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User Manual, users guide, operation instruction

User Manual, users guide, operation instruction

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How to build electronic devices on your own Building electrical devices is probably the most inexpensive engineering you can do because most electronic components are very cheap, like less than $1. How to actually build devices on your own isn't taught enough in engineering courses, so here's a quick summary of how to get started making devices like I have on my site. In this page, I kind of assume you're an engineer/scientist of some sort (or studying to be one) and that you've already had a few electrical engineering classes. If you don't know any electrical engineering, you'll obviously need to learn the basics before you can start inventing.

Great Resume Designs that Catch Attention Inspiration June 21, 2011 When applying for a job, you have no choice but to do your best to outshine competition. Even before winning an interview, your qualifications (or in some instance, your character) are already judged by the resume you’ve submitted. It is then important to make your resume or CV as honest, concise, and striking as possible. Einstein’s God: Krista Tippett and Theoretical Cosmologist Janna Levin on Free Will, Science, and the Human Spirit by Maria Popova “How we ask our questions affects the answers we arrive at… Science and religion… ask different kinds of questions altogether, probing and illuminating in ways neither could alone.” Seven decades after a little girl asked Einstein whether scientists pray, Peabody Award-winning journalist Krista Tippett began interviewing some of the world’s most remarkable scientists, philosophers, and theologians about the relationship between science and spirituality in her superb public radio program On Being — the same trove of wisdom that gave us Sherwin Nuland on what everybody needs and Joanna Macy on how Rilke can help us live more fully. Tippett, who was awarded the National Humanities Medal for her ennobling work, collected the best of these dialogues in Einstein’s God: Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit (public library) — an immeasurably rewarding compendium featuring such contemporary luminaries as Parker Palmer, Freeman Dyson, Andrew Solomon, and Sherwin Nuland.

67 Cheap Date Ideas for the Recession-Era Romantic by Kyle O'Connor on April 29, 2009 When you’re in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression, it’s not always easy to come up with the cash to impress your date. Luckily, there’s still tons of fun and romantic things you can do that take little-to-no money—all that’s required is a little creativity. Here’s our 67 favorite ideas for cheap dates: 1. Chalk art by David Zinn David Zinn creates poetic chalk art in the streets of Ann Arbor. He makes his cute little characters interact with objects in the street, and the result is quite charming. Electrical, Electronic Passive Devices Manufacturers & Wholesale Suppliers Home » Electrical & Electronic Passive Devices Electronic components that consume electrical energy or power but does not produce electrical energy are called electronic passive devices. In other words it can be said that passive devices contribute no power gain or amplification to a circuit. They only require a signal to perform their function. Electronic passive devices are used for decreasing the amplitude of a signal, control the direction of the current, to produce inductance in a circuit, convert alternating current to alternating magnetic field and to resist electric current by producing a voltage drop. Electrical, Electronic Passive Devices include Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors, required to build electronic circuits.

Simple animation to explain complex principles - Electronics 1, aircraft radial engine 2, oval Regulation 3, sewing machines 4, Malta Cross movement - second hand movement used to control the clock 5, auto change file mechanism “One Last Time” Star Ariana Grande Doppelganger becomes an Instagram hit Although Grande Ariana is certainly unique for their fans, which is “one last time” hit maker often copied. Especially her look did it the girls all over the world. However, none is so perfect double as the Irish Jacky Vasquez. With songs such as “one last time” climbs Ariana Grande (21) regularly the chart tips. The success made them known internationally.

25 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls Family portrait by Lori Andrews (via designcrushblog) We all have family photos that we love. Most of them live well in photo albums but the best of them could and should be displayed throughout the house. 20 Images That Can’t Be Unseen Some of these will enlighten you, others will frighten you, and this one right here will ruin your childhood… via via via via via

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