activities. Here are some ways to Integrate QR Codes in Your Lessons

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