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Infographic Design Agency: Killer Infographics - Killer Prices, Killer Service, Killer Designs!

Infographic Design Agency: Killer Infographics - Killer Prices, Killer Service, Killer Designs!
Data A successful infographic isn’t just about amazing design: it requires a compelling narrative with expert researchers at the helm. Whether you come to us with a concept, a full set of data, or anywhere in between, we tackle projects of all subjects and sizes. Design Infographic design isn’t for everyone. In fact, we tested more than 200 amazing artists to build our small core team.

Eye-Catching Views of Population As is often the case, we go back through resources we've collected before with a different lens, not realizing the power of data visualizations such as The Miniature Earth Project , Who is the World's Most Typical Person? , and Breathing Earth . Each of these is not new, yet they are eye-catching presentations of images, data, and design. The clarity and the simplicity in the use of information mixed with sound, be it music or sizzling emissions, coalesce into an effective message. Their delivery engages the viewer to think and ask questions, and our students are fascinated by each one.

How To Design for Viral Growth [Infographic] Viral growth is the holy grail for Web-based companies. Entrepreneurs spend late nights thinking of tactics like funny videos, PR stunts, Facebook quizzes and other mechanics that can make their product “go viral.” Viral growth is alluring because it 1) can generate a ton of users quickly, 2) the follow-on viral-acquired users are typically free, and 3) it generates press and buzz which in turn fuel the viral loop. Free users and lots of buzz? It’s no wonder everyone is working on one viral hack or another. Fur Brushes, Scales, and Textile Brushes Close You have permission to view, download, edit and remix the contents of this file for personal and commercial purposes. You shall provide a link back to (where applicable) or provide a credit to the Brusheezy contributor and to in connection with the commercial use of any of the contents in this file. Such credit shall be in the following form: "Contributor's Username/"

Teacher's Guide to Using Shared Google Docs with Students Sharing is caring and one of the powerful features of Google Docs is sharing.As we have seen in 8 Things Every Teacher should be Able to Do with Google Docs , users can easily share documents, presentations, tables, graphs, and spreadsheets by simply changing the visibility options in the sharing settings of Google Docs. But what if you want to aggregate all your docs in one document and share it with others ( probably your student) ? Shared Google Docs has the answer answer for you. What is Shared Google Docs ? Integrate iPads Into Bloom's Digital Taxonomy With This 'Padagogy Wheel' You’re going to want to turn on your printer and fire up a PDF viewer. This is just that good. It’s called the Padagogy Wheel and it offers a fantastically useful perspecitve on how to figure out which iPad apps work with Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. Created by Allan Carrington, this thing is a monster and deserves some focused attention. So I’d make a personal plea to save the hi-res image (below) or print out the PDF (available here) and then spend your long weekend closely examining this thing.

Smashing magazine Advertisement Data visualizations and infographics can make complex datasets easier to understand and comprehend. By creating a graphical represenatation of data and statistics, complicated concepts and information can make more sense in less time. Many visualizations focus on representing a specific set of data or statistical information. Others focus on less-concrete topics, providing a visual representation of abstract concepts.

The 5 Best tools for checking Plagiarism — CSCampus Inc. There are many tools available on the internet from where you can easily detect Plagiarism and/or duplicate content. In this post we'll see 5 of the best tools, which can help you to easily detect plagiarism or duplicate content. 1. Copyscape How Has The Internet Changed Education? User Rating: Details Published on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 15:14 Written by Sahiba Pahwa