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Maker Faire

Maker Faire

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How to Write an Instructable The first question from every new Instructabler is "what should I write about?" The simple answer is... anything. If you have enough passion to create a project, then you have the passion to share it. How To Succeed When 3D Printing With PVA Support Material When Should You Use A Different Support Material? If you’re printing other 3D filaments like ABS, PETG, Nylon, or TPE, which all print at a higher temperature or don’t stick well to PVA filament, use a different support material or even just use same-material support. Like HIPS, the perfect support for ABS, PVA does cost more than regular build materials, so if you’re printing a fairly simple model, a model with easy to clean supports, or you plan on finishing your 3D print anyways, then stick with printing your supports with the same material.

Over 75 Entries for 3D printing at Maker Faire New York 2012 Sep.27, 2012 This weekend, on Saturday, Sept. 29, and Sunday, Sept. 30, attendees at World Maker Faire, at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) in Queens, N.Y. will get a chance to feel the 3D printing enthusiasm at two venues: the 3D Printer Village and the 3D Pavilion. (Click to enlarge) 3D Printing is the hottest area at World Maker Faire this year. As more 3D printer startups enter the market and compete on price -- with new offerings under $1,000 -- the interest is going mainstream. In fact, attendees at World Maker Faire will be treated to a 3D extravaganza -- from three times the number of personal 3D printers to a diverse display of 3D printed objects including a 3D printed humanoid robot and 3D printed food.

Diigo and Feedly and Flipboard- Oh My! Ideas for Teaching Information Literacy “Awesome” That is what Evan, one of my Digital Literacy students, said when I showed him and his classmates Flipboard. Laying the Foundation for Digital Citizenship: For the past two weeks, my students have been learning how to improve their Internet search skills, critically evaluate websites and curate web resources in order to create a highly personalized online reading experience. Robot Automaton Robot Rally | Robot Automaton')"> My 6-year-old has always been fascinated by how things work, so I knew I had to try out this cardboard automaton with him. I love that it’s a fun way for him to play with simple machines; and it also creates a really cool art piece! To build your own automaton, you’ll need: Cardboard box (like your Kiwi Crate box) Scissors or craft knife (for grown-up use only!)

Case Study: How Louis Vuitton Uses 3D Printing Recently, manufacturing has experienced a radical transformation. Large, capital-intensive production lines fabricating thousands of the same parts or components have evolved to smaller, nimbler facilities fabricating small batch, customizable products and assemblies. The “go to” product for these newer facilities is the desktop 3D printer.

HackerspaceWiki Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects. This website is for Anyone and Everyone who wants to share their hackerspace stories and questions with the global hackerspaces community. Regular Events Call-in - Call-ins provide an opportunity for existing hackerspaces to provide an update and highlight upcoming events, and new/planned hackerspaces can ask questions. First Sunday each month. The maker movement isn’t just for hackers anymore “I’ve always done a certain amount of work with my hands, but my whole career was in software.” Rich Pekelney (pictured above) is standing in front of one of many mammoth machines in San Francisco’s TechShop, a DIY paradise full of industrial equipment for makers of all kinds. The space is intimidating at first glance. Loud mechanisms tower and sprawl around the workshop’s several stories; people in welding masks and heavy protective gloves quietly bustle from one corner to another. But after a few minutes in the shop, its aura of mystery quickly disappears.

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