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Nappes. Tutorial. Se vuoi colorare la tua tavola questo portauovo è veramente carino e facile da realizzare .


Ti consiglio di usare del bel cotone da uncinetto n 3-4 .Trovi tutti i nostri filati nella pagina Fb . Il centrino che forma la base ha un diametro di 11 centimetri . Alterna punti alti e bassi senza uno schema fisso ma gioca con un bel contrasto di colori .L'ultimo giro è lavorato a punto gambero . Il portauovo è fatto da un cerchio magico -all'interno 12 maglie basse chiudi il giro -nel giro successivo lavora 2 maglie basse sopra ogni maglia bassa del giro precedente .Lavora x 8 giri senza aumenti le maglie come si presentano .L'ultimo giro a punto basso e lavorato 2 volte (un giro sopra l'altro )Questo schema è adatto a un uovo di piccole dimensioni ;) ,Fissa il portauovo al tuo centrino con ago e filo di cotone in tinta Il portauovo è un progetto ElenaRegina wool.

15 Free Kitchen Crochet Patterns. Daisy Cottage Designs 15 Free Kitchen Crochet Patterns May 15 Lauren · Do you spend a lot of time in your kitchen?

15 Free Kitchen Crochet Patterns

Sometimes I feel like I spend more time in that room than any other. It isn’t that I’m some phenomenal cook (though I do make a mean chocolate chip cookie, if I do say so myself). Pictured Patterns: Other Great Kitchen-Inspired Patterns: Neon Pot Scrubbers from Dream a Little Bigger. You might also like: Free Printable | I Love You More… Off the Hook Monday Link Party {Week 12} 15 Fall Crochet Patterns.

Spring Explosion Tea Cozy! Helloooooo!!!!!

Spring Explosion Tea Cozy!

Welcome to our spot today! It’s a grey and rainy day in Wellington today, quite horrible in fact, so today is the perfect day for me to post my latest FO, as well as do a nice, long and involved tutorial for it in case you want to make one too, and get myself immersed in colourful woolly goodness! Raymond is sleeping his unhappiness off right now, wrapped in his blanket… he was out last night, doing “fur patrol” around the neighbourhood, but during the night it started to rain, very hard, and he came in this morning wet and angry…. KB is having a nap too actually, on the day bed, surrounded by beautiful crochet cushions which she is not allowed to put her head on because she’ll wear them out, (oh God, I’m a tyrant!) So right now, I’m the only one in the family being productive! OK, enough babbling from me….. shall I show you the “Spring Explosion” tea cozy? Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! So as I made it, I wrote out a pattern. The only problem is…. Granny Tea Cozy Tutorial!


Granny Tea Cozy Tutorial!

*WOW* is all I can say! *THANK YOU* for the overwhelmingly positive response about the Granny tea cozy! I felt so special when I sat down with my morning coffee to read my comments, you all say such lovely and kind things, it makes me feel quite joyful! Many people were asking me to do a tutorial, so of course I will for you lovelies! How can I say no to such a wonderful and kind group of people really! Serial Crocheteuse 122 : confiture et crochet. Cette semaine nous partons chez Blue Luenn , qui fait des merveilles avec du fil de fer...

Serial Crocheteuse 122 : confiture et crochet

Pour la 122 ème des serial crocheteuses elle nous demande de décorer bocaux ou pots en verre. C'est la saison des confitures, une petite déco pour les offrir ... Vue du haut De côté Tuto express : 6 magic ring (ou 2 mailles linéaires "ml" et 6 mailles serrées "ms" dans la 1ère maille) 2ml, * 2 brides "b" dans 1 maille, 3b dans 1 maille * répéter ** 3 fois 2ml, 1b + 1ml sur chaque maille 2ml, 1b + 2ml sur chaque ml du rang précédent 1ml, 1/2b sur chaque maille tout autour sur le brin extérieur, 1ml, 1/2 b sur chaque maille tout autour 3ml, sauter 1m, * 1b, 1ml, sauter 1m* , répéter ** tout autour Sur la 1ère b du rang précédent : * 1m,1b+1ml+1b+1ml+1b+1ml, 1ms sur la bride suivante du rang précédent *, répéter ** tout autour.

En image : Bonne croche à tous ! 魔法PART2[1]

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