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​Nationalmuseum släpper 3 000 bilder fria på Wikimedia Commons - Nationalmuseum. Nationalmuseum släpper 3 000 högupplösta bilder av sina mest populära målningar fria för nedladdning på Wikimedia Commons.

​Nationalmuseum släpper 3 000 bilder fria på Wikimedia Commons - Nationalmuseum

Bilderna blir samtidigt också zoombara i museets egen webbdatabas. Arbetet med att digitalisera och tillgängliggöra museets samlingar är ett tydligt steg mot en större öppenhet. Under tiden som Nationalmuseums byggnad renoveras är en begränsad del av samlingarna tillgängliga för allmänheten. För att kunna erbjuda en större möjlighet att ta del av konsten inleddes förra året ett samarbete med Wikimedia Sverige som gör att högupplösta bilder av runt 3 000 målningar i samlingarna nu är tillgängliga och nedladdningsbara på Wikimedia Commons. De är märkta som Public Domain vilket innebär att de är en del av vårt gemensamma kulturarv och kan användas fritt till alla ändamål. Nationalmuseum kommer att fortsätta tillgängliggöra samlingarna i takt med att den pågående digitaliseringen går framåt och den digitala infrastrukturen förbättras.

Länk till GitHub. M.facebook. The Most Influential Images of All Time. Stanley Forman was working for the Boston Herald American on July 22, 1975, when he got a call about a fire on Marlborough Street.

The Most Influential Images of All Time

He raced over in time to see a woman and child on a fifth-floor fire escape. A fireman had set out to help them, and Forman figured he was shooting another routine rescue. “Suddenly the fire escape gave way,” he recalled, and Diana Bryant, 19, and her goddaughter Tiare Jones, 2, were swimming through the air. “I was shooting pictures as they were falling—then I turned away. It dawned on me what was happening, and I didn’t want to see them hit the ground. TIME 100 Photos Explore more iconic images that changed the world.Visit the TIME Shop to purchase prints, posters and more. Visit the Shop. National Geographic Photo of the Day. February 17, 2015 Photograph by Gus Schiavon, National Geographic Your Shot “As a professional canyoning photographer ...

National Geographic Photo of the Day

I had seen and taken plenty of shots from the top or bottom of a waterfall but never from the inside of one,” writes Gus Schiavon, who submitted this photo to a recent Your Shot assignment. Here, a canyoneer begins descending the Campuhan waterfall in Bali, Indonesia’s Kerenkali canyon. “Getting in position for the shot involved using a secondary belay and my own rope, rappelling until I was slightly behind the waterfall’s flow, carefully securing myself, finding good foot balance, and, most importantly, using a special waterproof cover for my camera while keeping the front element clear from water spray, which would have ruined the shot.” Schiavon’s picture recently appeared in the Your Shot assignment Behind the Adventure.

Scandinavia at Night. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station took this photograph of southern Scandinavia just before midnight on April 3, 2015.

Scandinavia at Night

Prominent features include a green aurora to the north, the blackness of the Baltic Sea (lower right), and clouds (top right) and snow (in Norway) illuminated by the full Moon. City lights clearly show the coastline of the Skagerrak and Kattegat seaway that separates Denmark from its neighbors to the north and leads into the Baltic Sea. The largest light clusters on the seaway are the capital cities of Oslo and Copenhagen. Cities facing the Baltic are the Polish port of Gdansk and the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Smaller cities in northern Germany also trace the Baltic coastline (lower right). Click here to view a daylight image of the coastline and seaway. Instrument(s): ISS - Digital Camera. Literacy Through Photography for English-Language Learners. Enter most schools and you will hear about literacy instruction or the "literacy block.

Literacy Through Photography for English-Language Learners

" However, literacy is not a subject -- it is something much bigger. Paulo Freire encouraged a broader definition of literacy to include the ability to understand both "the word and the world. " Literacy includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, and analyzing a wide range of texts that include both print and non-print texts. Imagery and Language This post will describe some ways in which teachers can use photography to support literacy standards. It is an excellent way to provide differentiation for English-language learners. This methodology is based on the work of Wendy Ewald, who writes extensively about literacy through photography. The use of photographs provides a novel way to engage in analyzing text. 5 Photo-Based Strategies Focus Try to help children focus their gaze and guide their thinking about the photos, but still leave them lots of room to give their own ideas. Portraits Telling a Story.

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