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Orbital Sciences Corporation

Orbital Sciences Corporation
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Welcome | Virgin Galactic Erdbeobachtung : Diese Satelliten machen Google Earth überflüssig - Nachrichten Wissenschaft - Weltraum Die Firma Planet Labs will mit 28 Weltraumkameras scharfe Bilder von der ganzen Erdoberfläche liefern und diese mindestens einmal pro Woche aktualisieren. Google Earth wird da ganz schön alt aussehen. Von Rainer Kurlemann In diesen Tagen beginnen die Astronauten auf der "Internationalen Raumstation" (ISS) mit einem besonderen Arbeitseinsatz. Sie setzen 28 kleine Satelliten aus: das technische Rüstzeug für den möglichen Nachfolger von Google Earth. Die Mikro-Satelliten sind auf das Notwendigste beschränkt. Dennoch besitzen sie das Potenzial, Google Earth abzulösen. Mehrmals täglich neue Luftbilder Von manchen Regionen wird es dann mehrmals täglich neue Luftbilder geben, die übrigen sollen wenigstens einmal pro Woche aktualisiert werden. Der Initiator dieses Satellitenschwarms ist eine private Firma: Planet Labs in San Francisco, gegründet vor vier Jahren von drei Technikfreaks, die früher bei der US-Weltraumagentur Nasa gearbeitet haben. Menschen lassen sich nicht identifizieren

Human Space & Exploration Systems Mission Updates Feature Stories News Room Careers at Orbital SpaceDev SpaceDev is based near San Diego in Poway, California. Its objective is to make routine commercial spaceflight possible and to help open space for all of humanity. Previously a publicly traded company (OTCBB:SPDV), on 20 October 2008 SpaceDev officials announced that the company would be acquired by Sierra Nevada Corporation, a privately owned company. The announced acquisition price was 38 million dollars. History[edit] SpaceDev was founded in 1997 by Jim Benson, who acquired Integrated Space Systems of Southern California and then acquired a dormant publicly traded Colorado corporation through a reverse acquisition to create the publicly traded SpaceDev. On August 6, 1998 the United States Securities and Exchange Commission filed an administrative proceeding alleging securities fraud against Spacedev Inc. On September 28, 2006, SpaceDev announced that founder and CEO Jim Benson was stepping down to start a new space tourism venture, Benson Space Company (BSC). Dream Chaser[edit]

Kerbal SpacePort | Add On Store Czech Space Alliance ( Virgin Galactic Virgin Galactic is an American-based, British-owned commercial spaceflight company within Richard Branson's Virgin Group which plans to provide suborbital spaceflights to space tourists, suborbital launches for space science missions, and orbital launches of small satellites. Further in the future, Virgin Galactic hopes to offer orbital human spaceflights as well.[1] Virgin Galactic's spacecraft is launched from a large aeroplane, giving the spacecraft more initial speed and altitude than if it were launched from the ground. Mothership[edit] White Knight Two in the air White Knight Two on the ground The White Knight Two is a special aeroplane that functions as the mother ship and launch-platform for the spacecraft SpaceShipTwo. Spacecraft[edit] SpaceShip Two[edit] Sir Richard Branson unveiled the rocket plane on December 7, 2009. Its successor is twice as large, measuring 18 m (60 ft) in length. Overview of the SS2 spacecraft flights[edit] SpaceShipTwo's projected performance[edit] Fleet[edit]

Skybox Imaging - Products Fastest Access to the Skybox Constellation Your fastest access point to the Skybox constellation is a SkyNode – a compact system consisting of a 2.4 meter satellite communications antenna and two racks of electronics. We package this small-footprint system with our premier platform applications, which allow you to create orders, schedule collections, monitor the constellation, and produce and archive imagery. Uninterrupted Access We understand the importance of reliable, dependable access when you need it. Built to Scale SkyNode software updates are designed to be seamless and frequent. Flexible Access Plans Whether you need minutes of access per month or complete global satellite capacity, we'll work with you to select the Access Plan that meets your mission needs.

PowerSat | Space Solar Power Orbital Sciences Corporation Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC, though commonly referred to as Orbital) is an American company specializing in the manufacturing and launch of satellites. Its Launch Systems Group is heavily involved with missile defense launch systems. Orbital formerly owned ORBIMAGE (now GeoEye) and the Magellan line of GPS receivers, though they have now divested, the latter to Thales. Since its inception Orbital Sciences has built 569 launch vehicles with 82 more to be delivered by 2015. 174 satellites have been built by the company since 1982 with 24 more to be delivered by 2015. History[edit] In 1997 it spun off its space imaging division Orbital Space Imaging or ORBIMAGE (with Thompson then as chairman). On March 4, 2010, Orbital Sciences announced it was acquiring General Dynamics Advanced Information System's Satellite division, which was formerly Spectrum Astro. Business groups[edit] Space Systems Group (SSG)[edit] Orbital is a provider of small- to medium-class satellites. STAR 2 platform