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Ascher Guesthouse, Switzerland. Bluebells. I would rather have this than roads and planes. The "landskein" thread was definitely my favourite to date - such a weave of geographies & visions & associations! Word of the day: "spindrift" - snow-grains or sea-spray whipped by the wind into seething streams & veils ("spoondrift" in Scots). Ensuring forest health with managed forests, coping with climate change, and @sfiprogram. Aurora Borealis at the Artcic Circle. Patagonia Wave Cloud, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile #chile #nature #photography. A fireball over Mount Rundle. Morningriver #blackandwhitephotography #photography.

Japan. Word of the day: "transtiller" - a mirror-like calmness of sea-water, a reflectively placid ocean surface (N. Norwegian: 'oil-film still'). A murky and brooding @CoLEppingForest on Saturday in the fog. #sharemondays. The world's snowiest place normally gets 125 ft. of snow a year. Now it's starting to melt. 1/ #SubvertTheCity project. Snowflakes under a microscope (first one reminds me of a microchip) #thanks2science we can harness the wind to create energy & develop beautiful Zaan green paint ;) @ScienceMarchNL.

Incandescent nights. "Between dog & wolf": photographer Chrystel Lebas's haunting studies of "the blue hour" in northern latitudes. In the north-west of England, dusk used to be known as "eawl-leet", "owl-light". Ty @Corbel_Stone. ROCK-OF-CASHEL IN IRLAND. Someday... @theiaincameron @RobGMacfarlane Me too (although a decade or two ago)! Pap of Glencoe & Aonach Eagach ridge (going to left) from Glen Nevis. @RobGMacfarlane Here's a grand one - interleaving mountains above the Rishi Ganga Valley. The peak top-right is Nanda Devi. #Bears I have no idea what's going on here, but I support it thoroughly. □□ When wind turbines align. Quite pleased with how these two came out. From sunset earlier on Midsummer Common, Cambridge, looking west. Buddhist Temple in Thailand. [Explore] Copyright © Vincent Ting … Oleg Oprisco - #Photography. " L'ami arrive comme le vent du printemps, avec des parfums de fleur, Il se tient sur le seuil de l'âme, toujours joyeux et bienveillant.. "

Want to break free? #StayStrong and choose your dream holiday from our fantasy line up…#TravelTuesday. Devil's Bridge, Germany. Birkenhead, Liverpool. The way we view things sets up everything. Under the light of thousands stars. "Often the mountain gives itself most completely when I have no destination...but have gone out merely to be with it." (Nan Shepherd) The sea is on fire. Photo by Jonavan Crail. The world is so beautiful. Your profile pic deserves more, doesn’t it? Starting at $5! Click here for details. Robert Macfarlane Has Something to Say About Nature. Nine Elms My home for the night via AirBnB. Two stars shine through the center of a ring of cascading dust in star system is named DI Cha. Sundog seen at Back o' Skiddaw, Cumbria, low winter light, January 2015. Another coruscating photo by Rosamund Macfarlane.

Beautiful sunset over the lake. Find a place where the beauty carries you away... Not for a vacation ~ For the ache in your soul. Word of the day: "sundogs" (also "parhelia") - glowing spots to either side of the sun, caused by light refracting in airborne ice-crystals. Winter-day shivelight, Cumbria. Dazzling work by photographer Rosamund Macfarlane, who also happens to be my mum. Word of the day: "shivelights" - the sharp lances of sunshine that pierce the canopy or foliage of a wood.(Gerard Manley Hopkins)

@RobGMacfarlane dawn shivelights at newbourough forest in the company of ravens. Bird's eye view of Amsterdam. Milkyway. Reine, Norway. Moonlight Aurora. This is luxury. Cool night sky. At least we stole the show. Le soleil levant est toujours le même, mais chaque fois c'est une journée différente... Too cool. #City #lightning. Extraordinary photo taken in Granada today of a huge thunderstorm in mountains behind the fabulous Alhambra palace (Jose Luis Hens Terrón) ALL HAIL THE ORB THE ORB SHALL DELIVER PEACE. Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise-George Carver c @PolakPotrafi333 #nature. Moon Games, by Laurent Laveder. Word of the day: "sunscald" - eye-scorchingly bright patch of light in water (English, regional) [photo by Ros Macfarlane] Amsterdam, Red Lights district... The Two Girlfriends ~ Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

The Truth (1870) JULES-JOSEPH LEFEBVRE. The Boulevard Montmartre at Night ~ Camille Pissarro. Farm at Duivendrecht ~ Piet Mondrian. Banks of the Seine at Jenfosse, Clear Weather ~ Claude Monet. Lesser Ury - Unter den Linden after the Rain 1888. Incredible Landscapes of Iceland (29 photos) Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Half Dome sunset in Yosemite National Park. "She knew that she’d only #timetraveled to one location during the full moon — the #GrandCanyon." D. Severina. There's so much to explore in this world. 15 Amazing, Mystical Forests from around the World. @world2016_ @pilaaaaar5 Have a wonderful weekend!□□ □⚘□□☘□ #wildlife. "Je marche vivant dans mon rêve étoilé .. " V. Hugo. Outer Space Selfie. Half Dome sunset in Yosemite National Park. An amazing stand of teasels - I bet these saw a goldfinch or two over the winter!

The Wheat Field ~ Claude Monet.