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Les pratiques culturelles en Espagne au croisement de la crise et du numérique – Publics. « Transition France. Imagine 2020. Arbre apres Arbre - FRANZÖSISCH - Maintenant les enfanfs sauvons le monde PRINT ON DEMAND - Global Marshall Plan Shop. German ′Transition Towns′ ride wave of change. The water simply won't boil.

German ′Transition Towns′ ride wave of change

No surprise really. The pot is far too large for the small camping stove. Cornelia Dorsch takes off the lid to check whether she can add the vegetables yet. She's standing in front of a makeshift table on Servatii Square, where she's about to serve free soup to passersby. All the ingredients are vegetables from the local farmer’s market that were discarded for being slightly discolored. Thünen-Institut: Villages and small towns in transition. For Cooperative Building and Living. IJSEES Volume1 Issue1 2017. Cohousing cultures. CoHousing Cultures: self-organized, community-oriented and sustainable.

cohousing cultures

Integrating, non-speculative and open to the neighborhood. Innovative projects motivated by a search for ecological, affordable and socially designed homes. Housing Prototypes: Collective House. Street facade, detail.

Housing Prototypes: Collective House

Sven Markelius was an important member of the Stockholm architectural avant-garde in the 1930's. Along with Gunnar Asplund and others, Markelius was instrumental in bring the ideology of Modern Architecture to Sweden as one of the authors of the Functionalist manifesto acceptera, published in 1931. Markelius also socialized with a group of radical Social Democrats who shared an interest in the new architecture and a new social order. From this time, Markelius, along with Alva Myrdal who was a leader in the movement advocating communal housing as a means of emancipating the working woman from the burdens of housekeeping and child rearing, developed an interest in the idea of collective housing.

Cohousing Now: Home. – in Swedish Kollektivhus NU – is an association working to promote collaborative housing and other alternative ways of living.

Cohousing Now: Home

The association supports existing co-housing units as well as groups intending to create new units. Originally formed in 1981, it has recently been revitalised with the prime purpose to inform the public about cohousing as an alternative, and to influence authorities to facilitate the creation and running of such units. "Kollektivhus NU currently has 42 cohousing units as full members, and 15 organisations working in favour of collaborative housing.

There are also a number of individual supporting members. BoydAugerScholarship2011FinalReport. Homepage - Transition Network. E.n..T.r.a.n.s.i.t.i.o.n..2.0 (en Français) In Transition 2.0: a story of resilience and hope in extraordinary times. Outils de facilitation et techniques d’intelligence collective. Récits des villes en transition.