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BTA · Griselda Martí — Genoma Magazine. Submit a post - VISUALGRAPHC. Envía tu proyecto a la revista More with less. Adviz - advertising + graphic design = visual communication. Una tarjeta de visita sostenible. Graphic Design Bot. Pure typography. Typo/graphic posters. Yale—Graphic Design. Visual Journal. THEARTISTANDHISMODEL » Editorial. Mcgrath Report September 7th, 2015 The McGrath Report is an annual assessment of the property market focusing on the Australian east coast but also featuring market analysis from around the world.


M35 was commissioned to concept, design and art direct the report. The report provides an overview of trends and movements within major cities. The idea of having an “overview” was carried into the photography, with all the images being shot from an aerial perspective. Resonera July 12th, 2015 Visual identity and course material for Resonera. In Collaboration with Maximillian George, Tobias Ohlström and Johanna Burai. via Read the rest of this entry » Defining Contemporary Art ‘Defining Contemporary Art’ is a 500 page anthology for Phaidon, the world’s leading arts publisher. Read the rest of this entry » Enea June 8th, 2015 Enea presents its new identity, designed by Clase Bcn.

Via Read the rest of this entry » 49 landscapes, 73 beards and the Skinned Head of a Young Bull June 4th, 2015. HKB – Jahrbuch 2012 : B & R Grafikdesign. Untitled. Bänziger Hug - Welcome. Büromarks. Graphic Design & Tattoos. Logo and Brand Identity for G . F Smith by Made Thought. Opinion by Maisie Benson.

Logo and Brand Identity for G . F Smith by Made Thought

G . F Smith is an independent British paper merchant with a heritage dating back to 1885 and a loyal staff, some of whom have provided over 20 years of loyal service. Made Thought, the design studio behind the visual identity for G . F Smith’s distinctive Colorplan range, were recently commissioned to develop a new brand identity for the company that would better reflect the legacy, stature and future ambitions of the company. This included a new logo and logotype, sample and heritage booklets, stationery, pin badges and website.

Today’s review was written by Maisie Benson, a final year graphic design student studying at Falmouth university. Almost every major rebrand gets some form of criticism when presented to the design world. I have to admit, that before I read an article analysing the rebrand I had never really ‘got’ their old logotype. On first glance the new logo, designed by Made Thought, appears slightly awkward. Follow BP&O:RSSFacebookTwitter. The Directory. THEARTISTANDHISMODEL. Massimo Vignelli on Bob Noorda. Back in the early 60s Bob Noorda was the designer in Milano with whom I wanted to be most associated.

Massimo Vignelli on Bob Noorda

His famous work for Milano’s Metropolitana was of the highest standard. We started our friendship by driving to Venice every week to teach graphic design at the School of Industrial Design. That experience and that closeness cemented our friendship and in 1965 we decided to join our offices; that is when, with some other friends in Chicago, we started Unimark International. For a year we worked together at the same desk, each one of us on his own projects, but always exchanging our impressions of them. When I left for the States, I left all my client in his hands and he took great care, without losing any of them. His work was extremely civilized, his Dutch origin reflecting that culture and bringing a quality of spareness and essentiality to all his projects.

Graphic Journey Blog: Schmalfette: Tall, dark and handsome. I know a lot has been written about this… Twen's Art Director, Willy Fleckhaus 1925 - 1987 The ground-breaking 1960s German magazine Twen, including on this blog.

Graphic Journey Blog: Schmalfette: Tall, dark and handsome

But then again, you can never get enough of a good thing. Graphic Design & Tattoos. Swiss Federal Design Awards - The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2010. At the com­pe­ti­tion 'The Most Beau­ti­ful Swiss Books' of the Swiss Fed­eral Of­fice of Cul­ture, the in­de­pen­dent jury chose a total of 19 books as the most beau­ti­ful Swiss books of 2010.

Swiss Federal Design Awards - The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2010

Sub­se­quently, the awarded books were en­tered in the in­ter­na­tional com­pe­ti­tion of the Stiftung Buchkunst in Leipzig, Ger­many, where they were ap­praised by an in­ter­na­tional jury. A total of three Swiss books were ranked among the most beau­ti­ful: A sil­ver medal for 'TITLE' (Ra­maya Tegegne, Geneva), a bronze medal for 'Chris­t­ian Wald­vo­gel. Earth Ex­tremes' (Ver­lag Schei­deg­ger & Spiess, Zürich) and an hon­orary ap­pre­ci­a­tion for the se­ries 'Teach­ing Ar­chi­tec­ture' (Kalei­do­scope Press / gta Ver­lag). 391 books were en­tered into this year's com­pe­ti­tion.

The five-mem­ber jury, chaired by graphic de­signer Cor­nel Windlin, ex­am­ined each entry and con­ferred the title of most beau­ti­ful Swiss book of 2010 on a total of 19 books. Best Awards - Alt Group. / Pioneering Spirit: A history of Fisher & Paykel. Best Awards - New Zealand's Best Graphic Design / Entries. Publishing Archives. False Arms / Armes Fausses. La buena prensa. La buena prensa. Things to look at. Inspiration « Göteborgstryckeriet. Bedstuy Records – Promotional Magazine. This newspaper is one half of my diploma thesis.

Bedstuy Records – Promotional Magazine

It presents the fictitious hip hop label Bedstuy which I’ve created over the past six months. The label represents a lot of different artists whom I like to listen to the most. These artists are split up into three categories: rap (purple), soulful rap (orange) and oldschool rap (green). There is a color code above the logo on the frontpage. The magazine is divided into three parts. Research Studios / Exhibition. 0 Por Ciento >> Espacio web especializado en grafismo. Thømas Adnet Thømas Adnet | Clermont-Ferrand (Francia)

0 Por Ciento >> Espacio web especializado en grafismo

THEARTISTANDHISMODEL. Imagination 4 / Envelopes / 1964 / Champion Papers.