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How To Succeed When 3D Printing With PVA Support Material. When Should You Use A Different Support Material?

How To Succeed When 3D Printing With PVA Support Material

If you’re printing other 3D filaments like ABS, PETG, Nylon, or TPE, which all print at a higher temperature or don’t stick well to PVA filament, use a different support material or even just use same-material support. Like HIPS, the perfect support for ABS, PVA does cost more than regular build materials, so if you’re printing a fairly simple model, a model with easy to clean supports, or you plan on finishing your 3D print anyways, then stick with printing your supports with the same material.

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We the Builders

—Rosie the Riveter The We the Builders team is proud to present our fourth project, United States cultural icon Rosie the Riveter, sculpted by Baltimore maker Jen Schachter as part of her work as Special Projects Manager at Baltimore's Digital Harbor Foundation. Jen sculpted Rosie the Riveter in oil-based clay over a wire armature, with the finished work being about 7" tall.

The sculpture was then 3D scanned by Direct Dimensions, and scaled up to 33" tall to match the size of the previous three sculptures we've done. Using Netfabb, we've sliced up the model into 289 printable pieces, organized into sets of four color categories. Now we need your help to bring it to life! Colors! In order to capture the distinctive colors of Rosie's look, we have broken down the parts into color categories.

We love having our builders send us parts in all kinds of diverse materials. Help Bring Rosie to Life! You can get started by clicking one of the "Give me a File to Print" buttons below. ComposiMold Reusable Mold Making Material. Maker Faire. Home - INNOVATION! Makerspaces in NYC School Libraries - LibGuides at NYC DOE Office of Library Services. Genius Hour - Where Passions Come Alive - Genius Hour. Worlds of Making @ NMHS. Setting up a Makerspace has been a priority of mine from the moment I started here at New Milford High School, and it’s already well on its way to being achieved.

Worlds of Making @ NMHS

Having a school principal who provides the perfect mix of encouragement and autonomy has, of course, been a great help, but it has also been very much a team effort: the school’s tech team and custodians have been very supportive and cooperative, along with a diverse variety of students interested in ‘making’ experiences. At the heart of the vision for my Makerspace is to develop the space and to provide resources and opportunities that will aid in promoting web literacy. These components encompass Mozilla's Web Literacy Standard. The standard is make up of three key elements: exploring, building and connecting and focuses on reading, writing and participating on the web. My intention is that instruction for students across the themes will make use of open-source options wherever possible.

Building a culture of creativity and discovery in education. Pixar in a Box. Projects Archive - Make: Hands-On Science Activities for After School Play. Introduction An introduction to the stripped-down motor, a simple and easy-to-make version of the electric motors found in toys, tools, and appliances. • Download activity instructions• Download concept map• Going further Recommend the Stripped-Down Motor activity to a friend Explore more things to make and do Bee Hummer | Bottle Blast Off | Color Chromatography | Cuica | Cup Speaker | Ice Balloons Jitterbug | Sound Sandwich | Stripped Down Motor | Water Bottle Membranophone | Whirling Watcher Educator Resources | Privacy Policy | Use Policy | About Digital Library Afterschool | About the Exploratorium © 2007 - 2015 Exploratorium | The museum of science, art and human perception.

Hands-On Science Activities for After School Play

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