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69 Free or Open Source Tools For Students

69 Free or Open Source Tools For Students
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Language arts (ESL, EFL), Math, Phonics and Science, Free worksheets, videos, fun games, phonics #edtech20 @web20education - free project in the clouds for teachers around the world was selected finalist in eLearning Awards 2010 . See the project in the clouds I was very excited when I saw that my #edtech20 project was selected runner up in the category ENISA silver award for teaching online safety and citizenship organized by European Schoolnet and Enisa . The description of the project : ,, Teaching and learning in XXI century using in a e-Safety way tools and applications web 2.0 and social media in education 2.0,, is a project launch by me because I was selected this year to work in a TIS – INSAFE Teaching Internet Safety project under European Schoolnet . The module proposed by me is called ,, How teachers and students can use free web 2.0 and social media in education “ and all the resources will be posted on TeachToday website . All modules where presented in 22nd October 2010 at Safer Internet Forum in Luxembourg organised by the European Schoolnet and European Commission .

download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and more! Archive Web Work 101: 10 Apps You Can’t Do Without « So you’ve been downsized. Or you’ve bailed before being booted because you saw the writing on the wall. Or maybe you skipped the steady paycheck for a go at being a freelancer. Whatever the reason you’re out there on your own now, we’ve compiled a list of apps you’ll need to run your web-working business. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a sampling of the apps and solutions that we’ve blogged about in the past. Here’s what the new web worker needs to get the job done well: Backoffice 1. I can’t run my business without my Freshbooks, but there are many options out there for freelancers to manage invoices and track income and expenses. You can also track expenses with these apps: 2. While Freshbooks does have time tracking, I must confess I’m remiss with tracking my time with a tracker (and yes, even with my cute Freshbooks time tracking widget for Mac OSX). I have to admit I’m the first to ignore anything that has an acronym. 4. ReadItLater, Instapaper, LaterLoop Communications

12 open source tools you should be using We liked this 3-minute intro to Songbird, Firefox, Audacity, OpenOffice, Gaim, Gimp, Inkscape and Ubuntu. Programs powered by coders’ collective brainpower & generosity Target audience: Nonprofits, social change organizations, educators, foundations, businesses, individuals. This is part of Creating Media, our ongoing series designed to help nonprofits and other organizations learn how to use and make media. By Kim Bale Socialbrite staff Afew years ago, most of us relied on closed, proprietary software to create documents, crunch numbers, surf the Web or watch videos. Some of the most useful, reliable and productive Web programs were developed using open source methods — transparency, collaboration, peer review and testing — resulting in screaming-cool products that keep getting better. Here are 12 open source tools your organization should consider using and supporting. Office tools OpenOffice: Full-featured productivity suite Constituent management CiviCRM: Manage your connections Related

4Teachers : Main Page Using Google Docs in the EFL classroom This term I made a decision to switch over to Google Docs to deal with all the written assignments my students do. Now, if you are not sure what Google Docs is - and don’t worry, you are not alone, Google doesn’t do the best job in the world to promote it - it’s an online document editor that can replace Microsoft Word if you don’t plan on doing anything too fancy such as inserting complex tables or pictures into your document. Let’s be honest though, much of what we do with word processing software isn’t that complex, often it’s just text and I rarely ask my students to do more than that, most of the time they are just submitting text essays. Now, this term I had about fifty students on a higher level EFL/British culture course and they had to submit weekly learning journals and semi-regular essays. Another thing I’ve found useful with Google Docs is the ability to use it for document storage and folder sharing. Oh, and Google docs is excellent for creating surveys and questionnaires.

12 Screencasting Tools For Creating Video Tutorials Ever wondered how people show you so clearly what is happening on their computer, like in the Photoshop Video Tutorials we shared with you? Thanks to screencasting software, anyone can do it. So what's stopping you now from making your own how-to videos? Try out one of these 12 tools and get to making your first video! Free AviScreen - As the name would imply, this capture program records the video into AVI files, but can also do BMP photos. - An open source program for capturing your on-screen video and audio as AVI files. Copernicus - A free program for Macs that focuses heavily on making quick and speedy films by recording the video to your RAM for quicker access. - Beyond recording video, Jing allows you to take a picture of any portion fo your desktop, draw on it, add a message, and immediately upload your media to a free hosting account. Wink - Screencasting software that focuses on making tutorials with audio and text annotation abilities. Commercial

Flashcards: The world's largest library of printable flash cards Pearltrees Pearltrees refers to itself as "a place for your interests".[8] Functionally the product is a visual and collaborative curation tool[9][10][11][12] that allows users to organize, explore and share any URL they find online as well as to upload personal photos, files and notes.[13] The product features a unique visual interface[14][15] that allows users to drag and organize collected URLs, and other digital objects.[16] that themselves can be further organized into collections and sub-collections,[17] (URLs). Users of the product can also engage in social/collaborative curation using a feature called Pearltrees Teams.[18] Pearltrees was founded by Patrice Lamothe, CEO,[22] Alain Cohen, CTO,[23] Nicolas Cynober, Technical Director,[24] Samuel Tissier, Ergonomy/UI[25] and Francois Rocaboy, CMO.[26] History[edit] Development of Pearltrees began in 2007. In July 2012 Pearltrees launched their iPhone app. Pearltrees introduced Pearltrees 2.0 on May 22nd, 2014. Usage[edit] Privacy[edit]

Raising a Child with a Learning Disability . Articles . Reading and Language . PBS Parents Home » Articles » What does a parent do when she suspects her child has learning difficulties? How can she advocate for her child when everyone keeps telling her that her child will "just" grow out of it, that he'll learn to read when he's ready? In this article, a mother tells her story about her struggle for success-and how she found the resources to identify her son's reading difficulties, as well as the supports he needed to succeed. In another article, her son shares his perspectives about what it is like growing up with a learning disability. Select a Topic Support for PBS Parents provided by:

Best iPhone Apps: Apps for Going Global @GlobalEdCon by elemenous | Appolicious ™ iPad and iPhone App Directory Check out, because your kids deserve the very best educational apps! elemenous says: Check out this list of apps for making the most of the 2010 Global Education Conference. Follow us on Twitter (@globaledcon) using the hashtag #globaled10. More info is available at elemenous's picks Google Search All conference sessions are listed in a Google Calendar at Flickr Take a photo and upload it to the photosharing site, Flickr. Discussion Three Free Tools That Convert PDF Files To Word Documents Sometimes however, the format you’d hoped would be available isn’t. Microsoft recognizes this and has made it possible to convert PDF to Word since Office 2007. Adobe also has this feature available in Acrobat X Pro, but unlike Office, Acrobat isn’t software that most users have access to. Fortunately, some free utilities have stepped in to fill the void. Free PDF to Word Converter This lightweight conversion tool is quick to download and install and only takes a hair over 5 megabytes of disk space, which means it will easily fit onto portable drives. The accuracy of this converter is adequate when handling simple documents, but more complex PDF files with images aligned close to text can trip it up. Nitro PDF to Word Online If you have access to the Internet you can try Nitro PDF to Word, an online tool that can be accessed through your web browser. I found Nitro PDF to Word mostly accurate. gDoc Creator Conclusion These three utilities provide a good range of options. It’s your choice.

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