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Sharing Genius: Students’ #GeniusHour Projects. As the end of the school year approaches, I can easily say that #GeniusHour was one of the projects I’m proudest of.

Sharing Genius: Students’ #GeniusHour Projects

My students investigated their passions with grit and curiosity, researched, wrote, and created products that they were proud of. Often, I’m proud of the work and want to share it. This time, many of them wanted to share it, too, and that was incredible rewarding. On their final blog posts and in their reflections, students demonstrated that they, too, understood the power of their work and were proud of their accomplishments. Sharing Genius The Infinite Hero by Emma Emma wanted to learn about heroes and stories.

In her blog, Emma wrote: “Our time for Genius Hour is almost up, and so my journey through the monomyth must come to a close. Of course, the novel may never actually happen - in fact, it probably won't - but I have the feeling that the stuff I learned making just the plot overview was the real reward of Genius Hour.” Find his presentation below. Helen is an athlete. Books Genius Hour Teachers Love. Since starting teaching with Genius Hour, we have read so many inspirational books that have changed us and our pedagogy.

Books Genius Hour Teachers Love

With the help of my GH friends and fellow contributors – Joy Kirr, Hugh McDonald and Gallit Zvi – we have compiled this list of books that we know Genius Hour teachers love. Of course we know it is incomplete, as we haven’t read all the great books out there, and new books are coming out regularly. We hope you will add to this list by sharing your favorite book in the comments section.

We look forward to more great GH-friendly reading! ► Barnes, Mark. We had been doing Genius Hour for two years when I read Mark Barnes’ book about a Results Only Learning Environment (ROLE) . ► Brookhouser, Kevin. Kevin wrote The 20Time Project for teachers and funded it through Kickstarter. . ► Dweck, Carol. The #geniushour Twitter chat read Dweck’s Mindset and discussed the importance of giving students the gift of a growth mindset.

. ► Harvey, Stephanie & Harvey Daniels. . ► Juliani, A.J. Picture Books 10 for 10: Genius Hour. I can't believe it is already time for #pb10for10!

Picture Books 10 for 10: Genius Hour

Thanks to Cathy (@cathymere) at Reflect and Refine and Mandy (@mandyrobek) at Enjoy and Embrace Learning for creating this great day of learning and books. It always turns out to be expensive for me as I always discover so many great books that didn't know about. It's one of my favorite blog holidays:-) I decided this year that I'd share 10 books I'll use to kick off Genius Hour. I want my kids to understand what Genius Hour can be and each of these books give a message I want them to carry into Genius Hour. Going Places by Peter Reynolds is a great story about thinking outside of the box and how thinking together is often better than thinking alone!

Someday by Eileen Spinelli is a great book that invites conversation around working toward goals, trying new things, etc. The OK Book Rosie Revere, Engineer is a fun book about mistakes, not quitting and finding joy in the journey of discovery. Bella & Bean is one of my favorites. Beautiful Oops! The 3 Questions That Could Define Your Genius Hour. I am a teacher et cetera: 20% Time Projects: Resources for Teachers. The basic premise of the 20% Time Project is that it is student-driven, passion-based learning.

I am a teacher et cetera: 20% Time Projects: Resources for Teachers

The idea gained traction as more people read Daniel Pink’s book Drive. In the book, Pink cites an idea that started with the 3M company and was expanded by Google. Google encourages its employees to spend one day each work week, 20 percent of their work time, focusing on their own projects. Why? Well, it turns out that when people have autonomy over their work, time to master their skills, and a clear purpose, they are more motivated to learn. Introductory Resources: The 20 Time in Education website, put together by a great group of 20% time and Genius Hour gurus, is a wealth of resources and planning guides for putting together your first 20% project.On Twitter?

Resources for Introducing 20% Time to Students: How I Introduced 20% Time to Students: What do you want to learn? Pick a topic you are passionate about, something you want to learn. This is not simply a research project. Read.