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Getting Smart

Getting Smart

The Power of Educational Technology The 21st Century Principal 2¢ Worth Listen A few weeks ago I worked and attended North Carolina's ISTE affiliate conference. I opened the NCTIES conference with a breakfast keynote address and Marc Prensky closed it with a luncheon keynote the next day. Sadly, I missed the second day of the conference. I would first offer some constructive criticism to NCTIES , and to all such ed-tech conferences across the nation and around the world. The only idea I can think of is to have one or two session rooms devoted to unconference topics. Now to the surprises It was in the student showcase, a part of most ed-tech conferences that I often miss, using it as an opportunity to visit the exhibitors or dash up to my room for something or other. She then began telling me what they were doing, describing some of the communication skills they were learning as well as social studies and character. “No software. After my hesitation, she continued, “..the game master.” Seeing this was energizing to me. Donna Hitchings, Snaderson HS, WCPSS

Social Studies Flipped Class Community First, thank you to everyone who has contributed to the SS Flipclass Community form! At the time of writing this, we have about 40 educators who have entered contact & website info in the last week alone. Here is the link: Social Studies Flipped Class Community A couple of quick things:1.

The Complete Guide to The Use of Skype in Education Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been diligently engaged over the last couple of weeks in writing a series of simple and easy to use guides to help teachers and educators better leverage the use of technology in education and empower them with the necessary tools to better carry out this task. What started as a simple guide on the use of social networking, expanded to be a series of similar guides covering blogging, personal learning networks, Evenote, Facebook and iPad in education. Our purpose is to give hand to both novice and experienced teachers in integrating technology within their classrooms. We are still working on several other guides which will be posted here intermittently and there will be a comprehesive ebook that will contain all these guides, so stay tuned. Today's guide is about Skype and here is the outline : What is Skype ? What is Skype ? What do I need to use Skype To use Skype you need to : Skype's Importance in Education Skype Tips for Teachers Webliography

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