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It was funny how similar in sentiment Hugh and my Valentine's cards were. They essentially said "I don't know how the hell we are going to pull all of this off, but I have you, and that's the only reason I believe we're capable and I won't die in the next few months." We get the keys to our house tomorrow and it's safe to say both of us are equal parts scared and excited. This apartment, my first home with Hugh, is tough to leave. I'll miss the excessive pantry space here and my favorite routine beach walk. There are quirks here that in their own weird way contribute to it feeling known and ours - like all the stray cats that hang out in the front area, especially when they're mating (it's true, we call it the cat brothel, you've never seen anything like it), or the little old lady whose kitchen window looks right into ours who I try to not make eye contact with while I am eating something standing over the sink.

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Homemade Hot Sauce! Some of us are hot sauce people. I hear the other some of us say that it “takes over” and “burns” and all that nonsense. Clearly, I am hot sauce person. It’s actually rather disconcerting how much so sometimes. Sriracha on my salads disconcerting. But I know I’m not alone in this. Thai Coconut Soup: Tom Kha Gai « A Teenage Gourmet Thai Coconut Soup: Tom Kha Gai Posted by A Teenage Gourmet on January 10, 2012 · 16 Comments College, so far, has taught me a few things: For starters, I now know where to get the best pizza at 2 am (avocado, tomato, feta, please!)I know that kindness is powerful; if you ask with a smile, the cafeteria workers will “fix that peanut butter machine for ya, baby!”Hamburgers are always, infinitely improved with fried eggs.FREE samples!

she who eats a cup of first-flash green tea from yame, fukuoka prefecture, and some fresh local strawberries to accompany me as i sit down and open a (cook)book or two that arrived a few days earlier, thinking about my next trip. this is how i would like to spend this entire weekend. in reality, there won't be much time that i can spend this way, between work and other errands to do. but i still like to take some time to slow down a bit, appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the lush mountain scenery outside our windows, and breathe in some fresh green air. and enjoy freshly-brewed coffee (or tea) and some nibbles. small pleasures. hope you all have a wonderful weekend! -cx

Saffron Lane :: Seasonal Food, Celebration + Life Welcome to Saffron Lane, a blog dedicated to seasonal food, celebration and life. I'm Elizabeth, a chef, food writer, recipe developer and food stylist.My culinary career began at an early age. While other ten-year-olds were setting up lemonade stands, I was meticulously crafting gourmet chocolates and picking fresh berries from the backyard (to pair with them, of course) for my stand. Among the many lessons that summer, I learned that chocolate doesn't sell very well after hours melting in the sun, no matter how great it tastes.Raised in a passionate family full of inspired cooks and culinary entrepreneurs, food was always the focal point at family get-togethers.

Mallorca I don’t think I can count all the happy and fun memories this bread brings up. Every time I go home to visit I have to get my hands on a warm buttery mallorca. In Puerto Rico every small town has at least one large bakery with an array of delicious pastries and breads and you almost always find mallorca. If there is one weakness I have when I visit Puerto Rico it’s the bakeries. I go on a all out carb gorge when I visit, picking up bread in the morning for breakfast and pastries to have with my after dinner cup of cafe con leche. Desserts for Breakfast Every now and then on rare occasion, I remember to step back and snap a shot of my photography setup. Here's the one I used for the fig, mascarpone, and pistachio tart from a few posts back, for those interested parties. [click on photo above for a larger image.] I know not much has been going on in this little corner of the blogosphere this week. But!

Mascarpone cream and strawberry sauce | Emiko Davies Mascarpone cream and strawberry sauce Posted by Emiko on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 · 10 Comments A week ago when we left Tuscany, the fridge was full of strawberries. Brownies for Dolce & Gabbana : Cafe Fernando – Food Blog - brownie - dolce & gabbana - swide - Brownies October 30th, 2010 | Category: Brownies, Chocolate I have to admit, I was a bit lost when Dolce & Gabbana requested me to create a recipe for their digital magazine, Swide. As soon as I read that email, I wished I were Pierre Hermé. How to Make Bagels: A User's Manual at Epicurious Making bagels at home isn't difficult or labor-intensive, but the process does take two days. Here's an overview of the basics, plus a recipe with more specific instructions. Weighing/Measuring the Ingredients Professional bakers prefer the accuracy of weighing ingredients, but if you don't have a kitchen scale, stick to volume measurements. For flour, use the scoop-and-swipe method: Fill the measuring cup above the desired amount and swipe off the excess with a flat tool, such as a pastry blade or an icing spatula.

Joy the Baker — I feel like I’m grasping tight to the things around me these days. I’m probably the first to shrug off the change of season, the change of moving cities, and the change of traveling a ton as no big deal…. but it all adds up to matter and I have to admit I feel a little crazy in the brain. This season I’ve started a new workout routine. Since I’ve moved away from my beloved SoulCycle in California, I’ve started practicing Bikram Yoga in New Orleans. I’m terrible. EDDIE ROSS - Pink Ombre Cake Here's a cake sure to sweeten up the Valentines in your life. Pick up three boxes of your favorite white cake mix—or work from scratch if you have the time—along with a bottle of Wilton's Icing Color in petal pink. Split each box into two batches for a total of six, then add increasing amounts of dye little by little until you achieve the ombre effect.

The 2011 SAVEUR Best Food Blog Awards: The Winners When we opened nominations for this year's Best Food Blog Awards, we had no idea we'd find ourselves deluged with over 40,000 individual plugs for websites. Narrowing them down to six finalists in seventeen categories was no easy task — but an even harder job fell to the thousands of you who voted, picking just one blog above all others in its category. Our warmest thanks go to everyone who cast their vote; our heartiest congratulations to all our finalists. Here are your 2011 SAVEUR Best Food Blog Award winners! Finalists

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