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How to Make a Kantha Quilt: 9 Tutorials. Share this post Kantha quilts are made by stitching together flattened layers of old saris or old discarded clothes together.

How to Make a Kantha Quilt: 9 Tutorials

They look kaleidoscopic with a collection of vivid colors and designs that make them resemble patchwork. Originally hailing from Bengal (Bangladesh and West Bengal, India), they are also known as Kantha Gudri quilts in Maharastra, India. Using bright shades of yarn that are in sharp contrast to the fabric color is a rule of thumb while doing such projects. Instructions for Making a Kantha Quilt In this tutorial, a duvet cover in bold prints has been transformed into a delightful kantha quilted throw for the bedroom. How to hand quilt (+ little quilts to practice on) Some quilters swear by hand quilting; others shy away from it.

How to hand quilt (+ little quilts to practice on)

But both kinds of quilters never miss the chance to marvel at another quilter’s hand-quilting stitches. Whether they’re big or small, faultless or flawed, accurate and exact or carefree and a bit crazy, there’s something about hand-quilting stitches that give a quilt a comfy, cozy feel like no machine stitches can. It’s surprising, but many of today’s quilters have never tried hand-quilting techniques. For beginners, it can be intimidating to consider taking thousands of teeny-tiny stitches until, years later, you finally finish an entire bed-sized quilt.

How to Hand Quilt: The Basic Techniques. There is just something unbelievably wonderful about hand quilting.

How to Hand Quilt: The Basic Techniques

Not only does quilting done by hand remind us of the quilts from yesterday, but it also provides a soft finish that really can’t be achieved any other way. How to Hand Tie a Quilt: 7 Steps. It is not uncommon to find a quilter who has a stack of quilt tops that are waiting to be quilted.

How to Hand Tie a Quilt: 7 Steps

The actual act of quilting can be difficult and a bit intimidating. What exactly is quilting? It’s the process of sewing together the three layers of a quilt: the top, batting and backing. Slow sewing: what is it—and is it for you? (+ tutorial) September is National Sewing Month!

Slow sewing: what is it—and is it for you? (+ tutorial)

We’ve been celebrating all month with ideas for out-of-the-box sewing. Today’s focus: slow sewing—a celebration of hand sewing in all its forms: piecing, appliqué, quilting, and embroidery. Just you, a needle, thread, and fabric. The ultimate indulgence! Slow sewing is an easy way to fit creativity into daily life. Learn How to Hand Quilt.

Hand_Piecing_New.pdf. What to Do When Your Hand-Sewing Thread Knots Up. Sooner or later, every hand-sewist ends up getting an unexpected knot in their thread.

What to Do When Your Hand-Sewing Thread Knots Up

This doesn't mean you're any kind of a bad sewist! It's just simple physics at work. Luckily, though, there are some ways you can do magical counter-physics and either prevent or solve those knots. And that's what this post is all about. It's all in the twist… The number one reason your thread ends up in knots is that you're twisting it. Most of us, in those moments, turn the needle just a little. How do you know your thread is twisting? If your thread is twisting upon itself like this, imagine what happens when you try to pull all that twisty mess through your fabric. Preventing that twist …So, the easiest way to keep your thread from knotting in the first place? How do you know which direction is opposite?

What if the danged thread knots up anyway? Don't worry – luckily, the knots that form from twisted thread are almost always one of two kinds, and both are quite fixable. If the knot won't come out… Designers & Licenses. 24 Blocks. How to Hand Quilt: 6 Resources for Beginners For some, hand quilting can be a little bit intimidating – compared to machine quilting, it can take a lot more time and patience but can yield absolutely beautiful results.

24 Blocks

If you’d like to learn how to hand quilt – something you often see in older and antique quilts – we’ve gathered a few resources that’ll help you get started. There are benefits to both hand and machine quilting, but you might want to know how to do both so your own projects can have a little variety. Check out some of the resources below, and remember that practice and patience are key! An experienced hand quilterWhen it comes to quilting, nothing beats learning from someone in person. Along with some time and dedication, these resources can definitely help aspiring hand quilters hone their skills. Simple Sashiko with Beth Bradley. Big Stitch Quilting + HST Pillow Top Tutorial. Corey Yoder from Little Miss Shabby shows you how to incorporate Big Stitch quilting into your designs with today’s tutorial, which also includes this beautiful pillow top pattern featuring half-square triangles (HSTs).

Big Stitch Quilting + HST Pillow Top Tutorial

Corey is author of the upcoming Playful Petals, available this April. Learn more about Corey in her introduction, and head over to Little Miss Shabby for the Rainbow Row Along, Stashbuster blocks and so much more! Hello! I’m Corey and you will usually find me blogging over at Little Miss Shabby.