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Teaching Grit Cultivates Resilience and Perseverance. Amy: Kenny is a student that participated in my grit program last year.

Teaching Grit Cultivates Resilience and Perseverance

Kenny: This is my evaporator. Amy: He's a perfect example of a ten year old with grit. In New Hampshire, we do a lot of sugaring, which is the term for making maple sugar and it's a whole ton of work. Resilience and Grit Resource Roundup. There’s been a lot of talk lately about resilience, grit, growth mindset, and related concepts -- including the social and emotional skills associated with these factors and their importance for student well-being and academic success.

Resilience and Grit Resource Roundup

Edutopia has curated these lists of resources to help educators and parents follow these topics and create home and school environments that provide supports and opportunities to help young people thrive. Nurturing Resilience The ability to bounce back from adversity is associated with a variety of skills. Learn more about the resilience research and supports and strategies to develop resilience in young people. (10+ Resources) Books with Strong Female Characters. Get our best picks for movies, apps, TV shows, books, and more, customized for your kids.

Books with Strong Female Characters

Get the App Get the App. Zita the Spacegirl (Age 7+) May B. (Age 8+) The Mighty Miss Malone (Age 9+) Harriet the Spy (Age 9+) March: Book One (Age 12+) The Hunger Games (Age 12+) Self-Esteem Books. Close(x) Don’t Miss Out You’re all set!

Self-Esteem Books

Look out for our weekly updates soon. The Champ: The Story of Muhammad Ali (Age 5+) Okay for Now (Age 12+) March: Book One (Age 12+) The Color Purple (Age 15+) Fat Cat (Age 11+) She was pressured to marry at age 14, but Shwapna wanted a different future. When the results of the secondary school certificate examination were published, Mr.

She was pressured to marry at age 14, but Shwapna wanted a different future

Based Ali wept. His 16-year-old daughter, Shwapna, had earned a perfect score and passed with highest marks. With the entire village gathered at Based’s house to celebrate, he decided it was time to publicly admit something that he had struggled with for many years. “Parents generally help their kids study,” he said. “But I pressured my daughter instead to marry when she was 14. In Pratapdighi Village where Shwapna lives, it is common for parents to arrange their daughters’ marriages after 8th grade. “I went to my friend, Shymoli, and her mother asking for their suggestions. “When I realized that I had successfully prevented the marriage, it gave me confidence to know that I am quite capable of overcoming any obstacle in my life, now and in the future.”

For more stories of changed destinies, check out our Destination Literacy publication. Now This Girl Knows How to Handle Street Harassment. If you are a woman, odds are you have had this experience….

Now This Girl Knows How to Handle Street Harassment

You’re walking down the street, perhaps thinking about your day and what you plan to accomplish. Then you hear a voice yelling at you, perhaps mixed with whistles or noises, saying something about your body or appearance. Sometimes it feels unclear whether or not you are allowed to feel offended by whatever was said, and sometimes it’s perfectly clear that the words are meant to reduce you to an object for sexual gratification. However, what’s almost never clear is exactly what you should say or do in this situation. “The Little One” Finds Her Voice. Pamoxong is not just convinced of the value of education in her own life, she’s determined to convince everyone in her village as well.

“The Little One” Finds Her Voice

Pamoxong actually plays a crucial role as a little “lobbyist” for education because she is also able to translate between the local ethnic language, Hmong, and the national Lao language. Many villagers in the town have never learned the Lao language, which poses a challenge for Room to Read staff who speak Lao. Especially in crucial times when Room to Read social mobilizers are paying visits to families with daughters at risk of dropping out.

Best TV Superheroes for Kids. Get our best picks for movies, apps, TV shows, books, and more, customized for your kids.

Best TV Superheroes for Kids

Get the App Get the App No thanks close(x) TV and Movies That Celebrate Grit. Close(x) Don’t Miss Out You’re all set!

TV and Movies That Celebrate Grit

Movies That Inspire Kids to Change the World. Close(x) Don’t Miss Out You’re all set!

Movies That Inspire Kids to Change the World

Look out for our weekly updates soon. Pray the Devil Back to Hell. This powerful documentary film has been screened at: · World Economic Forum· United Nations· U.S. Department of State· Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Hague. E-TEAM. Then they get to work — gathering crucial evidence to determine if further investigation is warranted and, if so, to investigate, document, and capture the world's attention. They also immediately challenge the responsible decision makers, holding them accountable. Human rights abuses thrive on secrecy and silence, and the work of the E-Team, backed by their international human rights organization, has shone light in dark places and given voice to thousands whose stories would never otherwise have been told.

How to Survive a Plague. Despite having no scientific training, these self-made activists infiltrated the pharmaceutical industry and helped identify promising new drugs, moving them from experimental trials to patients in record time. With unfettered access to a treasure trove of never-before-seen archival footage from the 1980s and '90s, filmmaker David France puts the viewer smack in the middle of the controversial actions, the heated meetings, the heartbreaking failures, and the exultant breakthroughs of heroes in the making. Blisteringly powerful, How To Survive A Plague transports us back to a vital time of unbridled death, political indifference, and staggering resilience and constructs a commanding archetype for activism today. Quotes "One of the 25 Best Films of The Year"— A.O.

Promises. A beautiful and deeply moving portrait of seven Palestinian and Israeli children. Emmy award-winning and Academy award-nominated, PROMISES follows the journey of a filmmaker who meets these children in and around Jerusalem, from a Palestinian refugee camp to an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Although they live only 20 minutes apart, these children exist in completely separate worlds, divided by physical, historical and emotional boundaries. Chasing Ice. The Crash Reel. This eye-popping film seamlessly combines twenty years of stunning action footage with new specially-shot verité footage and interviews as it follows U.S. champion snowboarder Kevin Pearce and exposes the irresistible but potentially fatal appeal of extreme sports. An escalating rivalry between Kevin and his nemesis Shaun White in the run-up to the 2010 Olympics leaves Shaun on top of the Olympic podium and Kevin in a coma follow- ing a training accident in Park City, Utah.

Kevin's tight-knit Vermont family flies to his side and helps him rebuild his life as a brain injury survivor. But when he insists he wants to return to the sport he still loves, his family intervenes with his eloquent brother David speaking for all of them when he says, “I just don’t want you to die.” Kevin’s doctors caution him that even a small blow to the head could be enough to kill him. The World Before Her. 65 Red Roses. Redefining the traditional scope of documentary film in an electronic age, 65_RedRoses leaves viewers with a new appreciation of life and the digital world.

Girl Rising. Nine unforgettable girls – striving beyond circumstance, pushing past limits – spotlighted in a film about the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world. With stories by nine celebrated writers, voiced by nine renowned actresses including Meryl Streep and Salma Hayek, Girl Rising introduces Sokha, an orphan who rises from a Cambodian dump to become a star pupil; Suma, who writes music to endure forced servitude in Nepal; Ruksana, an Indian “pavement-dweller” whose father sacrifices his own needs for her dreams; and six other heroines.

The girls are unique, but the obstacles they face are ubiquitous. Like the 66 million girls in the world who dream of going to school, what they want most is to be students. Now, by sharing their personal journeys, they have become teachers. Watch Girl Rising, and you will see: One girl with courage is a revolution. Quotes "GROUNDBREAKING" - The Huffington Post "One of the hottest CAUSE Docs in Years" - The New York Times. The Big Picture. DRS. Budrus. Ayed Morrar, an unlikely community organizer, unites Palestinians from all political factions and Israelis to save his village from destruction by Israel's Separation Barrier.

Victory seems improbable until his 15-year-old daughter, Iltezam, launches a women's contingent that quickly moves to the front lines. Struggling side by side, father and daughter unleash an inspiring, yet little-known, movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories that is still gaining ground today. In an action-filled documentary chronicling this movement from its infancy, Budrus shines a light on people who choose nonviolence to confront a threat. Budrus was produced by Just Vision. How to Survive a Plague. One Lucky Elephant. Pray the Devil Back to Hell. The Case Against 8. Super WHY! (Age 3+) WordGirl (Age 5+) Legion of Super Heroes (Age 7+)

The Spectacular Spider-Man (Age 7+) Mad Hot Ballroom (Age 8+) Labyrinth (Age 8+) Rudy (Age 9+) Spellbound (Age 9+) First Position (Age 9+) Won't Back Down (Age 9+) Crossing the Ice (Age 10+) Groundhog Day (Age 11+) Girl Rising (Age 12+) Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines (Age 12+) What Dreams May Come (Age 13+) Bully (Age 13+) Lost Boys of Sudan (Age 13+) Stand and Deliver (Age 13+) If You Build It (Age 13+) Temple Grandin (Age 14+) Billy Elliot (Age 14+) 12 Years a Slave (Age 17+) G.I. Jane (Age 17+) Sites That Help Kids Do Good. Edutopia's GRIT resources. Helping Students Manage Stress, Set Goals, and Feel Connected. Resilience: The Other 21st Century Skills.

How to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Failure. Brave (Age 4+) DIY app (Age 9+) Where's Waldo? HD - in Hollywood (Age 8+) Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Age 11+) Mission US: A Cheyenne Odyssey (Age 12+) Broken Age (Age 13+)