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Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes

Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes

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Wheel Alignment Guide - How To Align Your Car At Home - Hot Rod Magazine All Pages Photography by Matt King, Randy Lorentzen/Planet R Hot Rod Magazine, August 03, 2009 Most gearheads understand the basic definitions of caster, camber, and toe, but when it comes to actually measuring or setting these wheel-alignment specs, the easy solution is to bring the car to a professional shop. For cruisers where an alignment is a set-it-and-forget-it proposition, that's probably OK. But if you enjoy the satisfaction of knowing how to do it yourself, or if you expect to be making enough alignment changes that taking your car to a shop every time would be expensive and impractical, you'll benefit from adding alignment skills to your mental toolbox.

Joint PhD ML/Heinz-Machine Learning Department - Carnegie Mellon University With the critical importance of addressing global policy problems ranging from disease pandemics to crime and terrorism, and the continuously increasing size and complexity of policy data, the use of machine learning has become essential for data-driven policy analysis and for development of new, practical information technologies that can be directly applied for the public good. The numerous challenges facing our world will require broad, successful innovations at the intersection of machine learning and public policy, to develop novel methods which address critical policy challenges. The Joint PhD Program in Machine Learning and Public Policy is a new program for students to gain the skills necessary to develop new state-of-the-art machine learning technologies and apply these successfully to real-world policy issues. Students in this program will be involved in courses and research from both the Machine Learning Department and the Heinz College. A sample curriculum is as follows:

How to Learn French Online My free, 20-week French learning course is available as an online checklist or a weekly newsletter. Whichever format you choose, you'll be presented with basic French vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar lessons in a logical study order, with each week's lessons building upon previous topics. On each page, you will notice that there are many links, both within the lesson and at the end of it. Japanese Gendered Language In America, 90% of Japanese teachers are women. That’s great, because women are good people too, but did you know that women have a particular (though somewhat subtle) way of speaking Japanese? Did you know that there are slight differences between the way that men and women talk? Homemade Electric Kiln I was frustrated with the price of electric burnout kilns for ceramics, metal annealing, glass enameling, and melting precious metals etc,. so I decided to build my own. Most kilns that run at these temperatures cost between $600 and $1200. With a little help from a guy at a ceramics store, I built one for about $120 (not including the power controller and pyrometer). This little electric kiln can get up to 2000 degrees F and is easy to make without any special tools besides a handheld router. I also wanted one that I could take apart and replace the element, since these are inexpensive.

How To Successfully Learn A New Language This Year Until the age of 21, I made several New Year’s resolutions to learn Spanish that never panned out. After I graduated from university (as an electronic engineer who could only speak English) I managed to spend an entire six months living in Spain without picking up more than just a few phrases. I was tackling it the way I imagine way too many people are tackling their learn-a-language resolution this year. Today, I’m a successful language learner myself, having studied over two dozen languages. I’m able to speak half of them well and about eight of them with genuine fluency. Hopefully some suggestions here will make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I made in my first years of doing it totally wrong!

Spanish Language Resources - Games Finding ways to have fun while learning a new language can be critical to your success. The Pimsleur Approach offers a number of Spanish learning games that can be a supplement for kids and adults alike. When you're looking for a new way to incorporate Spanish into your everyday life, learning games are a perfect option. Our interactive Spanish language games are a great way to have fun and strengthen your language skills.

Learn to read Russian in 15 minutes (Yes, for real. I thought it was a joke at first, too.) Here’s a really interesting and surprisingly simple breakdown of the Russian alphabet from writer Peter Starr Northrop and cartoonist Ryan Estrada. Give it a few minutes of your time and you’ll be confidently sounding out Russian words by the end. Next up: Learning what those words mean. See more from Northrop and Estrada.

Online texts Professor Jim Herod and I have written Multivariable Calculus ,a book which we and a few others have used here at Georgia Tech for two years. We have also proposed that this be the first calculus course in the curriculum here, but that is another story.... Although it is still in print, Calculus,by Gilbert Strang is made available through MIT's OpenCourseWare electronic publishing initiative. Here is one that has also been used here at Georgia Tech. Linear Methods of Applied Mathematics, by Evans Harrell and James Herod. Yet another one produced at Georgia Tech is Linear Algebra, Infinite Dimensions, and Maple, by James Herod.

How To Train Your Brain To Flip To A New Language This is a guest post by Rubén, who writes on Mostly Maths about programming, productivity and time management. A math PhD student and aspiring procrastinator, he writes about fighting time expenditure and continuous improvement. Multi-lingual cat. When you start learning a new language, common wisdom suggests that you have two possible goals (not mutually exclusive). One is passing an exam.