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VIZPARK - 3D models, plugins, textures and HDRIs

VIZPARK - 3D models, plugins, textures and HDRIs
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BadKing » This MatCap Materials Pack was created and generously donated by Adam Lewis. Materials are used to change the way lighting reacts with a surface to make it either smooth or rough, specular or matt, solid or transparent. This download contains 36 individual MatCap materials (.ZMT) that can also be downloaded individually from the Materials Product Section. The materials contained within this pack have a low specular level and smooth texture making it feel like you’re working with real clay. Created in ZBrush, this Materials Pack is compatible with versions from R4 to the most current.

10 Tips for better lighting in Cinema 4D - helloluxx In these 10 tips for better lighting in Cinema 4D, I cover techniques which explore basic lighting concepts and how we can implement these using Maxon’s Cinema 4D. 1. Which type of light? Depending on the atmosphere you are trying to achieve, choosing the correct light can be fundamental. For a candle or a light bulb in a room, an omni or point light is the obvious choice so the light emits in all directions. I tend to use Area lights 90% of the time unless I am after a specific effect. In this example we have the scene rendered using (from left to right) Default Light, Area Light, Area Light with Area Shadow. 2. The type of shadow will strongly influence the feeling of the shot, for a bright sunny day you would want the shadow to be dark and hard with very little falloff, this is in sharp contrast to an overcast day where the shadows will be barely visible as the falloff is so high. In Cinema 4D we have the option for three types of shadow, shadow maps, area shadows and raytraced shadows.

HOME - download HDRI panoramas, HD textures, stock images, SFX and more - (en) jagged rocks stones max This is a collection of low to high quality (editable) jagged 3D rocks. Scanline, Mental Ray, and V-Ray versions included (max files zip). Detailed instructions explain aspects of the models, materials, textures, etc. Easily adjust the viewport and render mesh quality levels on all stones at once with the Mesh Quality Sliders (also includes instructions on how to use and edit the slider's properties [only in max versions]). Easily modify any aspect of the shape, size, poly and vert count or quality of the models with the included modifier (history) stack (originally created in 3ds Max 2010). by editing the level of quality, you can achieve Poly and vert counts ranging from below 1,900 poly, 1,000 vert (all rocks together at low poly [level 0]) to over 345,500 poly, 172,500 vert (all rocks together at high poly [level 6]). Models are UVW mapped and have no seams. Also included:1. 1 High-resolution, tileable texture (3872x3872).2. It is recommended that you read the instructions first.

Cubes into Letters – Improved and Updated | My Motion Graphics I’ve decided to remake the Cubes into Letters tutorial. I was having so many repeated questions about it that I realised that the easiest way to respond to them all was to remake the tutorial, and because now we have R16 with the reflectance channel, the Illuminati and the Sharpbox. So now we have a newer, easier, fresh approach to this tutorial. Tutorial preview: Part 1: MoGraph Part 2: Lights, Materials and Camera animation Part 3: Color correction and Post effects in After Effects Like this: Like Loading... 3d model pile snow 02 This is a model of a Pile of snow 02 * Originally created with 3ds Max 2012 * This model is suitable for use in broadcast, high-res film close-ups, advertising, design visualization, forensic presentation, etc.* The model is accurate with the real world size and scale. * This model contains 1 separate objects. * This model contains 962 polygons with Turbosmooth OFF. * This model contains 7682 polygons with Turbosmooth ON. * This model is included in two 3ds Max versions V-Ray and Mental ray. * All preview images are rendered with V-Ray 3.00.08 as Renderer * Lights and cameras are not included in the file.* Signature image camera is included. * There are 1 textures in scene. * Texture Resolutions are :1024 px . * Model is built to real-world scale * Units used: #centimeters* Object Dimensions : 47.82cm x 40.30cm x 12.10cm * Scene objects are organized by groups.* No third-party renderer or plug-ins needed for mental ray version. If you have any questions, you can contact me through support.

Code Vonc Module Python pour Cinéma 4D R13, R14, R15, R16 12 novembre 2014 Comment installer ?How to install ? Spline Guide aligne des cheveux le long d'une spline de façon dynamique. Spline Guide align hairs along a spline dynamically. v 0.8 : - Compatible R13, R14, R15, R16. v 0.8 : - Compatible R13, R14, R15, R16. Copier le dossier « vonc_splineguide » dans le dossier « plugins » du répertoire de Cinéma 4D.Copy the folder « vonc_splineguide » in the folder « plugins » of Cinema 4D. ExemplesExamples Télécharger - ExemplesDownload - Examples Documentation Cheveux :Hair :Glissez ici le générateur Cheveux désiré.Drag here your Hair object. Spline :Spline :Glissez ici votre spline guidant vos cheveux.Drag here the spline to guide your hair. Intensité :Strength :Règle l'intensité de l'effet sur les cheveux : mélange entre son état déformé et son état normal.Set the strength of the effect to the hair : mix between the deformed state and the normal state. Galerie Votre image ici ?

people archviz max free FUTURESCAN provides unique high/low polygon models for closeup and medium-distance views in architectural visualization projects. Principal features: - high-end photorealistic 360 degree scans, XXIst century technology depicted in the movie 'The Congress';- competitive pricing (compared to axyz, markflorquin, 3D people from David Lynch Universe from evermotion and xtrusion);- saves you time for more time in landscaping and interiors visualization;- new emerging standart;- gives professionals an edge - both new technical and artistic opportunities in today's highly competitive market;- adds necessary realism and expensive look to any 3D scene - forget about lifeless post-apocaliptic landscapes and interiors of the past - people actually do exist outside of 'Fallout' Universe;- adds an inch to every client's smile and every inch has a value you want and need to retain;- sends cutout people where they belong - to Blackberries and Windows Vista era. The scan is in height in real-world units.

Greebler | Download | Kuroyume's DevelopmentZone The current version is 1.1.5 Cinema 4D R13.0 – works in R14 and R15 Windows 64/32-bit, MacOSX 64/32-bit Universal Binary 6.8 MB The current version is 1.0.3 Cinema 4D R12.0 – works in R13 Windows 64/32-bit, MacOSX 64/32-bit Universal Binary 7.0 MB Cinema 4D R11.5 Windows 64/32-bit, MacOSX 64/32-bit Universal Binary 7.5 MB Cinema 4D R11.0 Windows 64/32-bit, MacOSX 64/32-bit Universal Binary 7.5 MB Cinema 4D R10.5 Windows 64/32-bit, MacOSX Universal Binary 6.7 MB Cinema 4D R10.1 Windows 64/32-bit, MacOSX Universal Binary 6.5 MB Greebler 1.0 PDF Manual 2.8 MB Greebler Example C4D Projects 69.1 MB Try before you buy! IMPORTANT: Demo evaluation will not work when using a License Server since the timeout value passed is invalid. If you decide to purchase Greebler after evaluation, you can enter the Greebler serial number that you receive after purchase into the ‘Greebler’ entry box in the same Cinema 4D Registration window either when prompted or by selecting Cinema 4D’s “Help > Personalize” menu.