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StumbleUpon. Book material. KurtMIND: Beauty Is History (Part Three) The cosmetics craze continued throughout the centuries into the 1900’s and began to see the earliest of the cosmetics industry being formed.

KurtMIND: Beauty Is History (Part Three)

Mrs. Hemming’s House of Cyclax in London sold many products that you can still buy today from world famous companies like Avon. Another beauty salon owner found herself expanding her products to meet the demands of her upper class clientele from a facial cream that protects women’s skin from the sun to lipstick and face powder. Today, you can find a whole line of cosmetics from Helena Rubenstein. As the years went on, the popularity of beauty salons continued to increase. During the 1930’s the fashion of lipstick went to a darker shade with a variety of shades. This ended right when the war did and demand for cosmetics increased more than ever. Today’s woman is the benefactor of all these years of trial and error with a virtually unlimited choice of products for any look they want to achieve. 1.)

Love what you're looking at? HIDDEN HISTORY of the Dinosaurs. ATLANTEAN GARDENS: Ancient Giants of the New World. According to Paiute Indian oral legends, a tribe called the Si-Te-Cah were a native American race of tall red-haired giants that once occupied the area in the distant past.

ATLANTEAN GARDENS: Ancient Giants of the New World

Amazingly, 9,400 year old Mummified remains were indeed found in a cave in Nevada, though scientific study is NOT allowed on the remains for political reasons. Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, a prominent female Native American activist, educator, and daughter of Paiute Chief Winnemucca, related many stories passed down in her tribe, first hand, about the Si-Te-Cah in her book Life Among the Paiutes, published in 1883. "My people say that the tribe we exterminated had red hair. I have some of their hair, handed down from father to son.

I have a dress which has been in our family a great many years, trimmed with the reddish hair. The oldest mummies in the world are the Chinchorro mummies from northern Chile and southern Peru. Pizarro asked who the white skinned redheads were. Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions. I’m going to attempt to convey the symbolism found in virtually all of the holidays and the occult importance they each have.

Occult & Illuminati holiday traditions

When you take a step back and try to look at the purpose for the odd symbolism found in our holidays (e.g. why would a rabbit lay eggs??) , you’ll begin to understand the manipulation that happens on all levels around us. You’ll see that the holidays each have their own part to play in the occult worship of the ancient pagan god Nimrod and goddess Semiramis. Most of the holidays and symbolism attached have ties to human sacrifice and magic as well. I’ll try to make this as painless as possible, but newcomers to this territory might have a difficult time navigating through the material.

All of the information to be presented below comes from my personal interpretation and readings from various sources, picking and choosing what I feel as relevant. The Bronze Age of Mesopotamian culture is when the concepts of polytheism (worship of multiple gods, e.g. Easter Eggs. ISIS the Goddess. Mystery Babylon Watch: Who is Allah? Long before Islam, the Sabeans in Arabia worshipped a Moon God who was also known asIlumquh.

Mystery Babylon Watch: Who is Allah?

Ilumquh was married tothe Sun Goddess Dhat Hamymand had Three Daughters whom the people of that area started worshiping. The three daughters where called Allat, Al Uzza andAl Manat. These 3 deities where merged and they formed a triple goddess triad, like many other Moon Goddesses. We will examine each of these ancient Arabian deities which formed the Triple Goddess Allat and we will see how much coincidences we can find with the religion of Islam. "Pre-islamic worship of the goddess seems to be primarily associated with Al'Lat, which simply means 'goddess'. We Will Now Examine Allat, (who is a Triple Goddess and is the same as Al Uzza and Al Manat). "Allat was known as the goddess of spring and fertility.

"Meteorites-cults are common in Greco-Roman civilizations.