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30 Hilarious Print Advertisements

30 Hilarious Print Advertisements
In today’s world of interactive web-based marketing, viral campaigns and high production television commercials, the print ad remains one very powerful and effective means for advertisers to reach their audience. The printed format, whether it is for magazines, newspapers or billboards, sets specific challenges for ad designers. An idea or message must be communicated simply and swiftly, it must be eye-catching enough to grab the viewer’s attention and convey the important information in an instant. When a print designer employs humour to carry this information, the result can be become a visual ‘one-liner’, a joke that speaks the message the ad intends. This post brings together 30 hilarious print ads that combine great imagery with cracking comedy. Make sure you check out the second post where we showcase 30 more hilarious print ads! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 3M Scotch Magic Tape: Overload 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Related:  foto 2

Optical Illusions & Blog Archive & Body Art - Hand Animals These have to be some of the best examples of hand art I’ve ever seen. Great fun to look at for the kids and a real example of how to disguise your hand as an elephant, eagle or tiger. Click the main post for the full set of pictures. 55 incredible examples of photo manipulation We present collection of 55 incredible examples of photo manipulation. Some of them... you may know already, but another ones... could be new for you. What I'm sure about... all of them are simply worth of your attention.

Publicité Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. La publicité, « action de rendre public » ou « état de ce qui est public » a pris le sens moderne d'« ensemble des moyens utilisés pour faire connaître au public un produit, une entreprise industrielle ou commerciale » vers 1830[2]. Cette date lie donc le développement de la publicité à celui de l'industrialisation et à l'essor des marchés de grande consommation[3]. La question de la publicité comparative reste aujourd'hui un sujet qui fait débat : si le concept lui-même rencontre un écho réel dans le public et les associations de consommateurs, la mise en œuvre concrète de l'idée reste controversée. La majorité des auteurs rapprochent ou assimilent la publicité à un phénomène de propagande propre aux sociétés contemporaines[8],[9],[10],[11],[12],[13],[14],[15]. Des mouvements dits « antipub », dénonçant l'envahissement publicitaire, alimentent la critique et proposent des actions variées pour « s'en protéger ». Ballon publicitaire

Todays Front Pages | Map View Anyone seeking permission to use or reproduce the front page of a newspaper featured in our Today’s Front Pages online gallery must contact the newspaper’s publisher directly. U.S. copyright laws apply. To protect the Newseum’s agreement with the newspapers featured in the gallery, a watermark is occasionally instituted during news events of historic significance. The front page archives include dates of historical significance only. Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Share link_type: internal_linkexternal_url: 2292new_window: 0

Document Your Life & Improve Your Photography Skills With Shuttercal The concept of sharing daily photos is nothing new. Nancy wrote an article a few months back featuring 4 great photo websites, and we’ve covered sites like DailyBooth in our directory. However, if you are into taking daily photos and think the idea of calendar-based photography is pretty cool, you are going to love Shuttercal. In this article, I am going to walk you through the features of Shuttercal, highlighting everything that makes this website useful. Introducing Shuttercal I should point out that in Nancy’s article I alluded to earlier, Shuttercal had several favorable mentions in the comments. Shuttercal’s website also covers the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ associated with using the service, which I will attempt to expand upon here. What Is Shuttercal? In its simplest form, Shuttercal is a calendar. Upon first signing up for the service, you are taken to your MyCal page, which is your personal calendar where you can begin taking on your photography project. Explore The Community Conclusion

Op art Op Art Illusion design works that look like op art. Please note that this page could make you feel sick. "A pulser" The figure appears to scintillate. Copyright A.Kitaoka 2003 "Mesh spirals" The figure appears to scintillate. "Flemming's rules" Something appears to run in the circular clouds (visual phantoms). "Flip-flop" The figure appears to scintillate. "Falling snow" The figure appears to scintillate. "Op autumn" White patches appear to scintillate. "Rokuyo stars"* *Rokuyo is kind of week made up of 6 days: Sensho, Tomobiki, Sembu, Butsumetsu, Taian and Shakko. Six white circles appear to scintillate. Related reference: scintillating lustre by Pinna, Ehrenstein and Spillmann (2002) rokuyo.cdr (CorelDRAW) "A time tunnel" Color blobs appear to scintillate. "Matataki"* *scintillation Caution!! "A color curtain" Color lines appear to scintillate. "Treasure box" Color squares appear to scintillate. "Jiggle" The surround appears to jiggle and scintillate. "Blue sun" Circular scintillation appears. "Warp" "Glare"

41 Amazing Conceptional under water set me free photo's by Elenakalis we have seen plenty of conceptual photography but Sugarrock99 stands out with his unique and Expressive underwater photography. Hope you will like his work, Please don’t forgot to view our other set me free post as well. 41 (MORE) Amazing Conceptual under water set me free photo’s Why You Should Be In This $50 Billion Dollar Information Marketing Business | You understand the power of the social web so you set out to master the art of internet marketing. Perhaps you went through some training, attended seminars or read a bunch of great books. You get it. It’s all about building traffic adding subscribers and ultimately generating a revenue-generating machine. You’ve heard all the hype about social media, SEO and information marketing but the truth is you need a strategy. Web Strategy Is Business Strategy The backdrop is set for businesses big or small to become the next millionaire expert, advice guru or information marketer. Peter Drucker predicted that there would be a evolution in society brought about by information. According to him, the largest working group will become what he calls knowledge workers. Since information is basically content with relevance and purpose, converting them requires knowledge, a specialized knowledge in which people must learn and understand in order to take action. Internet Marketing Is Information Marketing

Light Touch projector makes any surface a touchscreen A previously little-known company from the UK called Light Blue Optics has demoed a projector at CES which allows users to interact with the light image as if it were a touchscreen. The Light Touch throws a 10-inch image at WVGA resolution at incredibly short distances thanks to the holographic projection technology involved. At the same time the infra-red touch sensitive system allows users to interact with social networks, multimedia sharing and any other applications that can use the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth support in the device to connect to the Internet. It comes with 2GB of onboard flash memory, a microSD card slot for expanding the storage and the battery life will last 2 hours. UPDATE: Two years on and although Light Blue Optics doesn't seem to have come up with the goods, others have. - Prodigy projection keyboard iPhone case turns any surface into a keyboard

Ugly Vegas Carpets Want You to Keep Playing | Raw File Mathematician-philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once said, “It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.” This certainly rings true with Chris Maluszynski’s Las Vegas Carpets series, whose name explains it all. The photos draw out the psychology of Las Vegas through the simple observation of carpet. Years ago, while in Las Vegas covering the World Series of Poker, Maluszynski found himself as enraptured by the drama unfolding below the tables as above them. Originally from Sweden, now based in New York, Maluszynski spent four years roaming Sin City’s kaleidoscopic corridors with his camera. “The carpets definitely play a big part in keeping the town as surreal as it is,” said Maluszynski by e-mail. That’s a theory backed up by Dave Schwartz, Director of the Center for Gaming Research, at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Maluszynski exhibited Las Vegas Carpets in April and has no intentions to return to the series. All Images @Chris Maluszynski/MOMENT.