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Student-Owned Learning

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Success Criteria and Learning Targets (Goals)

Passions and Genius Hour. Social-Emotional. 2c80ff eb3e25af119a45e4963829691bc16642. Embarking on the Personalized Learning Journey - Home. The First Step to Personalize Learning is Knowing Your Students. As a teacher, I always loved and dreaded the start of a school year.

The First Step to Personalize Learning is Knowing Your Students

I loved meeting my new class and forming a bond with my students, but feared forgetting a name, failing to connect with a student, or tanking a lesson. Every year, I sprinted to learn each student’s name, interests, food tastes, and strengths on the first day. Back then I relied heavily on paper surveys to help me gain a quick sense of student’s home life and favorite tv shows, subjects, and food. I’d use these surveys to tailor the projects students worked on and the books I recommended for independent reading time.

But after the first few days, I tossed the surveys in the wastebin and never formally checked back with students to see if their interests or strengths had changed. The Gates Foundation and NGLC see learner profiles as a core design attribute for innovative schools that personalize learning for all students. I recommend using these resources to pilot a learner profile program in your class or school. T.E.A.M. Togetherness: Rethinking Student Goal Setting. Kate and I have been doing a lot of reflecting about how how we have done student goal setting up to this point in our Personalized Learning Journey.

T.E.A.M. Togetherness: Rethinking Student Goal Setting

It was great for a helped us helped our previous students gain some metacognition felt like we could do it better. It felt like something was missing. We wanted to push ourselves more, as well as our students. In all honesty, it sometimes felt like "busy work", rather than pushing our personalization further. Up to this point, we had always required WEEKLY goal setting with our students.

5 Keys to Social and Emotional Learning Success. Austin's Butterfly: Building Excellence in Student Work - Models, Critique, and Descriptive Feedback. Untitled. Can Six Year Olds Really Demonstrate Their Learning? - Getting Smart by Guest Author - edchat, EdTech, eportfolios, student blogging. By Kathy Cassidy This week we finished up another one of our project based learning (PBL) or inquiry-based units in my first grade classroom.

Can Six Year Olds Really Demonstrate Their Learning? - Getting Smart by Guest Author - edchat, EdTech, eportfolios, student blogging

It had the grand title of rules, relationships and responsibilities. Why I Let Students Take the Lead in Learning Demonstration At the end of each of our units, I have the students create an artifact that can be posted on their blog to show what each of them has learned about our topic of study. I have never been a big supporter of “tests”, especially in first grade, where the students are usually much more comfortable showing learning in a verbal way rather than a written one. Even as young as six years old, students begin to realize that they are stronger in some areas than others. Some students do like to write. For these reasons, I always let the students chose the way they present their learning. Setting Clear Expectations & Guidelines Promotes Success We also discussed what needed to be included to make a good project. What is personalized learning?

When adopting technology in the classroom, one of the key concerns for educators is classroom management.

What is personalized learning?

Often, they believe that with devices come three options: Ban devices outright (Good luck!) Lock them downOpen your classroom up to the Wild Wild West! However, I have found that many traditional methods of classroom management readily translate to a technologically rich curriculum – with some modification. Restructure the Classroom Most of us teach in “traditionally” structured classrooms – the teacher is in front and the students sit in rows looking at the teacher. Personalized Learning: A Working Definition. A group of philanthropies and school and technology advocacy groups, with contributions from educators, compiled a four-part "working definition" of the attributes of personalized learning.

Personalized Learning: A Working Definition

They also identified critical questions for K-12 officials to consider in implementing personalized learning. Related Story: What Is 'Personalized Learning'? Educators Seek Clarity Sources: Developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Afton Partners, the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, CEE Trust, the Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, Charter School Growth Fund, EDUCAUSE, iNACOL, the Learning Accelerator, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Silicon Schools, and educatorsDesign & Visualization: Stacey Decker Coverage of personalized learning and systems leadership in Education Week and its special reports is supported in part by the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation.

Transforming schools and classrooms into learning communities with personalized technology tools and digital content. What is Personalized Learning? Advances in technology and personalized learning environments have created a historic opportunity to expand access and boost achievement and completion for learners across the globe.

What is Personalized Learning?

With student-centered, personalized learning, we can identify students’ unique needs and address them. Teachers possess powerful tools to personalize instruction and utilize real-time data for feedback to intervene exactly where each student needs it most. It is about optimizing learning every day and maximizing the amount of learning per unit of time. Students also amass a collection of evidence that demonstrates their learning. How Long Will We Wait to Give Students Choice? – A.J. JULIANI. Mohini was a regal white tiger who lived for many years at the Washington DC National Zoo.

How Long Will We Wait to Give Students Choice? – A.J. JULIANI

For most of those years her home was in the old lion house—a typical twelve-by-twelve-foot cage with iron bars and a cement floor. Mohini spent her days pacing restlessly back and forth in her cramped quarters. Eventually, biologists and staff worked together to create a natural habitat for her. Covering several acres, it had hills, trees, a pond and a variety of vegetation. The Voice of the Active Learner. Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology. At Forest Lake Elementary School, in Columbia, South Carolina, the student population grows more diverse by the day.

Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology

Income levels, ethnicities, family structures, first languages, interests, and abilities now vary so much, that a traditional teaching approach, with a uniform lesson targeted to the average-level student, just doesn't cut it. (Sound familiar to you educators out there?) To challenge and support each child at his or her own level, the Forest Lake teachers and staff are deploying a powerful array of widely available digital-technology tools.

Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and a Tech Zone of eight Internet-enabled computers. Untitled. Stages of Personalized Learning Environments (PLE) version 4. Home. Triptiks Can Rev Up Student-Driven Learning. By Mike Fisher My overriding message is still focused on high levels of student engagement.

Triptiks Can Rev Up Student-Driven Learning

We also want to be sure we include discovery level learning opportunities that are authentic and timely. What’s the Best Way to Practice Project Based Learning? By Peter Skillen Project Based Learning can mean different things to different people, and can be practiced in a variety of ways.

What’s the Best Way to Practice Project Based Learning?

For educators who want to dive in, the good news is that a rich trove of resources are available. In order to create your own definition and practice, here are some parameters to consider. This diagram, enhanced by the critical eye of Brenda Sherry, can help you figure out what’s important to you and your students. Jose Popoff: 10 reasons why I believe students should blog. Teach Me: Student-Led Instruction Strategies. Teaching tools, tricks, and ideas are an essential component of a teacher’s ‘arsenal’ when it comes to having engaged students and strong teachable moments. The one tool that I rely heavily upon is a concept I termed as ‘Teach Me,’ though you may heard it called by other terms. Simply, the idea behind Teach Me is when the teacher lets the student teach a concept to them. The student goes through the whole concept, or study, giving it to you in extreme detail.

What it basically means is that your student becomes the teacher; teaching it to you. Benefits of the "Teach Me" Learning Exercise 4 Specific Goals of Student-led Instruction 1. Top 22 digital technology in the classroom tools your colleagues are using in... Do Personalized Learning Programs Offer Authentic Choices? Excerpted from Building School 2.0: How to Create the Schools We Need by Chris Lehmann and Zac Chase. Make Personalization Authentic There is a lot of talk in ed-tech and ed-reform about personalization right now. There are a lot of folks on the vendor floor at national conferences who will sell you products that supposedly personalize learning, and much of the buzz around something like Khan Academy is that it personalizes the learning for kids. 3897.Rich Seam web. Transformation. Broulee Public School - Broulee Public School.

Ajjuliani. Geniushour - home. Activate Instruction. Playlists for Middle School Humanities, Social Studies, and History Here are just some of the many quality playlists available from high performing schools. Check out playlists created by:Da Vinci Science | High Tech High MS | Mr. Del Mundo Da Vinci Science Government Advocacy Research PaperPresidential Election SimulationScramble for Africa SimulationSupreme Court SimulationThe Butter Battle Book High Tech High MS 8th Grade Humanities PBL Year Plan (U.S. Mr. African EmpiresAge of ExplorationAztecsBlogsChinese DynastiesDigital CitizenshipFeudal EuropeHistory of the InternetHow to EmailIncasIslamMayaMaya, Aztec, and IncaPhoto EssayPlagiarismScientific RevolutionStudio PhotographyThe ComputerThe ReformationThe RenaissanceWhat is Technology?

Every Child, Every Day, For a Better Tomorrow. Hawk_Ridge_Elementary6.10.15.