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Free PowerPoint Templates, Presentations and Backgrounds

Free PowerPoint Templates, Presentations and Backgrounds

Wikka Welcome to WikkaWiki So long, and thanks for all the fish It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the end-of-life for WikkaWiki. I have been an active developer with the project for 15 years, and am currently the last of the original devs. Currently, Dario (one of our early visionaries) maintains ownership of the domain; I host the various websites. I've truly enjoyed this journey, and I don't consider this the end, but the beginning of some new journey I've not yet realized. Welcome to WikkaWiki WikkaWiki is a flexible, standards-compliant and lightweight wiki engine written in PHP, which uses MySQL to store pages. Features: things you can do with Wikka. Quick help Installing Upgrading Migrating from WakkaWiki Troubleshooting Documentation Need help? Support If you need support with Wikka or to get in touch with the Developer Team you can: Submit an issue on GitHub Subscribe to our mailing-lists Plugins and extensions Several user-contributed extensions are available for downloading. Syndicate

Free Ebook Search Engine Socialtext Products & Services Socialtext 6.0 offers the functionality you expect, including micro-blogging, social networking, content creation, and expertise location. But now, we’ve redesigned the People Directory, Groups Directory, Activity Widget, and Search to make your Socialtext experience even easier and more engaging. We’re also introducing new, robust video capabilities through integration of an enterprise video content management system. With Socialtext 6.0, you can get to the people and information you need to get work done even faster. For example, you can: Leverage experts within your organization with Socialtext 360. All of this information is saved and searchable (with our newly enhanced search capabilities), making these expert conversations and projects effective learning assets. Dashboard Social Intranets are the cornerstone of company-wide collaboration. Social Networking Content Creation Socialtext 360 Integration Access

MediaWiki Note: the name "MediaWiki" is often confused with several other, similar, names; please see the glossary for an explanation of these. MediaWiki is wiki software, released under the GPL, that is used by Wikimedia projects and others. It is an implementation of a wiki, a content pool that anyone can freely edit. It is developed using MediaZilla (our version of BugZilla). MediaWiki 1.22.5 is the latest stable version, and is recommended for third-party users. MediaWiki 1.22.5 is available for download from, a site that is also responsible for the documentation of the software. About[edit] Technical developers section Miscellaneous[edit] Technical[edit] Versions[edit] At the moment there is a current version maintained for at least one year after its release date, and the last legacy version still getting security fixes. Database dump[edit] For downloadable dumps of Wikipedia's article database, see Wikipedia:Database download. An example invocation to a full backup might look like: