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37signals: Web-based collaboration apps for small business

37signals: Web-based collaboration apps for small business
February 5, 2014. This year marks 37signals' 15th year in business. And today is Basecamp's 10th birthday. We have a lot to celebrate, and two exciting announcements to share. But first, let's set the scene with some history. 37signals was founded back in 1999 as a web design firm.

100 Apps for Tech-Savvy Teachers Are you a teacher now or studying to become one in the future? Have you been looking for a handy list of digital apps that will help you organize your life inside and outside the classroom? Well, you have come to the right place. With the world around us becoming more technologically advanced every day, developers are creating apps designed specifically to make your life as an educator easier. Check out our 100 helpful apps below! Online Database - PaaS - CRM - Cloud App Platform As part of Software AG, LongJump joins the family of industry leading software products mastering the major trend shaping the digital enterprise - Cloud, Mobile, Social Collaboration and Big Data with the brands you´re already familiar with including Web Methods, ARIS, Apama and Terracotta. If you are an existing LongJump customer, continue to sign in with the LongJump-Button above.

How to choose the good chart ? - Information Management - Thoughts & Tools The next time you face this question, the following chart can help you find your way. It shows the logical steps to find an appropriate chart. Whether you want to show a composition, a distribution, some relationship or if you want to compare some item, you will pick up a specific chart. It will be further determined by the time range, the number of items, … Metahaven Lectures / Exhibitions January 31, 2014 The Black Stack Grades: Student Organizer - Apps on Android Market myBook Lite is a personal organizer application targeted for the busy mobile tablet user to coordinate events, contacts, tasks and notes with ease. The myBook Lite application conveniently groups these tools in one application to allow a user to maximize organization, interoperability and efficiency. myBook Lite is a "try before you buy" version of the myBook Standard Edition. It is limited functionality and also limited number of entries compared to the Standard Edition. If you like the application, please support the developer by purchasing the Standard Edition, which has unlimited entries and full save/export capability. Also please remember that only the Standard Edition will export or save to files (csv, txt, vcs...etc.), this is NOT available in the Lite Edition, so there is no way to transfer data from the Lite Edition to the Standard so please switch to the Standard before storing hundreds of useful events ;)

15 Useful Project Management Tools - Smashing Magazine Advertisement by Cameron Chapman There is a huge variety of project management applications out there. Most are general purpose apps, not aimed at any one industry. But there is a growing number of project management apps aimed specifically at one industry or another.

The Beach - Welcome @ the beach Sociaal ontwerp met Jogi Panghaal Sustainist Design workshop Januari dit jaar deden master studenten van de Reinwardt Academie en de Academie voor Bouwkunst mee aan een workshop sustainist design in de Garage Notweg. Shaping the Future: Pathways to 2020 The 2014 CECP Summit will take place in New York City May 20-21. Each year at this event, CECP shares cutting-edge research, provides the opportunity to hear the CEO perspective in panel discussions, and features keynote speakers such as President Bill Clinton, General Colin L. Powell (Ret.), Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, and Anthony Wilder Miller, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education.

Dunne & Raby Dunne & Raby use design as a medium to stimulate discussion and debate amongst designers, industry and the public about the social, cultural and ethical implications of existing and emerging technologies. Anthony is professor and head of the Design Interactions programme at the Royal College of Art in London. He studied Industrial Design at the RCA before working at Sony Design in Tokyo. On returning to London he completed a PhD in Computer Related Design at the RCA. He was a founding member of the CRD Research Studio where he worked as a Senior Research Fellow leading EU and industry funded research projects. Anthony was awarded the Sir Misha Black Award for Innovation in Design Education in 2009.

Work Together: 60+ Collaborative Tools for Groups With businesses and families spread out more and more, we've dug up 60+ sites that will help everyone be on the same page. Business Productivity - Maker of collaboration tools including Basecamp (others listed below). Innovation Is About Arguing, Not Brainstorming. Here's How To Argue Productively Turns out that brainstorming--that go-to approach to generating new ideas since the 1940s--isn’t the golden ticket to innovation after all. Both Jonah Lehrer, in a recent article in The New Yorker , and Susan Cain, in her new book Quiet , have asserted as much. Science shows that brainstorms can activate a neurological fear of rejection and that groups are not necessarily more creative than individuals. Brainstorming can actually be detrimental to good ideas.

Could Governments Get Entrepreneurship? Some people think governments should stay away from the entrepreneurial world. Yet, some of the most interesting programs we have seen recently, such as Start-Up Chile, are promoted by local authorities. However, this program is very recent compared to another initiative called Barcelona Activa. If you have traveled to Barcelona lately, you may have noted its talent attraction campaign, “Do it in Barcelona“. Yet, what you may not know is that Barcelona Activa has been around since 1986. Created as a business incubator with the ambition to promote entrepreneurship in the Catalan capital, it is now the city’s development agency.

Innovating Innovation? General Mills Makes It Happen General Mills is one of my favourite open innovation companies. They have great people on their open innovation team, G-WIN, who are always open to sharing their insights and experiences with others. They also constantly push themselves in their efforts to make open innovation even more successful at General Mills. Now, they have developed a new approach to their open innovation efforts called X3 and I really like how they focus on the need for facilitators. “Since formally launching the G-WIN open innovation program at General Mills five years ago, we learned that our scientists were excited about the open innovation tools available to them; however, they didn’t necessarily know how and when to use them most effectively,” said Mike Antinone, associate director of G-WIN.

What is TRIZ and how can it be used in problem solving or brains What is TRIZ and how can it be used in problem solving or brainstorming? Innovation Tools 10/20/2003 Jack Hipple In the past ten years, a radical new innovation toolkit has entered the West from the former Soviet Union.

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