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Estimation 180 - Home

Estimation 180 - Home

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'Taught right, every maths pupil could be a Countdown winner' In 1997, James Martin, a quietly unassuming Oxford maths PhD, entered television gameshow folklore with his stunning solution to a maths problem on Countdown. The challenge: make 952 using the numbers 100, 75, 50, 25, 3 and 6. You may use the four standard operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You do not have to use all the numbers and you cannot use the same number more than once. Oh, and you have 30 seconds. James' solution has made it on to YouTube – well worth four minutes of your time:

Mr. B's Blog: I Volunteer as Tribute: The Final HSCN The arena set, the districts formed, the Capitol ready. Sounds like the beginning of the Hunger Games, doesn't it? This was the staging for the final HSCN: The Math Hunger Games. To bring you up to speed if you are not familiar with my HSCN, I hosted evenings three times a month where I instructed parents on math and reading. Control Alt Achieve: Long Multiplication with Google Sheets My two youngest boys are still in elementary school, so the topic of long multiplication comes up frequently on homework. Long multiplication is when you multiply two numbers, such as a 3-digit number times a 2-digit number, and you show all the steps by first multiplying by the ones digit, then by the tens digit, then adding together those partial products to get the final answer. This is a very structured step-by-step method, so it is important for students to be able to follow the process in the correct order. I wondered if Google Sheets could be used to guide a student through the steps, help keep all the numbers organized properly, and provide feedback if the student does something wrong. The answer is yes! What I did was create some sheets that allow a student to type in the original multiplication problem, and then using hidden columns, custom formulas, and conditional formatting, it provides the student with feedback each step along the way.

Maths 'N' Movement – Free Games and Activities Below you will find new Maths ‘N’ Movement activities, original 2004 Bloomsmath teaching plans and new and improved Bloomsmath V2 worksheets. Each PDF contains free lesson activities and games. New activities will be added each week so please come back and collect as many free resources as you would like. For an easier option why not join our mailing list and have the activities delivered straight to your inbox so you get them as soon as they are uploaded.

Real world high school math: Learning algebra and geometry from life - Unschool RULES I often talk about how I believe that real-world math is what matters. You can, like our family, use an entirely real-world approach to math, with no required workbooks or textbooks. You can also use a super-structured math program. You can love math yourself, or be mystified by it. The 5-4-3-2-1 Challenge from Will Shortz and NPR On Sunday morning, Nancy Swank tweeted me a link to a puzzle on NPR's website. This shouldn't come as a surprise because Nancy is the entire reason why NPR spent an entire day in my classroom in 2014. I followed the link and started reading the puzzle. Within about a minute, I knew I HAD to do this puzzle with my students this week.

How to Use Handwriting in Google Documents Earlier this week John Stevens tipped me off to using g(Math) to add handwritten responses to Google Forms. This morning John sent me a direct message on Twitter to tell me that you can now use handwriting in Google Documents through the g(Math) Add-on. John wrote out step-by-step directions with screenshots here. I made a short screencast of the process. Educational Games Have fun playing our collection of games and interactives! Be sure to sign in to save your scores and compete in our leaderboards! All Games & Interactives Score Some Points with Place Value Yahtzee! – Games 4 Gains I find that kids really enjoy games that are similar to games that they already know and love to play. And frankly, I like the fact that it's (usually) faster to teach them those games, which means that less learning time is wasted on explanation. The game that I have for you today is a place value version of the popular game Yahtzee. I've included the score sheets for four different versions (3-digit numbers, 4-digit numbers, 6-digit numbers, and decimals) so that you can choose the level that works best for your classroom. You could even assign different levels to different students... such easy differentiation! Materials needed:

8 Videos That Prove Math Is Awesome Believe it or not, math is really an art. While the subject can seem far from it when you’re caught in the doldrums of class, there’s a lot about math that’s just as creative as a Jackson Pollock and elegant as a rendition of Swan Lake. But some of us still run from those dreaded numbers, swearing up and down that it’s too complex, too rigid and just plain not fun.

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