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Leading Creatively

Leading Creatively

¿Qué es? · Info corporativa · Sobre BCD · BCD Barcelona Centro de Diseño BCD Barcelona Centro de Diseño es un centro de promoción y dinamización del diseño en el ámbito empresarial e institucional creado en 1973, el primero del estado español. Desde entonces, BCD promueve el diseño como elemento estratégico y factor clave de innovación y competitividad y evoluciona conforme a los cambios que se producen en la economía y la sociedad, adaptando su discurso y sus actividades a las necesidades concretas del momento. Su forma jurídica es la de fundación privada sin ánimo de lucro y cuenta con la Cámara de Comercio de Barcelona, el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, la Generalitat de Catalunya y el Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo como patrones vitalicios. Actualmente BCD desarrolla proyectos y actividades en las áreas de Política de Diseño; Crecimiento Empresarial y Emprendeduría Creativa; y Promoción e Internacionalización. Diseño para innovar. Visión: Misión: Los objetivos de BCD son: BCD es miembro de los siguientes organismos: Sede corporativa Exterior edificio:

Libre Graphics magazine Why You Should Give Yourself Permission to Screw Up How does it feel when you make a mistake on something that really matters? Is it frustrating? Do you want to scream, to kick something, to slap your forehead really hard? Do mistakes make you angry with yourself? It’s small wonder that the prospect of screwing up is met with such dread. So how can you motivate yourself to approach new challenges with confidence and energy, without fear of making mistakes? We need to be continuously striving to go beyond our comfort zones if we want to be successful. I know this may not be something you are thrilled to hear, or even want to believe. People approach any task with one of two mindsets: what I call the “Be-Good” mindset, where your focus is on proving that you have a lot of ability and already know what you’re doing, and the “Get-Better” mindset, where your focus is on developing ability. The problem with the Be-Good mindset is that it tends to cause problems when we are faced with something unfamiliar or difficult. How about you?

2013: Full Speed Ahead for Adobe Gaming! | Digital Media Blog As we move into 2013, we’re excited to make investments that support the incredible, ongoing momentum in social and mobile gaming that Adobe has championed for more than a year. Flash technologies underpinned the success of many game developers from Fresh Planet to Zynga, both in the browser and on mobile, and you can see how Adobe Gaming technologies deliver the reach needed to improve game monetization in the graphic below. In December, the Adobe Gaming team launched the first ever, packaged Adobe Game Developer Tools via the Creative Cloud. Within 2 weeks of their availability, we had over 20,000 downloads of the tools and more than 12,000 views of the Adobe Scout video! In addition, we’re also announcing added funding for the Away Foundation, a non-profit Community Interest Company based in the UK, focusing on building and maintaining free and open source software resources for online and mobile games and applications.