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Environment Textures - High Resolution Textures for 3D artists and Game Developers HOME - download HDRI panoramas, HD textures, stock images, SFX and more - (en) Gobotree - 3D and 2D Design and Architecture Resources works | Projector © 2012 Studio Projector Blue Pencil Sketchpad for Maya Blue Pencil is a plugin for Maya that brings advanced 2D drawing to the 3D viewport. With support for layers, transformations, auto-keying and more, Blue Pencil is a multi-purpose tool that is useful for, but not limited to: Grease Pencil - planning, annotation and illustration Animation - thumbnails, rough blocking and arc tracking Model layout and topology planning Shot review tool Tutorials and screencasting Images Media Visit the Blue Pencil channel on Vimeo to see more of the features available with Blue Pencil. Overview Draw, sketch, paint and animate. Plan and communicate ideas quickly. Drawing Designed to be easy and intuitive, Blue Pencil provides a familiar toolset with many of the features found in popular paint programs. Animation Block out shots with responsive drawing and real-time playback, Blue Pencil removes the need for playblasting. Blue Pencil makes it easy to adjust the timing of drawings. Layers Layers are flexible and can be added to any camera.

Thousands of design quality photo cut outs, ready to use immediately! Free. Corona Kitchen | BBB3viz I’ve been wanting to return to Corona for a while but couldn’t find the time. Then I saw some marketing shots by Cesar for its Kalea line of kitchens that I thought fitted the renderer perfectly due to the somewhat complicated “chiaroscuro” lighting scenario. These images have been finished for quite some time but I’m only getting round to posting them now. There was relatively little post work done to them other than running them through ArionFX for some nice glows, levels adjustments and film emulsion effects. Beyond that, not much to say about this relatively simple scene, which uses a mix of new and re-shaded V-Ray assets. Render times oscillated between 2 and 4 hours, with the shots with heavy DOF taking quite a bit longer to resolve fully.

Puppet Shaders_p - shader set for Mental Ray p_constant - simple surface shader. Constant - shader of constant color without any shading and etc. p_fg_light - simple surface shader like p_constant, with the exception of this shader visible only for final gather rays. Shader fully transparent for other ray type (like eye, transparent, refraction and etc). p_fg_no_light - this shader is inverse of p_fg_light, shader visible for all ray type with the exception final gather rays. p_facing_ratio - compute difference between normal and eye ray and create gradient for this value. p_color_plus_alpha - merge color and alpha. p_motion_to_rgb - surface shader for convert motion vectors to RGB for create motion blur effect during compose. p_irradiance - surface shader for compute irradiance (FG, GI and Caustic). p_color_to_float - convert color to float, supported some type of conversions: R, G, B, A, Average, Luminosity. p_saturation - change saturation of color p_fisheye - lens shader, create fisheye effect.

Plaintextures - free high resolution textures for professionals.