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Powerpoint sur les imprimantes 3D

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3D Printing Is Just the Beginning: The Future of Makerspaces within... Enseigner avec la 3d. DEFCAD Site To Accept Controversial 3D Printer Files. March 13, 2013 Lee Rannals for — Your Universe Online 3D printing hasn’t even gotten a chance to get off the ground yet, but there is already a “Pirate Bay” for 3D printers.

DEFCAD Site To Accept Controversial 3D Printer Files

MakerBot is one of the best-known 3D printing companies out there, and its “Thingiverse” site allows its 3D printer users to download files to create objects with their printers. Essentially, 3D printing could one day put toy stores out of business, because instead of heading down to Toys-R-Us to pick up your nephew’s present, you can just print one off on your desktop after downloading the right files.