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Vaginal mesh: UK government told to apologise after 'damning' review. Media playback is unsupported on your device A review into procedures that ruined the lives of women and babies is "damning", according to a contributor.

Vaginal mesh: UK government told to apologise after 'damning' review

Jemima Williams from the Vale of Glamorgan was left in excruciating pain after having vaginal mesh implants. In total, 700 women and their families shared "harrowing" details about the procedure, as well as a hormonal pregnancy test and an epilepsy drug. The UK government has been asked to apologise, and to set up specialist centres for those affected. Mrs Williams, who first had the implants in 2002 after a pelvic organ prolapse, described the effects in 2018: "I never sleep... She described it as a "global medical health disaster" and has been one of those involved in the review. The report, published on Wednesday, describes complaints and worries often being dismissed as "women's problems", leaving many traumatised, intimidated and confused. Cases span decades and are believed to involved hundreds of thousands of women and babies.

Thousands of women failed over mesh implants, review finds. PUBLISHED: 00:01 08 July 2020 | UPDATED: 09:46 08 July 2020 Sarah Hussain A two year review into the use of mesh implants to treat incontinence and other health conditions was published today.

Thousands of women failed over mesh implants, review finds

Kath Sansom (L), from March, launched the 'Sling the Mesh' campaign group in 2015. Archant The suffering of thousands of women who have been left with devastating complications caused by implants could have been avoided, a hard-hitting review has revealed. Complete vaginal-mesh removals 'leaving material behind' Dozens of women who thought they were having a "complete mesh removal" have discovered material has been left behind, the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme has been told.

Complete vaginal-mesh removals 'leaving material behind'

Some women have been left unable to walk, work or have sex after having the initial vaginal-mesh implants. Specialist surgeons say in some cases total or partial mesh removal can be beneficial. But some women said their symptoms had become worse. Hernia mesh implants used 'with no clinical evidence' "Too many" types of hernia mesh implants are being used on NHS patients with little or no clinical evidence, the BBC has been told.

Hernia mesh implants used 'with no clinical evidence'

New data shows more than 100 different types of mesh were purchased by NHS Trusts from 2012 to 2018 in England and Scotland, leading to fears over safety. The meshes can cut into tissue and nerves, leaving some people unable to walk, work or care for children. The regulator MHRA said there was a clinical need for the devices. The new figures were taken from the responses of 56 of the 159 NHS Trusts that replied to a Freedom of Information request by the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme. Currently, hernia mesh devices can be approved if they are similar to older products, which themselves may not have been required to undergo any rigorous testing or clinical trials in order to assess their safety or efficacy. Meet the women whose lives were ruined by operations they didn't even need. Emily May, 30 (pictured), has been left unable to work or have children, she says, because of damage following a series of botched operations that put Britain’s health regulators to shame Emily May loved nothing more than a refreshing early morning swim on a deserted beach.

Meet the women whose lives were ruined by operations they didn't even need

‘I used to go down there with my friends at 6am on summer mornings when no one else was around,’ she says. Those idyllic days from less than a decade ago, when Emily was a promising fashion design student in Cornwall, are now a distant memory. Since then, Emily’s life has been wrecked. Special Report: The Mesh Scandal. The Independent Medicines & Medical Devices safety Review. NICE clarifies guideline on use of mesh following Review’s intervention We heard concerns from a number of mesh-affected patients and patient groups that the recent NICE guidelines for the management of stress urinary incontinence and prolapse published in April (NG123) had apparently lifted the ‘research only’ restriction in the use of transvaginal mesh for the treatment of vaginal prolapse.

the Independent Medicines & Medical Devices safety Review

This ‘research only’ restriction in the use of these procedures appeared in NICE guidance IPG 599 published in 2017. NICE recognised then that evidence of long term efficacy of these procedures was ‘ inadequate in quality and quantity’. However, there was no cross reference to IPG 599 and no explicit reference to the ‘research only ‘ restriction in NICE's latest guidelines published in April in the section dealing with surgery for anterior prolapse (Recommendations 1.8.21 and 1.8.22). Devonlive. A Devon mother-of-three is calling for controversial vaginal mesh implants to be banned after the ‘life changing’ operation she was promised left her at breaking point.


Ceri Baker, 43, of Dartmoor, has gone from being a fit and active woman with a zest for life to being in constant pain and discomfort after having the surgery in March 2017. She cannot sit comfortably or do any of the physical activities and hobbies she always previously enjoyed with her children, and is unable to have sex with her husband of 20 years, Pete, without it being ‘extremely painful’. She has bravely shared her story in the hope it will ensure thousands more women do not choose to have the procedure in the wake of a controversial decision by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to issue new guidelines paving the way for the implants to be used again. It follows a temporary ban of the implants last year that was put in place last year over health concerns.

Nnah's Quay woman left shocked by NICE decision on surgical mesh. A FLINTSHIRE woman left disabled following a surgical mesh implant has spoken of her disgust that a healthcare watchdog says the NHS could overturn the suspension on its use.

nnah's Quay woman left shocked by NICE decision on surgical mesh

Connah's Quay resident Maxine Cooper, 56, has been undergoing treatment for four years following major health complications after she received a surgical mesh implant after pregnancy in 2010. And she has told of her shock and horror at the news that The National Institute for Health Care and Excellence (NICE) says the block on the use vaginal mesh can be lifted with changes. Mesh is a generic name for metallic or polymeric (plastic) implantable surgical devices used as a scaffold to reinforce weaknesses in tissue or bone throughout the human body. There are several common conditions which it is used to treat, including stress urinary incontinence, a condition caused by a complication in pregnancies. “It felt like I was being stabbed with a knife.” Jackie was in so much pain after a mesh implant that she tried to take her own life. Campaigners are angry that, while new guidelines have been introduced, there is still not a blanket ban on the controvers.

Woman killed herself after surgeon removed her ovaries during operation because ‘they were getting in the way’, inquest hears. House of Lords. Mesh expert failed to declare £100,000 funding. Image copyright Aberdeen University A high-profile academic has admitted he failed to declare £100,000 from the manufacturer making one of the types of vaginal mesh implant he was assessing.

Mesh expert failed to declare £100,000 funding

Aberdeen University's Prof Mohamed Abdel-fattah has published a correction to his original research paper almost seven years on. The change follows a complaint to the General Medical Council about him. The doctor who made the complaint said it was "shocking" the funding had not been declared at the time. Prof Abdel-fattah denied that there was any link between the funding and the study. Fury as officials push back guidelines on vaginal mesh - daily-news-media. Campaigners have today blasted the decision to push back the release of guidelines into controversial vaginal mesh implants that could maim hundreds more women.

Fury as officials push back guidelines on vaginal mesh - daily-news-media

Health officials admitted they needed longer to analyse the long-term effects of the scandal-hit devices, dubbed ‘barbaric’ by victims, MPs and doctors. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s (Nice) draft guidelines, which are sent to all medics in the NHS, are now scheduled to be published in April – not February, as originally planned. Mesh removal centres cannot guarantee competency. PUBLISHED: 19:07 22 January 2019 | UPDATED: 16:09 27 January 2019 Kath Sansom Lesley Regan, president of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists with MP Jackie Doyle Price. RCOG have announced a WomensHealth Taskforce to improve the health outcomes of girls and women across three key stages in life. Campaigners say they are ignoring the pleas of women to set up properly trained surgeons in specialist centres across the UK to deal with mesh complications. Archant A total of 25 centres have been set up across the UK to deal with hundreds of women suffering pain, loss of sex life and infections.

Baroness Cumberlge is shocked by mesh injuries. Video PUBLISHED: 12:14 07 December 2018 | UPDATED: 12:49 07 December 2018 Kath Sansom Baroness Cumberlge talks to BBC Newsline in Belfast in an interview with Marie Louise Connolly Archant Baroness Julia Cumberlege, who has visited 13 cities, including Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester, has spoken to hundreds of families across the UK, since suspending mesh in July. The woman leading the review team into the vaginal mesh scandal has told the BBC that she is shocked by the awful suffering that some women have had to experience. Baroness Julia Cumbridge has spent the day here meeting and listening to women who've been.

‘Making it up to get out of household chores’: the devastating aftermath of vaginal mesh implants – Hysterical Women. Guest post by Kath Sansom, founder of the Sling the Mesh campaign For background on the vaginal mesh scandal, read my article for Should vaginal mesh surgery be banned? After 21 years of harm, the truth is finally being exposed about the vaginal mesh implant scandal.

And it is not pretty. It is a story of a high profit product, mass marketed on the basis of flimsy evidence, aggressively pushed by sales reps wielding glossy brochures and free lunches and lapped up by surgeons and an NHS system that never properly monitored outcomes for more than two decades. Sling The Mesh goes to Geneva conferencec. PUBLISHED: 09:05 16 November 2018 | UPDATED: 10:21 16 November 2018 Kath Sansom at ISOP Geneva 2018.

Archant Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, Oxford University, speaks at ISOP Geneva 2018. Our reporter Kath Sansom travelled to Switzerland to give a formal presentation about her campaign work with Sling The Mesh. #SlingTheMesh: The shameful story of mesh implants. 'Scandal' of vaginal mesh removal rates revealed by NHS records. Thousands of women have undergone surgery to have vaginal mesh implants removed during the past decade, according to NHS records that reveal the scale of traumatic complications linked to the devices. The figures, obtained by the Guardian, suggest that around one in 15 women fitted with the most common type of mesh support later require surgery to have it extracted due to complications.

Sohier Elneil, a consultant urogynaecological surgeon at University College Hospital, London, who has carried out hundreds of removal procedures, described the removal rate as a “scandal”, adding that these patients were likely to represent those with more serious complications. Another surgeon, Mark Slack, a consultant gynaecologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge, who has previously defended the benefits of mesh surgery, said he was “absolutely shocked” by the failure rate, although he questioned whether the figures for complete removals could be an overestimate. ... we have a small favour to ask.

'Systematic' failings in mesh implants review. A Scottish government-commissioned report into the review on mesh implants has found it suffered "systemic" failings and potential conflicts of interest. Prof Alison Britton has spent more than a year investigating the mesh inquiry. Vaginal-mesh-implant-urinary-incontinence-women-pain-disability-lawsuit-nhs-a8597956. Hundreds more women in England who received vaginal mesh implants to treat incontinence will need the procedure reversed, a study suggests. In a study of nearly 100,000 English women, 3,137 (3.3 per cent) required the implant to be removed within a decade. This is a third larger than the number of reversals reported in an NHS audit of the procedure. The damning vaginal mesh dossier: The shocking failures behind the scandal.

For the thousands of women caught up in the vaginal mesh scandal, the question must be: how did a product that’s caused them such agony ever come to be approved? And it was a seemingly innocuous email response last week from Johnson & Johnson that provided the final, damning piece in the jigsaw puzzle. Advocates thankful apology for surgical mesh victims coming. James Shaw's announcement that a "meaningful and sincere" Government apology to patients injured by surgical mesh is coming has been hailed by advocates as a sign of real progress. The Acting Associate Health Minister told Stuff last week: "I expect to get advice back about what would be the most meaningful and sincere way for the Government to apologise. " Co-leader of patient advocacy group Mesh Down Under Charlotte Korte says the group is "pleased that they [the Government] are finally accepting some accountability for allowing this awful medical disaster to continue".

British mesh investigation paints 'hair raising' picture of 'scandal' Sling the Mesh: Implant broke and twisted inside Great Yarmouth woman's body. Pelvic mesh implant guidelines issued by NICE. Women Should Only Be Offered Vaginal Mesh Surgery When They've Tried All Other Options, Says NICE. Hernia mesh complications affect up to 170,000 people in England. Up to 170,000 people who have had hernia mesh implants in England over the past six years could be battling agonising complications. Between 12 and 30 per cent of the 570,000 people who have had the procedure have been left in such severe pain they are unable to walk or work. Experts said on the BBC's flagship Victoria Derbyshire show that some patients of the common procedure have even been left suicidal. Hernia mesh complications 'affect more than 100,000'

Media playback is unsupported on your device Up to 170,000 people who have had hernia mesh implants in England in the past six years could face complications, the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme has found. Mesh: Baroness labels use 'a tragedy' after Oxfordshire hearing. The inside story of the vaginal mesh scandal, from top removal surgeon. Dave Stock for New Scientist By Julia Brown. Mesh surgery scandal. Hernia mesh complications are becoming more common. PUBLISHED: 07:30 29 August 2018 | UPDATED: 18:44 29 August 2018. Europe’s Stand on Mesh – Mesh Angels.

The dark side to mesh. Local women to take part in UK review on pelvic mesh implants. 'Ban the implant that left me in crippling pain and took away my sex life, my dignity and the job I loved' Meshartbyblair. Is the promise of £125,000 tempting 'cash-hungry' medics to back vaginal mesh? UK bans transvaginal mesh: here’s 5 reasons why. Sling The Mesh celebrates after most popular mesh type is suspended. In Engeland wordt het gebruik van polypropylene mesh (bandjes zoals tvt en tvto en bekkenbodemmatjes,...) voorlopig opgeschort vanwege de complicaties die een levenslange impact kunnen hebben...bekijk de video van BBC news.

Hospital recalls women who had pelvic floor surgery using mesh. Vaginal Mesh: Everything You Need To Know About The Procedure. Raising awareness of the life changing risks of a "simple" day case operation. Should vaginal mesh surgery be banned? Surgical Mesh Scandal Documentary. The biggest lesson from the transvaginal mesh saga? Doctors must listen to women. Woman's mesh implant felt like a chemical burn and cheese wire inside her body - Devon Live. 97,000 People Have This Operation Each Year – Here’s What Happens When It Goes Wrong. Summary_of_the_evidence_on_the_benefits_and_risks_of_vaginal_mesh_implants. MPs slam the vaginal mesh scandal in Commons debate. Sling The Mesh: Cambs Times journalist Kath Sansom takes her campaign to Parliament. Vaginal mesh: Surgeons 'failed to comply with guidelines' Vaginal mesh op 'should be last resort' in Wales.

Make mesh implants last resort says Welsh NHS report. Jackie Cheetham tells of pain she has suffered since being given surgical mesh implants. ‘Don’t suffer in silence’ Cambridgeshire doctor tells women in pain from vaginal mesh implants. St Helens mum left in agony by medical mesh launches campaign to save others. This shocking story shows why Devon hospitals are chosing to stop using vaginal mesh implants - Devon Live. Today I led a debate in the House of Commons on the issue of surgical mesh. This is the first time I’ve ever led a debate in the House and it was a very exciting experience. The debate took place just two days after the Government produced new statistics. UK government finally recognises the mesh scandal - Medical Plastics News. MPs urge ministers to 'act now' on vaginal mesh controversy. Vaginal mesh campaigners slam the Government's investigation.

‘The dark side to surgical mesh’ – Sling The Mesh Documentary. Mesh kits are an example of the misogyny in medicine says Dr Juan Gervais. Chief medical officer addresses `bad use´ of vaginal mesh. Government Review of Vaginal Mesh 'Does Not Go Far Enough To Protect Women' Jeremy Hunt announce review into mesh implants Primodos and valproate. Government announces review into vaginal mesh devices - Medical Plastics News. 500 women say they have been left crippled and in agony by mesh implants they thought would help them - Belfast Live. The mesh scandal: Where are we now? - Medical Plastics News. Professor Carl Heneghan Sling The Mesh Parliament APPG. Vaginal mesh: Thousands of cases to be reviewed. All medical devices need national register to protect patient safety. Women harmed because vaginal mesh regulation 'not fit for purpose' Transvaginal mesh failure: lessons for regulation of implantable devices.

Regulation over vaginal mesh implants is inadequate. Surgeons admit to under reporting of mesh complications Sling The Mesh. Vaginal mesh to treat organ prolapse should be suspended, says UK health watchdog. BBC Panorama - The Operation That Changed My Life (BBC Documentary 11.12.2017) Panorama to lift lid on vaginal mesh implant scandal - March and Chatteris News. Vaginal mesh for prolapse is set to be banned by NICE - March and Chatteris News - Cambs Times. Is victory in sight for Cambridgeshire's Sling the Mesh campaigner?

'It had cut up my insides like glass': Mum says she bled every day for almost five years after mesh implant disintegrated in her stomach. Vaginal mesh operations should be banned, says NICE. Vaginal Mesh scandal is institutional denial says lawyer leading group action - March and Chatteris News - Cambs Times. Sling The Mesh women count the cost of mesh - March and Chatteris News - Cambs Times. Patients in disbelief as mesh company sales reps were allowed in theatre while surgeons carried out intimate operations. First Do No Harm: Complications and Complaints will Change Pelvic Floor Surgery Using Mesh Implants in 2015. Sling The Mesh has debate tabled in Parliament - March and Chatteris News - Cambs Times. UK Transvaginal Mesh Debate Resonates Across Globe. Why clinical trial outcomes fail to translate into benefits for patients.

Vaginal mesh implants “a national scandal” says Deeside MP. Vaginal Mesh Complications. New procedure gives hope of relief for women with pelvic pain. Vaginal mesh public inquiry turned down by Government. Government refuses to ban scandal-hit mesh implants despite cross-party calls for suspension and public inquiry.