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Illustrator Channel - Tutorials, Reviews, Techniques, Tools & News for the Illustrator Professional SmartDraw VP - the world's first visual processor SmartDraw VP, the world's first visual processor, is a powerful tool for use in architectural, engineering and construction industries. The solution, which is fully automated and geared toward users without expertise in visual design and drawing, has an extensive variety of templates for visuals like floor plans, maps, flow charts, various diagrams, strategy plans and more. Read More related stories Rss Turning your photos into works of art using PostworkShop - Part 1 PostworkShop is fun-to-use to transform your photos into an oil painting or watercolor, pastel drawing or pencil sketch, abstract artwork or old-time photograph using techniques from some of the most famous artists. Web Site Planning and Wireframing: Part 11 of 12 We're going to start by outlining the main structural elements of this homepage. Web Site Planning and Wireframing: Part 10 of 12 We're now ready to go and start creating our wireframe inside of Acrobat Pro. ko

Archive | Illustrator Need vectors? 3200+ Royalty Free Vectors! Need a ton of illustrations in a really short time? Or maybe you just like looking through a slew of choices before deciding on that one perfect image for your project. Whatever the case, this Vector Mega Pack from Designers Folder is sure to make all other Vectors jealous! Read More… How to Plan Your Freelancing Design Income One of the most difficult problems that you will face as a freelance designer is knowing how much money you need to earn each month as a designer. If you don’t get a handle on your income early on, you may find that you can’t continue as a freelancer. In this post, we’ll examine some of the factors that you must take into consideration when planning your monthly earnings. Read More… Illustrator Quick Tip: Align to Key Anchor (point) Today I want to share a quick alignment tip for Illustrator (I’m using CS4).

Back-to-School With 40 Excellent Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Advertisement Learning is a process which continues throughout the life of an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. Along the way, designers find the task of mastering Adobe Illustrator a large obstacle which requires practice and experience in using the vector-based application. Practice comes in the form of tutorials, which offer tips, tricks, and artistic styles from other designers who have mastered certain techniques based on their experience. From these tutorials, a designer can polish their skillsets on a variety of topics which will strengthen their own artwork. This post presents 40 excellent simple to complex Illustrator tutorials and presents the overall techniques of each tutorial, summarized in a brief overview. Illustrator Tutorials Gradient Mesh Bell Pepper Tutorial Use multiple smaller Meshes to create a realistic objectLearn to use the Eyedropper Tool (I) to sample colors from a reference photo How to create a Television Icon Illustrate a Malevolent Skull in 8 Steps

Tutorials | Computer Arts If you're used to visiting every day, then you'll notice something a little different about the site you're looking at right now. That's because Computer Arts (which you can buy here) is now publishing all its online content via What's Creative Bloq? Creative Bloq is a multidisciplinary site for designers and creatives of all types. Launched just over a year ago by the makers of .net, Computer Arts, and 3D World, it brings you a daily dose of news, tips, features and inspiration covering all aspects of the design industry. So where can I go for my daily fix of web news/inspiration? Stay right here! How do I filter out the other stuff? If you want to view graphic design articles only, then use the graphic design tab in the nav. In short, at Creative Bloq we're addicted to design - and we're really happy to have you on board.

About | Designers Who Blog: Design, Illustration, Photography, Web, Advertising, Branding ... Designers Who Blog is about blogging designers. Due to the slopover in the industry, included are: Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Illustrators, Typographers, Logo Designers, Artists, Photographers, Marketers, Writers, Branders and Podcasters and more. Much more. At DWB you’ll discover people sharing thoughts, ideas and creativity about their industries. You’ll also find off-the-rack blogs amongst well-designed sites. View the banner collection by repeatedly refreshing the page (I use a rotating.php), or by visiting Year 1 Banner Gallery and Year 2 Banner Gallery and Year 3 Banner Gallery. I’m no longer updating this blog. regards, Catherine

Illustrator Tutorial: Illustrator Template Tutorials • Next Do you have certain graphic elements (eg. logos, symbols, icons, etc.), Color Swatches, Graphic Styles, and Art Brushes that you commonly use in Illustrator? If your answer is yes, this tutorial might be helpful to you. Download Source File Required: Illustrator CS Introduction I personally use Adobe Illustrator alot, to save my time and work more efficiently, I have created serveral custom Libraries Illustrator Templates. Illustrator Template can store: Artboard setting, Color/Gradient Swatches, Graphic Styles, Symbols, Layers, graphic placeholders, and more. 1. Most of you probably already know how to create Libraries, so I’m not going to explain all the details. 2. After you’ve done with the Libraries, go to File > Save as Template and name your template that is best describe the content/setting of the file, ie. 3. Now go to File > New From Template and Adobe Illustrator will create a new file with all the setting you’ve created in your template. Conclusion

InDesign Fortnight 7: Lists: Numbers and Nested Lists | The Suite Spot Yesterday we took a look at bulleted lists, today we’re going to take a look at numbered lists and nested lists – lists inside a list item. If you’re a registered use of this site, you can use the link below to download an InDesign CS4 copy of the file I’m using here (zip archive). Support files are available to registered users of the site only. Please Login or Register to access the link. Creating Your List Creating a numbered list is remarkably similar at the outset to creating a bulleted list (see yesterday’s post: but there are more options to be explored and some powerful features that make working with more complex multilevel lists much easier. For that reason, although the same ‘one-click’ functionality is available in the options bar, it is best to work with numbered lists inside a style for all but the simplest single-instance lists. Defining Your List To do so, go to Type > Bulleted & Numbered Lists > Define Lists. Creating the Next Level of the List

Illustrator Tutorials & Tips | Vector Diary Photoshop Tutorials Create A Scrapbook Alphabet In this Photoshop Text Effect you'll learn to create a simple Scrapbook style text effect that can be used as a stand alone word treatment or converted to individual reusable .png files with a transparent background. Create A 3D Push Pin In this Photoshop tutorial I'll show you how to create a 3D Push Pin using Photoshop Extended's 3D drawing and rendering capabilities. Modern 3D Text Effect In this Photoshop tutorial we're going to step outside my usual Photoshop Only philosophy and use the 3D rendering power of Adobe Illustrator to create a cool little 3D text effect. Film Inspired Photo Borders In this Photo Effects tutorial I'll show you how to extract a photo border from it's background and make it infinitely more versatile for your photography projects. High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos – Part 1 A Simple Wedding Invitation The Wheels Text Effect I probably get 2-3 spam emails a week from some company wanting to sell me new wheels for my car.