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Presenter Media - PowerPoint Templates, 3D Animations, and Clipart for Presenters and Creative Professionals

Presenter Media - PowerPoint Templates, 3D Animations, and Clipart for Presenters and Creative Professionals
Located in the Midwest of the United States, Presenter Media is owned and operated by artists whose goal is to provide a world-class resource for PowerPoint templates and presentation graphics. Here's what we've been creating. New content inspired by our subscribers.View all the images and templates created for our subscribers in the last 30 days. April 21, 2014- Featured Content - Staying active with Sports We have many animations and images of people being active and playing sports. This content would be great for any training presentation or video. April 17, 2014- Featured Content - Custom Text Animations Make sure to check our our custom text animation options.

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Free 3-D shapes and objects template for PowerPoint 2007 - PowerPoint You can create memorable and attractive PowerPoint 2007 presentations with the professionally-designed slides in this free template. Use the shape, animation, and graphic effects in these slides to add 3-D background designs, rounded buttons, eye-catching visual aids, books with moving pages, and even an animated scale to your presentation. Download the 3-D shapes and objects template Look in the Slide Notes! 15 sites web developers and designers should know Creating a good website isn't an easy task, but there's a few tools that can definitely make your developer or designer life easier. In this article, I have compiled 15 extremely useful website that any web developer or web designer should have bookmarked. ColorCombos

Détourer une image de manière simple et rapide Thomas Leuthard via Compfight cc Les logiciels de traitement d'image comme Photoshop et Gimp disposent d'une panoplie impressionnante de fonctionnalités. Force est de constater que l'on recule parfois devant le foisonnement d'options plus ou moins accessibles et conviviales. L'opération de détourage est une activité relativement récurrente en matière de retouche d'image qui implique le recours aux masques de calques lorsqu'on utilise des outils dédiés. Elle permet notamment de se débarrasser de l'arrière-plan, ce qui permet de disposer d'un fond blanc et par conséquent d'insérer plus proprement l'image sur un site web ou dans un document bureautique par exemple. Détourer une image en quelques secondes

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The Wrong Body Language Never look away from your audience. In the outside world you may multitask and look at your Blackberry while ordering a latte, but never lose eye contact with those who have come to hear you speak. Eye contact helps you connect to people and enhance feelings of trustworthiness and likeability. 40+ Examples of Big Backgrounds in Web Design Trends in web design come and go and change with the wind. What seems to be popular today might not be so appealing tomorrow. Designers should always keep up with this rhythm.

Background Burner - Instantly Remove Backgrounds from Images and Photos - Bonanza HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery Killer Tutorials Getting started with HTML, CSS, PHP or jQuery can seem like a daunting task for many beginners. Some people think you need to go to school for these subjects but as many of you already know, there is an abundance of free resources to get you well on your way to becoming a pro in any of these subjects. Here are some killer tutorials and screencast series which cover the most popular topics (HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery). Resources for Help Before you get started on any tutorials, do yourself a favor and bookmark these websites. When you get stuck and need help, these resources can really be a life saver.

Awake - Powerful Professional WordPress Theme A New Breed of Wordpress Themes Has Arrived! With Mysitemyway you’re getting more than just a theme, you’re getting a new way of approaching them. With our innovative separation of design from content, we’ve put everything you could every wish to customize into one easy to navigate option panel. Take a closer look at the admin panel Stussy x Nike Capsule Collection Stussy and Nike Sportswear’s history of collaboration is rekindled once more through the release of a sneaker, jacket, and t-shirt. The collection honoring Stussy’s thirtieth anniversary begins with black and white versions of the All Court Mid Supreme that feature a premium leather upper and accents on the Swoosh and heel. Nike’s letterman-inspired Destroyer Jacket is specially adorned with Stussy embroidery, and an organic cotton tee bearing an ode to the brand’s longstanding heritage rounds out the collection. The collection is available at all Stussy chapters on Friday, December 3rd, 2010.

16 Best Web Design Galleries for Inspiration Web design galleries offer designers and developers creative inspiration on their own designs. By aggregating the top web designs on the web, a gallery serves as a prime spot for getting those creative juices flowing. In this article you’ll find 16 of the best and most popular web design galleries ranked in order by the number of votes they garnered on a poll that was published earlier this month. Magic Slideshow - rotate images and text Magic Slideshow™ lets you display one image after another in rotation. It's easy to install and customise on your website. Your slideshow can have descriptive text.Use the 23 options to customize your slideshow.See lots more example slideshows here.Choose a fading slideshow or use the Ken Burns effect.Install Magic Slideshow™ on any website. Contact us for any help.Big headingShow headings by simply adding them to the title tag.Keep it clean and simple or add special effects, colours, backgrounds, styles.Slideshows can be dynamic by fetching images and text from your database. Try more examples.