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21 Free Design Tools for Marketers on a Budget

21 Free Design Tools for Marketers on a Budget
They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but let's be honest ... a pretty cover doesn’t hurt when it comes to your marketing. That’s why -- whether you're creating lead generation content, social media content, calls-to-action, or infographics -- your marketing materials should always be as visually appealing as possible. Problem is, actually creating all these beautiful visuals isn't exactly every marketer's forte. Oh, another problem? Design software can cost an arm and a leg (plus all the classes you need to take to learn how to work the darn stuff). But there's good news -- there are plenty of free and easy-to-use tools out there that can make you look like a master designer. Free Color Tools Even though it may seem like we have an unhealthy obsession with orange, we promise we’re equal opportunity color enthusiasts at HubSpot. 1) Adobe Color CC 2) Design-Seeds Warning: You could get lost browsing this site for hours since there are lots of food, puppy, and kitten pictures. Related:  stratégie digitale

20 Essential Apps And Websites For Digital Nomads Living a life of perpetual travel is pretty exciting – new destinations, new cultures and new incredible people to meet and hang out with! However, working on the road can get pretty hectic at times. As a digital nomad I have found myself in rather awkward situations a lot – from missed deadlines due to incorrect time zone conversion to a nearly missed plane when I forgot to print out my booking and confused the time (I did catch that plane though!). Being your own boss is equally awesome and hellish. 1. Trello is your go-to website to stay organized and work super-efficiently on the road. My Trello contains two sets of boards – personal and business. Trello is an incredible free alternative to similar project management softwares I used before and it can be used for tackling any job – from house renovation to multi-stage marketing campaign! 2. f.lux As a digital nomad you often find yourself working late at night or early morning to keep up with your clients’ time zones. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

2 Social Media Marketing Automation Tools Update: Shortly after writing this article, the first tool mentioned here (Sendible) started failing us. After a month of back and forth with their support we will cancel all accounts we have there. I cannot recommend it any more! I am a social media marketer and as such I am a huge fan of social media automation, especially on Twitter. I know all the risks and downsides yet with a bit of work and a bit of passion, you can circumvent most of these. If you read my previous review about ManageFlitter you know that I am mightily impressed by their tool – not just because it saves me time but also because it offers a well thought out interface and manages to be easy and fun to use and even offers humor. Sadly, not all social media tools are like that. Sendible – Marketing Automation for the Social Web Update – has completely messed up its service, and is not working properly any more. Sendible offers a heap of functionality. Sendible offers both. Sendible rating: Link removed Want to try it?

Your Designers Are Not Artists, and You Need to Stop Thinking That Way As head of HubSpot’s creative and design team, I spend nearly every day acting as the translator between my designers and the rest of the company, particularly executives, marketers, and salespeople, (i.e. those folks whose jobs are often held to more formal or quantitative metrics). Obviously, it should come as no surprise that there is always at least some disconnect between designers and non-designers, especially considering the vast differences in both the day-to-day work and the success metrics of each group. However, having spent the last several years basically being the translator between the two, one thing has really surprised me: the vast majority of non-designers don’t actually understand what a designer’s real role is. Fortunately, this divide usually has nothing at all to do with a lack of appreciation for the work designers do. Artist vs. Before you grimace at that statement, just take a moment to hear me out. Design is first and foremost a job of solving problems. P.S.

Améliorer le marketing digital de votre TPE / PME Internet est un allier de force pour le développement de votre petite entreprise. Il vous permet de prospecter et communiquer à grande échelle pour un budget limité. Dans cet article, je vous présente 9 conseils marketing concrets, pour améliorer le marketing digital de votre TPE. Ces conseils sont applicables rapidement et sans budget. Après les avoir lus, vous saurez exactement quoi faire pour augmenter le nombre de visiteurs sur votre site et pour les transformer en clients. 1# Définir une stratégie Pourquoi ? Avant l’action, il y a la réflexion. Je rencontre beaucoup trop de TPE qui ont un site Internet mais qui n’ont aucune stratégie pour améliorer sa visibilité ou savoir comment l’utiliser. Comment ? Commencez par définir une bonne cible marketing. Je vous conseille ensuite de définir des objectifs clairs à atteindre, pour rapidement savoir si vous allez dans la bonne direction. 2# Faire votre veille concurrentielle 3# Faire une enquête client Pourquoi ? Comment ? Pourquoi ? Comment ?

Dynamic Periodic Table The Web's Top 10 Project Management Tools January 3, 2014 The Web’s Top 10 Project Management Tools By Tina Courtney-Brown in Business Featured Time and project management efficiencies are essentials for small business owners who are mired in the world of multi-tasking. Fortunately, there are a lot of organized software developers who have created a number of useful tools. 1) Wrike With a slick, intuitive interface and genius collaboration features, Wrike is a great solution for virtual teams and single entrepreneurs. 2) TeamWorkPM Another snappy web-based project management offering, TeamWorkPM has impressive team management features, a very reasonable pricing structure, and a repository that houses all your essential documents in the cloud, accessible to all team members. 3) Assembla Ideal for remote teams who need to track intricate tasks, Assembla is aces at time management and optimizing efficiencies. 4) Basecamp 5) Producteev 6) Teambox Teambox is another tool that’s suitable for single, and small, person teams. 7) Jira

» The Many Reasons We Rely Upon Our Clutter Post written by Leo Babauta. Clutter isn’t an easy problem to solve, no matter how many times I might tell you to toss it out, tell you that you don’t need it. A book isn’t just an object with words on it. Each of these inanimate objects means so much more to us. We put our emotions into them. They are our crutches. What are we to do when we discover these crutches? The Roles of Clutter These aren’t all true for every person, but I’ve found they’re very common: 1. New habit: Learn to combat fears with information. 2. New habit: Learn that you don’t need external objects to be attractive or good enough. 3. New habit: Learn to live in the present. 4. New habit: Realize that things aren’t love, and that the love is only in people. 5. New habit: Squash every bit of hope in yourself. 6. New habit: Deal with the problems. 7. New habit: Take one piece, and deal with that. 8. New habit: Realize you don’t need objects for excitement or fun. Clutterfree Book & Course

50 nuances de contenu web Enrichir sa communication pour mieux informer, inspirer, surprendre ou ravir son public, voilà l’enjeu de toute bonne stratégie de content marketing. Le secret: la variété, le mélange des genres. Il y a mille manières de communiquer pour rendre son contenu plus attrayant. Tour d’horizon. du contenu web pour enseigner La plupart du temps, l’internaute arrive sur votre site web par curiosité, parce qu’il a entendu parler de vous et veut en savoir plus ou parce qu’il cherche un produit ou un service et vous sembler répondre à son attente. Des articles de blog courts pour répondre aux questions les plus courantesDes tutoriels vidéos si votre activité s’y prêteDes podcasts relayant des discussions entre expertsDes infographies pour expliquer un processus complexeUn e-book illustré pour résumer les points clés d’une thématique. du contenu web pour faire réfléchir Créez des contenus qui poussent vos lecteurs à se poser les bonnes questions, à approfondir un sujet. du contenu web à partager