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23 Ways To Use The iPad In The 21st Century PBL Classroom By Workflow

23 Ways To Use The iPad In The 21st Century PBL Classroom By Workflow
23 Ways To Use The iPad In The 21st Century PBL Classroom by TeachThought Staff The iPad is not magic, and as many educators have found integrating them meaningfully is by no means a just-add-water proposition. The same applies to Project-Based Learning. Project-Based Learning is a method of giving learners access to curriculum in authentic ways that promote collaboration, design, imagination, and innovation while also allowing for more natural integration of digital and social media. Below we’ve offered 23 ways that the iPad can be used in your classroom. Note that the visual is also arranged in a kind of visual spectrum, as our past visuals have been.

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6 Must Watch Videos on 21st Education Check out the list below and share with us your feedback. Enjoy 1- Classroom of Tomorrow Project-Based Learning Idea: Students Create Their Own Viral Video I am continuously inspired by the increasing number of shared video content which let’s face it, in this digital age, we can’t really avoid. The sharing and re-sharing of videos via email and through Facebook and Twitter have undoubtedly given rise to the phenomenon of these ‘viral’ videos. It goes without saying that shared video content is more popular than ever before, with more than 48 hours worth of video being uploaded to YouTube every single minute. Given that YouTube is the most popular video sharing website on the web, and only six years old, there is huge potential for virtually any video content to go viral. What Is A Viral Video?

10 Practical Ideas For Better Project-Based Learning In Your Classroom By Jennifer Rita Nichols, TeachThought Intern Teachers are incorporating more and more projects into their curriculum, allowing for much greater levels of collaboration and responsibility for students at all levels. Project- based learning is a popular trend, and even teachers who don’t necessarily follow that approach still see the benefit to using projects to advance their students’ learning.

Education World: Expeditionary Learning Melds PBL, Common Core Cheryl Dobbertin, director of professional development at Expeditionary Learning and former high school English and language arts teacher, co-directs an initiative that offers free Common Core-aligned curricula to New York State schools. She talked with Education World about how schools can implement a project-based learning (PBL) structure aligned with CCSS. Although PBL can sometimes be viewed as "fluffy," Expeditionary Learning is attempting to strengthen their curricula through Common Core initiatives. Dobbertin explained that having clear standards allows teachers to take a step back, making sure they’re incorporating rigorous lessons that encourage “deep brain work” and hit the academic mark. “The kids not only have great experiences that they sometimes don’t even see as school, but they’re also able to succeed on standardized tests and other measures.” Kids read, talk and create things from what they read—leading to writing a book, producing a video, or solving a problem.

Checklist: Are You Ready for iPads In Your School? Digital Tools Which? Tech By Sam Gliksman The following is the third of a series of excerpts from Gliksman’s book iPad in Education for Dummies. How to Make Your Classroom a Thinking Space Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from Thinking Through Project-Based Learning: Guiding Deeper Inquiry by Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss. It was published this month by Corwin. Take a moment and imagine a creative work environment. Don't worry about the kind of work going on.

30 Of The Best Apps For Group Project-Based Learning 30 Of The Best Apps For Group Project-Based Learning Project-based learning is a matter of identifying needs and opportunities (using an app like flipboard), gathering potential resources (using an app like pinterest), collecting notes and artifacts (with an app like Evernote), concept-mapping potential scale or angles for the project (using an app like simplemind), assigning roles (with an appp like Trello), scheduling deadlines (with apps like Google Calendar), and sharing it all (with apps like OneDrive or Google Drive). With that in mind, below are 30 of the best apps for getting this kind of work done in the classroom, with an emphasis on group project-based learning apps for both Android and iPad (and even a few for plain old browsers). 30 Of The Best Apps For Group Project-Based Learning

In Kentucky, Moving Beyond Dependence On Tests : NPR Ed The white, split-rail fences of horse farms line the two-lane road that takes you southwest from Lexington. It's a beautiful half-hour drive to Danville, Ky. Settled in 1783, the town is proud of its history. In Constitution Square, across Main Street from Burke's Bakery, sits a tiny log cabin that was once the first post office west of the Allegheny Mountains. A school in Danville, Ky., has become a national exemplar.

Redefining the Writing Process with iPads Take a moment to think about how you learned to write. What steps did you go through? What was your process? Most of us learned the same core set of skills on paper: organize, draft, edit, revise, turn in.

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