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Quilting Fabric, Quilt Fabric, Moda Fabrics, Quilt Kits, Online Quilting Fabrics & FREE Quilt Patterns IMPORTANT NOTE:Effective November 20, shipping rates to Canada have increased. Excess shipping over $2.00 will be refunded. Marmalade Fabrics offers free shipping on all orders of $200 or more, shipped within the United States. All other orders will be charged the following fees: Quilting Fabric - Great selection of discount quilting fabrics- Categories plusColor Family plusFabric Type burp cloth tutorial I've had a few requests lately for my burp cloth pattern, so I decided to put together a little tutorial. These burp cloths are peanut-shaped to fit the contour of your shoulder and have a rag edge. Materials needed (makes a set of 4 burp cloths): 1 total yard of 2 coordinating flannels (1/2 yard of each) 1/2 yard quilt batting (I prefer warm n' natural) matching thread template

Quilting 101 Quilting 101 I love the simplicity of a basic block quilt. It is such a great way to showcase beautiful fabrics! Back in 2010, I started this blog after giving birth to my daughter. A few friends had expressed an interest in learning how to quilt, but just didn't know where to start. Terry Cloth Burp Cloths - DIY Tutorial These terry cloth burp cloths were my favorite when my daughter was little. They are super absorbent and really cute! They soak up messes really well and wash great. You can match the fabric to your diaper bag, nursery colors or pick out cute blue or pink designs.

Missouri Star Quilt Co. - Best Selection of Pre-Cut Quilting Fabrics on the Web! I complain about winter a lot, but there is at least one thing I love about it: Christmas! Now that winter’s behind us, I can look back fondly and admit that celebrating Christmas in the snowy cold is awesome. But I hear that Christmas in warm weather ain’t half bad either. Wedding Washcloths When we got married, my husband and I didn't register for gifts. We were young and naive and just felt kind of weird asking people to give us stuff. So instead of gravy boats and champagne glasses, we got lots of funky and surprising things, like these salt and pepper shakers. They came from my wonderful Aunt Rosemary who collects vintage treasures wherever she goes. We never could have registered for these!

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MCLS Digital Libraries - MCLS Wiki Overview MCLS Digital Libraries is a shared, growing, collection of digital materials including downloadable ebooks and audio books, available at one site. Content is available to patrons of participating libraries through the OverDrive/DLR system. Effectiveness, Simplicity and Soul Friday, 02 March 2012 17:00 We are getting into really exciting times, the next few months will be a blast for all Mobile Joomla! fans! Last time we mentioned there was something cool coming up on the radar. Now we're lifting the curtain a little bit more. Soon you'll be able to have the most stylish Mobile Joomla!