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Ash Maurya — Practice Trumps Theory

Ash Maurya — Practice Trumps Theory
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3rd Leancamp Stuttgart – “Corporate Entrepreneurs meet Startups” – @Leancamp Leancamp is a high-energy multi-track un-conference where attendees regardless of their knowledge can attribute 30 min talks, workshops or Q&A sessions through the whole day in parallel sessions. The goal of Leancamp is to exchange knowledge between people. Discover new methods and learn from startups or corporations who are practicing approaches like Lean Startup, Business Modelling, Lean Marketing or Customer Development. Leancamp is for everybody – Beginners and Experts – from Students to Innovation Managers! If you have any questions, contact us at Date: Saturday, October 18, 2014 9.30 am to 6 pm Also join our Facebook-Group and Xing-Event Ambassadors attending Tristan Kromer Lean Startup Circle Étienne Garbugli LeanB2B, Entrepreneur, Consultant & Author Manuel da Costa DIGITAL TONIC, Leanconf UK Mike Reiner STARTUP CATALYZER, Business Model Innovation Matthias Patz DEUTSCHE BAHN, Innovation Manager Gregor Gross ALPHABOARD, Entrepreneur, Blogger Prof. Organizers Venue

Why subscription business models will transform every industry | VentureBeat | Entrepreneur | by Tom Cheredar “In short, software is eating the world.” — Marc Andreessen, 2011 What Marc said then is even truer now. Three years later and you can see the results of the software transformation across essentially every industry. Look at what technology has done for (or to, depending on your perspective) the publishing industry, for example. We’ve moved from reading hardcover books and daily newspapers to consuming bestsellers and today’s headlines on apps and e-readers. And that’s just a slice of this. SaaS companies are literally always selling, because they have to keep the customer from hitting the cancel button each month. That said, the subscription-based business model has so thoroughly eaten software that it’s ludicrous to sell software in any other way now. Beyond software to commerce Subscription is at least as powerful in commerce as it is in software. On the other side of this, subscription enables merchants to build a better business from the ground up. Making subscription accessible

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How to Determine If There's a Market for Your Business Idea In their book, Start Your Own Business, the staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. guides you through the critical steps to starting a business, then supports you in surviving the first three years as a business owner. In this edited excerpt, the authors describe the importance of market research in order to obtain information on the three key areas you'll need to investigate before launching your new business. So you have a great idea for a product—something that’s bound to capture the hearts and minds (and wallets) of consumers everywhere. Or perhaps you've stumbled on a service that isn’t being offered by anyone else—one that's desperately needed. Wait! Many business owners neglect this crucial step in product development for the sole reason that they don’t want to hear any negative feedback. Other entrepreneurs bypass market research because they fear it will be too expensive. Regardless of the reason, failing to do market research can amount to a death sentence for your product. 1. 2.

The 7 Ways Dropbox Hacked Growth to Become a $4 Billion Company Did you know Dropbox has spent very little on advertising, yet it is worth $4 billion? What have they done that’s made their business so successful? They’ve implemented many growth hacks that we’ll discuss in this article. For example, one growth hack is to incentivize some of your current users to refer others. Dropbox has received many awards, including best overall startup for 2011 & the Webby for Best Services and Practices. Here are some stats regarding Dropbox’s scale: Revenue reached about $116 million in 2012 and was expected to reach $200 million in 2013. Not many SaaS companies can reach that kind of growth in 4 years, with or without advertising. 1. First time visitors to the Dropbox website will notice the simple layout, which lays the groundwork for the rest of the Dropbox product. Then: Now: The number of options on the homepage are limited. A video on the homepage demoing the product.Gauge the interest in the business by seeing how many request an invite. Takeaway: 2. 3. Link:

Lean Design Development | DieProduktMacher Lean Design Development ist eine effiziente Methode, um zügig und effektiv eine responsive Website zu entwickeln. Pixelgenaue Layout-Dateien für alle Viewports gehören der Vergangenheit an. Voraussetzung dafür ist die Vernetzung von Design und Entwicklung. Website Designprozess Der herkömmliche Designprozess zur Erstellung einer Website ist recht linear. Style Tiles Unseren Ansatz, um den Herausforderungen einer Responsive Website gerecht zu werden, nennen wir Lean Design Development. Diese beiden Schritte passieren iterativ und beeinflussen sich wechselseitig. One Product – One Brain Design und Entwicklung bauen so gegenseitiges Verständnis auf und teilen ihr Wissen. We love it Wir haben sehr gute Erfahrungen mit Lean Design Development gesammelt. Entscheidender Vorteil: Die Wirkung aller Anpassungen können unmittelbar im Browser in verschiedenen Viewports betrachtet und kontrolliert werden.

20 Questions You Can Ask to Validate Your Startup Idea Do you have a million-dollar idea in your head, just waiting to be acted upon? Or will it be a complete bust -- an idea with no actual potential for return? This question is one that stops many would-be entrepreneurs in their tracks before they even take the chance and launch their potential business ventures. Here are 20 questions you can ask to validate your startup idea -- before you commit significant time, money or other resources to its launch: 1. If you can’t clearly state the problem your product or service solves, you probably don’t have a successful idea. 2. There’s a lot you can learn from those who have gone before you. Related: How to Stop Sabotaging Success 3. The more you can think of, the more likely it is that you’re meeting a real need and can be successful. 4. Not being able to easily describe the key features of your idea is a warning sign that the idea isn’t well thought out yet. 5. If a similar solution exists, how will yours be different? 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Wie InStaff ganz schnell den Break Even schaffte Die Idee zu InStaff, einem Online-Marktplatz zur Vermittlung von Hostessen, kam Pascal Klein schon während seiner Zeit als Gründer der Meinungsumfragen-App Honestly. Wie so oft tauchte sie in Form eines praktischen Problems auf: „Wir wollten Personal für Messen und andere Events buchen und fragten uns, warum das nur als komplette Service-Leistung und über Agenturen geht?“ Klein wollte die Hostessen gerne direkt buchen, fand aber keinen entsprechenden Online-Marktplatz. Also verkaufte der Karlsruher 2013 seine Firmenanteile bei Honestly und gründete zusammen mit Max Kunz InStaff. Seit Anfang diesen Jahres können Unternehmen nun ihr Event-Personal direkt über den Online-Marktplatz buchen und müssen nicht mehr den Umweg über Agenturen gehen. Sie schreiben den Job aus, erhalten Einblick in passende Hostessen-Profile und entscheiden sich für das Personal, das in puncto Kompetenzen und Preisvorstellungen am besten zu ihnen passt. „Vier Gründer sind zuviel. Bei InStaff hat es funktioniert.

Design Thinking | Thoughts by Tim Brown Driving Corporate Innovation: Design Thinking vs. Customer Development Startups are not smaller versions of large companies, but interestingly we see that companies are not larger versions of startups. I’ve been spending some time with large companies that are interested in using Lean methods. One of the conundrums is why does innovation take so long to happen in corporations? Previously Hank Chesbrough and I have written about some of the strategic issues that impede innovation inside large corporations here and here. Two methods, Design Thinking and Customer Development (the core of the Lean Startup) provide the tactical day-to-day process of how to turn ideas into products. While they both emphasize getting out of the building and taking to customers, they’re not the same. Urgency Drives Innovation SpeedStartups operate quickly – at a speed driven by the urgency of a proverbial gun-to-their-head called “burn rate.” In large companies, the employees are no less smart, but the organization is optimized to deliver repeatable products, revenue and profits.