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iPad Insight Home - Freedom From Religion Foundation The free camera encyclopedia Musings of an intrigued nobody Roland Wolff: Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles We sat down with Roland Wolff, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Retail for Leica Camera, Inc., to discuss the grand opening of the Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles. Roland is responsible for all Leica branded retail outlets in the Americas, including Leica boutiques and stores. Below, Roland gives us the inside scoop on what to expect from Leica’s newest retail location. Q: Where is the store actually located in L.A. and is there a particular reason you chose Los Angeles for Leica’s next store and gallery? A: It is located in West Hollywood at 8783 Beverly Boulevard and it will be open seven days a week. Q: What made Leica decide to expand to the West Coast? A: We have a number of great Leica dealers in and around Los Angeles. The underlying idea is that we showcase the brand to many different photo enthusiasts. Q: Can you comment on the size, design and ownership of Leica Store and Gallery L.A.? A: The space is 8,000 square-feet. A: There are two main reasons for us.

This Week in Photography History: The Birth of Dorothea Lange This week we celebrate the birth of Dorothea Lange and the photojournalistic work she documented throughout the Great Depression in America. Head on past the break for a quick peek into her life and career as a photographer. Born in Hoboken, New Jersey on May 26th 1895, Dorothea Lange – whose name was originally Dorothea Margaretta Nutzhorn before her father left the family and she assumed her mother’s maiden name- had quite a traumatic experience early in life that would become a defining moment; she contracted polio at age 7. Despite growing up in a home where she was constantly exposed to art and literature, Lange found that she never had much interest in traditional academics. During the 1930s Dorothea Lange’s photographic work for the RA (Resettlement Administration),which was later to be named the FSA (Farm Security Administration), brought the public’s attention to the truly unfortunate conditions of the migrant workers and displaced families affected by the Great Depression.

A new look at the Zeiss ZM 50mm Planar f/2 Lens A new look at the Zeiss ZM 50mm Planar f/2 Lens This is not a lens review, just a refresher of a lens I reviewed a few years back. The Zeiss Planar has been with me for a few days via and I have enjoyed it so much I had to write down some thoughts about using it on the Leica M and MM. Enjoy! The deal of the that not what many of us are always on the lookout for? The Zeiss 50 Planar on the Leica Monochrome – click it for 1600 pixel wide version to see how sharp it is at the focus point (whiskers) I remember this lens and ever since that 2009 review period and ever since then I have toyed with the idea of owning it because I remember it gave me those Zeiss colors and Zeiss pop along with the Zeiss 3D depth that the Leica did not give me. It appears many have had the same question as me: “Which lens should I get? I do not have a 50 Cron here anymore to compare but I have extensive experience with it on film and digital, so I know it well. The Breakdown

The $2 Million Dollar Camera – Your Leica Porn for the Day Some of you may have heard of David Douglas Duncan – famous for his war images, portraits and being a close friend of Pablo Picasso. His Leica M3 was sold for $2.19 million – the highest price ever paid for a commercially manufactured camera. Although the camera’s price has to do mainly with the images that came from it, it was also one of only four Leica M3Ds ever created – the “D” stands for Duncan. The cameras were ‘battle hardened’ to withstand some pretty tough situations. The price paid for the camera is actually the second highest. The first prize goes to a 1923 prototype Leica O-Series for a cool $2.8 million. Duncan, 96, is considered one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. The standard price for an M3 back in 1953 would have been about $230, which I hear could have bought you a really nice car back then – but I also hear that no one had shoes, it always snowed, and the road was uphill in every direction. Via Chase Jarvis and UK Daily Mail

Cura Camera Straps *Updated pics* Cura Camera Straps Cura camera straps are beautifully made straps, made using traditional techniques to the very highest standards. I am very happy to be able to offer the straps for sale now. Cura camera straps were introduced to me recently in Japan by the man behind them, Mishima San. He is very passionate about his straps and in particular the rings. Working with a family of weavers from the Kanto region who have been using the same techniques handed down over the generations for over 100 years. One very special point about the straps is the rings. The straps are currently available in 3 different colourways: Black with red accents. The wrist strap is 20cm long and the main strap is 90cm long and designed to fit on ring type lugs commonly found on Rangefinder cameras. These straps have become a great success in Japan and have been featured in a number of different photography magazines. Wrist strapCamera strap Japancamerahunter

Six Things They Won’t Teach You In Portrait Photography Class The one thing that will teach you to become a better portrait photographer is failure. Typically, when you fail at something, you sit there and wallow in agony. Then you figure out what you could have done better and find a way to keep those mistakes in mind for your next project. Have an Idea So how do you shoot a portrait? Many portrait photographers (not only those starting out but even experienced ones) fail right from the start by not having an idea or vision for the shoot. - The feel and vibe on the set - The wardrobe - The props - The lighting - The angles shot - The post-production process If you don’t have an idea to begin with, then you’ll need to find one. On The Phoblographer’s Tumblr, Gevon and I try to post as much inspirational and cool content as we can. Ideas can also tie in greatly with environmental portraits. Know the Subject Knowing your subject is critical to ensuring that the portrait session goes smoothly. - She is sarcastic - She is simple - She is funny And then we agreed.