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Imp Head Color 1 Ten Stone Tea was a bit of an adventure for me. I had been feeling artistically weighed down with a seemingly endless parade of freelance jobs not to mention my full time, nine to five job. After I finally got a little bit of time for myself I decided that to keep myself fresh and to recharge my batteries I would do a painting just for me. This is the result. To tell you the God's honest truth I wasn't really sure of what to paint when I started and frankly most of the elements in this painting are stuff I put in on the fly. I would also like to note I was so enamoured with the method and the style of this painting I decided this would only be the very first in a long series of paintings that I will at some future date collect into a book and publish.

Welcome to The Computer Graphics Society The Art of Freelancing · Everything I Wish They Had Taught Me in Art School // - CG artists homepage with fresh CG industry news // TUTO . com : Tuto Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Indesign Linh's Blog | Trang 4 Một trong những điều khó nhất khi bạn bắt đầu bước chân vào làm việc trong lĩnh vực thiết kế là làm cách nào để mọi người biết đến bạn, Đó có thể là cả một kỳ tích, như rất nhiều Designer đang làm choáng ngợp toàn thế giới, nhưng dưới đây chúng ta có một vài điều nhỏ bạn có thể thực hiện để giúp mọi người cảm thấy hứng thú với khả năng và những tác phẩm của bạn. 1. Một trang blog hoặc Portfolio online “Misha” by Dan Matutina for GOOD MagazineView Source Đây là một nguyên nhân gây nên tranh cãi, nhưng đưa những tác phẩm của bạn lên cộng đồng trực tuyến là cách dễ nhất, trực tiếp nhất để bạn quảng bá cho công việc của mình. Dan Matutina, hoặc Twisted Fork, nói rằng một số lượng lớn đơn đặt hàng ông có được là nhờ vào những mẫu sản phẩm ông post trên website và Behance Portfolio của mình. Khi ai đó bắt chước bạn, rất có khả năng họ sẽ bị bắt thóp bởi một người nào đó, tình cờ. Cài đặt blog dễ dàng và hoàn toàn miễn phí. 2. “Self Portrait” by Mark WeaverView Source 3. 4. 5.

50 Detailed Icon Design Tutorials for Photoshop We are visual creatures. As much as we like to think we appreciate the inner quality of things, the reality is that we start off judging every book by its cover. It comes as no surprise then that icons have a huge impact on how we experience the digital world. So as a web designer, the ability to create quality icons is critical to your ability to breathe life into people’s online experience. In this post, Jameel Khan guides you through a compilation of quality icon design tutorials that will help teach you the skills needed to design your own. Create a Mobile App Icon in Photoshop In this tutorial they explain how to design an icon for your mobile device’s home screen. Create an Apple Safari Icon in Photoshop Learn how to create a detailed Apple Safari icon in Photoshop with this tutorial. Create a Battery Core Icon in Photoshop In this tutorial you’ll be creating a semi-realistic, sci-fi icon that could be used as a battery or dock icon. How To Design a Realistic Takeout Coffee Icon

Tin tức ngành thiết kế | Thiết kế nội thất, kiến trúc, đồ họa, quảng cáo VFX breakdown: the making of Little Kaiju Created by Nick Losq and directorial duo TWiN, the cute-but-gritty Little Kaiju tells the story of a strange creature who lives in a vending machine in modern Tokyo. Below, Nick runs through the production process on the short. I was first approached by Jon and Josh Baker of the directing group TWiN about Little Kaiju in October 2011. The idea was simple: to follow a small, Uglydoll-inspired creature as it explored the streets of Tokyo. After they shared the concept art, I was sold. TWiN’s vision from start to finish was always in this vein, and so I was excited to take their initial sketches and bring Little Kaiju to life. The concept art for Little Kaiju was simple, but nuanced. Building a team After agreeing to handle all the VFX on the project, I started reaching out to artists. Chris Clyne, a long-time friend and collaborator, was the first to sign on as lead 3D artist. From raw background plate to final VFX shot. Building the assets Little Kaiju was built entirely in Maya.