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PRISM (surveillance program)

PRISM (surveillance program)
Below are a number of slides released by Edward Snowden showing the operation and processes behind the PRISM program. It should be noted that the "FAA" referred to is Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act ("FAA"), and not the Federal Aviation Administration, which is more widely known by the same FAA initialism. Slide showing that much of the world's communications flow through the U.S. Details of information collected via PRISM Slide listing companies and the date that PRISM collection began Slide showing PRISM's tasking process Slide showing the PRISM collection dataflow Slide showing PRISM case numbers Slide showing the REPRISMFISA Web app Slide showing some PRISM targets. Slide fragment mentioning "upstream collection", FAA702, EO 12333, and references explicitly in the text. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) Representative Todd Rokita (R-IN) Related:  shellbookscodyg82

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Project Genoa Graphic from the Information Awareness Office displaying the goals of the Genoa project Project Genoa was a software project commissioned by the United States' DARPA which was designed to analyze large amounts of data and metadata to help human analysts counter terrorism. Program synopsis[edit] Genoa's primary function was intelligence analysis in order to assist human analysts.[1] The program was designed to support both top-down and bottom-up approaches; a policy maker could hypothesize a possible attack and use Genoa to look for supporting evidence of such a plot, or it would compile pieces of intelligence into a diagram and suggest possible outcomes. Human analysts would then be able to modify the diagram to test various cases.[2] Companies such as Integral Visuals, Saffron Technology, and Syntek Technologies were involved in Genoa's development. History[edit] Genoa was conceived in late 1995 by retired Rear Admiral John Poindexter, a chief player in the Iran-Contra Affair.

Protect America Act of 2007 Background[edit] In December 2005, the New York Times published an article[3] that described a surveillance program of warrantless domestic wiretapping ordered by the Bush administration and carried out by the National Security Agency in cooperation with major telecommunications companies since 2002 (a subsequent Bloomberg article[4] suggested that this may have already begun by June 2000). Many critics have asserted that the Administration's warrant-free surveillance program is a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution against warrantless search, and, a criminal violation of FISA. The Bush administration maintained that the warrant requirements of FISA were implicitly superseded by the subsequent passage of the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists,[5] and that the President's inherent authority under Article II of the Constitution to conduct foreign surveillance trumped the FISA statute. However, the Supreme Court decision in Hamdan v.

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Project Genoa II Graphic from the Information Awareness Office displaying the goals of the Genoa II project Project Genoa II was a software project that originated with the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Information Awareness Office and the successor to the Genoa program. Originally part of DARPA's wider Total Information Awareness project, it was later renamed Topsail and handed over to the Advanced Research and Development Activity for further development. Program synopsis[edit] Genoa II was scheduled to be a five-year-long program.[1] It followed up on the research initiated by the first Genoa project.[2] While Genoa primarily focused on intelligence analyses, Genoa II was aimed towards providing means with which computers, software agents, policy makers, and field operatives could collaborate.[3] Eleven different contractors were involved in its development.[4] Mission[edit] The official goals of Genoa II were to develop and deploy the following:[5] 1. 2. 3. 4. History[edit]

Microsoft, suspecting NSA spying, to ramp up efforts to encrypt its Internet traffic Documents obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden suggest — but do not prove — that the company is right to be concerned. Two previously unreleased slides that describe operations against Google and Yahoo include references to Microsoft’s Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger services. A separate NSA e-mail mentions Microsoft Passport, a Web-based service formerly offered by Microsoft, as a possible target of that same surveillance project, called MUSCULAR, which was first disclosed by The Washington Post last month. Though Microsoft officials said they had no independent verification of the NSA targeting the company in this way, general counsel Brad Smith said Tuesday that it would be “very disturbing” and a possible constitutional breach if true. Microsoft’s move to expand encryption would allow it to join Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other major technology firms in hardening its defenses in response to news reports about once-secret NSA programs.

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Word Cloud Generator How the Word Cloud Generator Works The layout algorithm for positioning words without overlap is available on GitHub under an open source license as d3-cloud. Note that this is the only the layout algorithm and any code for converting text into words and rendering the final output requires additional development. As word placement can be quite slow for more than a few hundred words, the layout algorithm can be run asynchronously, with a configurable time step size. Proposed reforms of mass surveillance by the United States Proposed reforms of mass surveillance by the United States are a collection of diverse proposals offered in response to the Global surveillance disclosures of 2013. Legislative proposals[edit] Amash–Conyers Amendment[edit] The Amash–Conyers Amendment was a proposal to end the "NSA's blanket collection of Americans' telephone records", sponsored by Justin Amash and John Conyers.[1] On July 24, 2013, the House rejected the amendment by a vote of 217 to 205.[2][3] NSA Inspector General Act[edit] The NSA Inspector General Act is a proposed bill introduced by Mark Sanford on October 30, 2013. USA Freedom Act[edit] The title of the act originally was a ten-letter backronym (USA FREEDOM) that stood for Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and Ending Eavesdropping, Dragnet-collection and Online Monitoring Act. FISA Improvements Act[edit] The FISA Improvements Act is a proposed act[11] by Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Executive proposals[edit]

NSA reportedly intercepting laptops purchased online to install spy malware According to a new report from Der Spiegel based on internal NSA documents, the signals intelligence agency's elite hacking unit (TAO) is able to conduct sophisticated wiretaps in ways that make Hollywood fantasy look more like reality. The report indicates that the NSA, in collaboration with the CIA and FBI, routinely and secretly intercepts shipping deliveries for laptops or other computer accessories in order to implant bugs before they reach their destinations. According to Der Spiegel, the NSA's TAO group is able to divert shipping deliveries to its own "secret workshops" in a method called interdiction, where agents load malware onto the electronics or install malicious hardware that can give US intelligence agencies remote access. This tool, among others, is available to NSA agents through what Der Spiegel describes as a mail-order spy catalog. Sometimes the NSA hops on an FBI jet for high-tech raids

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