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The 100 Healthiest Foods In the fast-paced world of nutrition research, it seems like a hot discovery hits the news every week. So we asked prominent scientists doing groundbreaking work on how edibles stave off illness to pin down the 100 most nutrient-packed foods. To make our list, a food had to be very rich in at least one vitamin, mineral or other compound known to protect against cancer, heart disease or other diseases. Be supermarket smart and use this list as your shopping list. you body will be glad you did! ANTHOCYANINS: Plant pigments that help protect you from heart disease. by Janis Jibrin, R.D.

Workout program for Beginner's (detailed w/printout) | I want to start working out, what should I do? As a trainer, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard this phrase. It’s great to hear because when people exercise… they’ll feel better, look better and they’ll truly enjoy their life so much more. However, most people never follow through with their new ambition because there’s so much workout information available that its hard to figure out where to start. Should I do cardio, should I do weight training, should I train like a bodybuilder, should I workout 3 days per week, should I go nuts and go 5 days per week? Get This Workout And More Like It HERE What’s the best way to start seeing results? Who’s this workout for? What will this workout do for me? If you’re a guy, this workout will… Burn lots of fatBuild muscle in all of your large muscle group areas ( chest, arms, core, thighs, back, butt, calves)Boost your metabolismSet an excellent foundation for any type of workout program to follow If you’re a woman, this workout will… Monday

Bootstrapper » Top 100 Foods to Improve Your Productivity Besides eating to lose weight, why not eat to improve your productivity? Whether the following foods help sharpen your eyesight, keep your brain focused, or just fill you up without making you feel lazy, you’ll find they’ll help you keep your day on track. Energy and Brain Foods Most of us can be productive in the mornings, but if you find that you’re unable to concentrate or simply lose the energy to keep going many afternoons, these energy and brainpower boosting foods are what you need. Eggplant: As long as you don’t forget to eat the skin, it doesn’t matter how you ingest your eggplant. Eggplant skin contains the nutrient naunin, which keeps your brain sharp by increasing communication between your brain cells and messenger molecules. Eyesight For many entrepreneurs, long hours in front of the computer screen has become an absolute necessity. Strawberries: As with the other fruits on this list, strawberries help your eyesight. General Productivity Boosters Improving Digestion and Sleep

breathe. | zen habits The 19 Healthiest Foods You’re Probably Not Eating There are a lot of very healthy foods out there, and nutritionists have been kind enough to let you know which ones to eat. After a while, though, their advice seems to all sound the same, and you start hearing the same foods over and over again. However, there are loads of foods that aren't as popular as some, but are just as good (or even better). Here are 19 of the best, yet lesser-known, foods that are excellent for your health: Beets - Red, juicy, and irresistibly sweet, beets are reportedly among the 150 healthiest foods on Earth.

How to feel better now What makes you happy? I find directly pursuing happiness is difficult to do. Many times the things we think will make us happy fail to do so. Instead I like to focus on growth and developing a strong life philosophy that can guide you through tough times and help you enjoy successes. But what about feeling good right now? Hack One: Goals Nothing creates a bigger jolt of enthusiasm than a new inspiring vision of the future. Hack Two: Chores Procrastination sucks. Hack Three: Laugh Don’t take yourself so damn seriously. Hack Four: Aid Help someone who needs it. Hack Five: Socialize One of the leading evolutionary theories for explaining the size of the human brain is our complex social structure. Hack Six: Inspiration Find something to get you inspired, even if just for a short time. Hack Seven: Exercise Exercise releases various chemicals into your brain which leave you feeling good. Hack Eight: Posture Change the way you hold your body to reflect someone who is happier. Hack Nine: Music

50 Lifehacks to Help You Live Longer and Healthier With all the work that's put into fitness and health, it's a wonder how some people manage to have lives outside of work and exercise. A healthy lifestyle can be a pretty hard thing to achieve. There seems to be so much micromanaging involved, from scheduling your workouts to tracking your diet for calories, carbs, proteins, and fats. That's what lifehacks are for. Diet and Nutrition Fifteen Negative Calorie Foods — You'd be surprised to know that some foods actually burn more calories than they contain. Fitness and Exercise Recording Yourself Helps Increase Your Reps — Exercise is half mental — you've got to stay focused and dedicated to your workout if you want any results. Mental Wellness Boost Your Brain's Health with Loud Music — Sure, our mothers might have gotten on our backs once or twice before for having our earphones on too loud, but you'd be surprised to learn that loud music can actually be good for your brain. Emotional Wellness Health and Cleanliness Vanity Other

Brilliant site allows you to call up detailed nutritional information on foods and recipes, and even analyse and record a database of your own recipes. by megavolt May 18