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Make Fabric Playhouses For The Kids

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Ellie Mae Charming Cottage Playhouse - Fabric. How To Build An Indoor Fort. Valentine’s Day Fort. There are so many different ways to express feelings of love on Valentine’s Day: some are sweet and sentimental, others are bold and celebratory.

Valentine’s Day Fort

For kicks, I’m thinking I might want to surprise my loved one with an amazing and decadent love fort, like this one from designer Justina Blakeney. Justina is the woman behind the LA-based design and consulting firm Compai Creative. She always shows a fearless use of color and has an amazing talent for mixing print and pattern to produce sophisticated, eclectic designs.

You can read more about the making of this project from Justina after the jump, and be sure to check out Justina’s Before & After projects, as well. Thanks for sharing, Justina! Styling by Justina Blakeney and Caitlin Levin. CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! In my family, building indoor forts was a weekly enterprise. Materials Instructions For the Fort: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. For the Newspaper Heart Garland: 1. 2. 3. For the Pom-Pom Garland: 1. 2. DIY A-Frame Tent. Contributor Anu from Nalle’s House is back with another fantastic project which I’m thrilled to share with you!

DIY A-Frame Tent.

Hi there! I’m so glad to be back to share another project. During the summer I tend to spend a lot of time outdoors with my two little boys. House projects sometimes take a back burner to a trip to the splash pad, playing outside or even relaxing a little on our patio. So, in the spirit of spending so much time outside playing, I made a simple a-frame tent for the backyard. Child’s Teepee. From Beth: Meg created this tutorial for you to enjoy.

Child’s Teepee

Don’t you think kids will love it?! Find her introduction here, and you can learn more about Meg and her creations at Boutique NutMeg Designs. Child's PVC Pipe Teepee - Butterick. The Little Blue House. Two weeks ago, I finished Jenna's birthday present andstashed it in a closet to wait for today when we celebratedher birthday.

The Little Blue House

Princess Pavillion Tent. Woke the kids from their naps today to come see this: This tent has been in my head for months.

Princess Pavillion Tent

I'd wanted to finish it during the winter so the kids could play with it during the boring cold weeks indoors. That never happened, of course. Summer, though, for two reasons. Hot in the mornings when the girls want to be outside playing. House In Our Hallway. Do you know those doorway puppet theaters that were all the rage a couple of years ago?

House In Our Hallway

Well, I thought they were ingenious, but I also thought it was time to move beyond the hanging, two-dimensional idea to the realm of the three-dimensional shapeshifting tent houses. All you need is three (or more) strategically-placed tension rods, and you'd have a morphing house that can also have a table-tent-esque flat top or a vertical townhouse facade (and everything in between) and that, because of the adjustable tension rods, can be jammed into doorways to amuse/confuse the living daylights out of postal workers. Child's Playhouse - Simplicity. Easy-to-sew felt cottage or pirate's hideout playhouse fits over standard 34" x 34" folding card table.

With working doors, window cutouts & colorful appliques. Easily folds into pouch for convenient storage. Printable Pattern Terms of Sale Digital patterns are tiled and labeled so you can print and assemble in the comfort of your home. Plus, digital patterns incur no shipping costs! Suggested Retail Price: $17.95. Play Canopy - McCall's Patterns. Children's Playhouse - McCall's Patterns. No Sew Tarp Play Tent. Super Cool Chair Tent. DIY: Tablecloth Play Tent. My children have the day off from public school today (Happy Martin Luther King, Jr day!)

DIY: Tablecloth Play Tent

And one of their favorite things to do is to make forts – what kid doesn’t? Knowing how much they love them, I made them a play tent in our dining room in the shape of a white tablecloth, complete with delightfully sweet curtained windows and a door for access too. Who says dining rooms are just for eating? Not so at our house! I cannot take credit for this creative plan… my kids have been making tents out of tabletops for years (yours too?). I came up with a DIY version and gave it my own twist.

To recreate it, all you need is enough fabric to cover the tabletop and the surround, and accent fabric for windows (or doors) plus a sewing machine and thread. I’ve made tailored tablecloths before and I prefer not to buy the more expensive linen/cotton cloth, instead I use drapery liner because it’s thick, affordable, and is 54” wide. DIY Felt Castle Over A Table Tutorial. *Tutorial by Christy @ Inklings & Yarns for her win of the For the Boys challenge of season 14* First, I want to thank everyone who voted for my “Castle Fit for Little Kings” in round two.

DIY Felt Castle Over A Table Tutorial

I had such a good time making this, and hope the following tutorial brings you (and your little ones) lots of fun! Be sure to visit my blog, for more great projects!