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Choosing Raw – vegan and raw recipes — A Celebration of Vegan and Raw Food

Choosing Raw – vegan and raw recipes — A Celebration of Vegan and Raw Food
On Sunday, amid 82 degree weather and the first few whispers of DC summer humidity, nothing could have felt more right than this bright, flavorful, and green salad. It features lots of my favorite things, including blueberries, toasted walnuts, and tender baby kale. The kale in this case was brought to me by the folks at Dole®, who recently offered me a chance to try some of their new Power Up Greens™ blends. These feature dark, nutrient dense lettuces that are ready to eat. I got three boxes: baby kale, baby kale & greens, and spring mix & greens. I enjoyed them all, but it was the two baby kale mixes I liked most; I was especially into the baby kale & greens mix, which features baby kale, baby spinach, baby green chard, and baby red chard.

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Recipes Blog » Get Your Body in Gear » Recipes Recipes I love preparing, sharing and eating good food AND I love to be healthy; below are the fruits of my passion! The key to great tasting food is quality ingredients; shop for the best you can. Golubka Kitchen Hello and Welcome, My name is Anya Kassoff. Golubka is a place where I share my ideas about tasty and nourishing cooking. I’ve always loved experimenting in the kitchen, and making dishes that are not only delicious but also beneficial to our health excites me to no end. Healthy Recipes and Meal Ideas Food Network Magazine Blog Social Videos Full Episodes Food Network Recipes – Terry Walters My children would eat burritos for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let them. We fill them with a variety of clean ingredients (even leftovers!), but I wanted a healthier alternative to all of those tortillas. When I presented collard greens as wrappers, I got some curious looks.

The Bitten Word: About The Bitten Word Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! We're Zach and Clay, and we cook recipes from monthly food magazines. Ten Things You Should Know About This Site 77 Healthy Crock-Pot Recipes Crazy schedules, long work hours, and tempting takeout menus make it tough to even think about cooking most nights during the week. Despite the inconvenience, firing up the stove or oven is almost always cheaper and healthier than ordering in or eating out. How about a compromise? Making dinner with a slow cooker — Crock-Pot is the go-to brand in the U.S. — is an easy way to get in all those vitamins and minerals without slaving over a hot stove for hours at a time. Most of these recipes involve mixing up ingredients and popping them into a slow cooker for a prescribed number of hours. Save even more time by starting some of these dishes overnight or first thing in the morning and reaping the delicious, healthy benefits later in the day.

Chia Bircher Muesli Recipe nutritional information Serves 2 As simple as combining a few ingredients in a bowl and refrigerating overnight, Bircher muesli is the go-to choice for a nutritious, quick-and-delicious breakfast. Pantry Essentials; Building a Healthy Kitchen Having a well stocked kitchen pantry is essential. It gives you flexibility in the kitchen and helps you to be more creative. For those who love to follow a recipe, it becomes much easier when your kitchen pantry is well stocked. You are also much more likely to eat a healthy diet on a regular basis if your kitchen is filled with the right foods. Today I share the contents of my pantry.

About the Perennial Plate The Perennial Plate is a 2013 James Beard Award winning online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating. Chef and Activist, Daniel Klein and Filmmaker Mirra Fine are traveling the world exploring the wonders, complexities and stories behind the ever more connected global food system. Season One took place over a calendar year in Minnesota where every Monday for 52 weeks, the duo released short films that followed the culinary, agricultural and hunting explorations of Daniel Klein. In Season Two, Klein and Fine traveled across America, taking the viewer on a journey to appreciate and understand where good food comes from and how to enjoy it. Authentic Irish Soda Bread Recipe Photo: Anna Monette Roberts Many St. Patrick's Days ago when I first started working for POPSUGAR, my colleagues Maggie and Lizzy Eisenberg brought in this Irish soda bread, courtesy of their mother, along with a huge tub of Kerrygold butter. Never in my life had I ever experienced either, so I toasted a slice of the raisiny bread and slapped a generous pat of butter over the top. The butter seeped through the bottom of the warm toast, and the instant I took a bite, I became a Kerrygold convert (here's a story on how deep my love runneth) and a soda bread supporter for life. I distinctly remember returning for seconds and thirds of the comforting bread, soaked in the liquid gold.

11 Awesome Healthy Breakfast Ideas. Relephant to this: Ready, Set, Breakfast! ~ Natasha Kyssa The Seasonal Family, an unrefined blog: Menus Weekly Menu Here you will find inspiration for meal ideas weekly. Each week the meals will change and those that have recipes will be directly linked. Recipe Index — SK Chestnut Sunflower Thimbles with Raspberry, Quince and Apricot Preserves (GF, V) Brownie Ganache Tart with Whipped Coconut Creme (GF) Buckwheat Skillet Cornbread with Whipped Honey Butter (GF) Classic Coconut Layer Cake (GF, V) Spiced Almond Poppyseed Cake (GF) Concord Grape and Lemon Zest Popsicles (GF, V)

Rustic Carrot-Banana Bread with Walnuts. Gluten-Free. It's like carrot cake. And banana bread. All in one. Two faves. I'm sold!

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