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A Home For Media Artists

A Home For Media Artists
Stéphane Coutelle by okmarzo April 7, 2014 Stéphane Coutelle is a French photographer who has just released his latest series entitled 'Insomnies'. The intimate photos portray the beginnings of an untold story of women's wanderings. The pictures are shot in unspecified locations to carry a strong cinematographic dimension.

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EMPTY KINGDOM TOP 100 Artists of 2013 [Photo by: Shelbie Dimond] 939 is the magic number for EK in 2013. 939 only has 4 factors: 1, 3, 313, 939…which doesn’t really have any significant meaning relating to our TOP 100. AMD made a CPU called the Socket 939 back in June 2004…but we’re not sponsored by them nor any other computer tech company to supply us with the machines that we need to run EK. The year 939 in Roman numerals is CMXXXIX…which doesn’t mean crap since none of us use Roman numerals anymore. According to, 4 major events took place in year 939 that were documented:July 8th (The Major Occultation, or Ghaybat el-Kubra of Muhammad al-Mahdi),August 6th (Battle at Simancas – Spain beats Moors),October 2nd (Battle at Andernach: King Otto & Hermann of Zwaben beat Eberhard of France & Giselbert of Lutherans),October 27th (Edmund I succeeds Athelstan as King of England)…which all has nothing to do with EK.

Oil paintings by Tim O'Brien Posted on September 7, 2011 in Oil Painting If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook or Twitter . Thanks for visiting! Rate this Post (4 votes, average: 3.50 out of 5) HD-Fortress /// Hyper Dimensional HD-FORTRESS provides a multitude of creative production services ranging from art direction, concept art, illustration work, and animation for the film, TV, and game industries. Posted in: Digital, Featured, Fine Art, Graphic, Illustration & Art, New Media, Painting Tags: design, Digital, drawing, fortress, Graphic, hd, Illustration, new, Painting

Amazingly Creative Drawing Vs Photography This wonderful work has done by a very talented Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer Ben Heine. This creative artist was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He Studied graphic arts and sculpture and I also have a degree in journalism. Lets take a look at some of his awesome works that he calls “Drawing Vs Photography” or “Imagination Vs Reality”. Book Cover foras da lei barulhentos, bolhas raivosas e algumas outras coisas que não são tão sinistras, quem sabe, dependendo de como você se sente quanto a lugares que somem, celulares extraviados, seres vindos do espaço, pais que desaparecem no peru, um homem chamado lars farf e outra história que não conseguimos acabar, de modo que talvez você possa quebrar esse galho (noisy outlaws, unfriendly blobs, and some other things that aren’t as scary, maybe, depending on how you feel about lost lands, stray cellphones, creatures from the sky, parents who disappear in peru, a man named lars farf, and one other story we couldn’t quite finish, so maybe you could help us out), neil gaiman, lemony snicket, nick hornby, jonathan safran foer and others: cosac naify. _probably the biggest caption of this tumblr. the spies, luis fernando verissimo: maclehose press.

The Art Damien Hirst Stole Watch the video here. See press coverage and more info here. This article was published online by and in print by The Jackdaw Sept/Oct 2010 issue. Read The Art Damien Hirst Stole Part 2 here Becky IFX, Warren Louw (2D) Title: Becky IFX Name: Warren Louw Country: South Africa Software: Photoshop Becky - The cover girl of ImagineFX, issue 49 November 2009. So my very first appearance in an IFX mag makes the front cover, including a full on posing workshop inside the issue. Star Wars Steampunk Steampunk is one of those things that you actually need to SEE to appreciate. Me, I never really understood the concept of re-tooling something to what it could have looked like in the 19th century when steam was used,but that is what steampunk is, along with a bit of science fiction thrown in for good measure. Then I played the game Bioshock, and since then I appreciate it. But this, these designs of Star Wars characters re-imagined into steampunk characters by Bjorn Hurri located below the jump are simply amazing. Even when his art is still a work in progress, as some are below, they still leap off the page.

Where Science, Art and Photography Intersect (25 photos) Silhouette with Matches Caleb Charland demonstrates lessons in physics and mathematics with his mind-blowing photography. Inspired by children's books of science experiments, he photographs everyday objects (like matches, pens and mirrors) in ways we've never imagined, often using multiple exposures to tell the story. For example, in Fifteen Hours, the last photo in this set, Charland used 15 exposures to show how the flame of a dinner candle beautifully burns down. In still others, like in Cube with Rule and Penlight, Caleb Charland sits in pitch black darkness and, with a penlight in his hand, traces the shape of a cube along a ruler.

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