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CG Masters contact us | view cart CG Masters - Blender 3D Modeling, Texturing and Game Tutorials. Welcome to CG Masters, a training platform for Blender that provides high quality training DVD's and free tutorials. Learn the tricks and tools of the trade from experienced trainers certified by the Blender Foundation. Home » Free Blender 3D Tutorials Free Tutorials Easily Mirror A Walk Cycle Animation Quick tip on how to easily copy over animation from one side of the body to the other for perfectly syncing walk/run cycles! Blender Tutorial : Hard & Soft Edges (Without Modifiers) Confused about soft and hard edges? Blender Tutorial : Linking And Appending : DO’s and DON’TS! HUMANS! Creating Facial Shapes in Blender In this tutorial: Learn how to make and pose facial shapes in Blender! Creating your own Matcaps (a cool way to viz characters in Blender) Learn how to make our own ‘matcaps’! Modifying a Rig to a New Character [FREE CHARACTER] Character Creation Vol.2 – Rigging Page 1 of 1112345»10...Last »

Débutez dans la 3D avec Blender Depuis quelques années maintenant, la 3D a envahi notre quotidien : au cinéma (effets spéciaux, cinéma d'animation) à la télévision (publicité..), dans les jeux vidéo... elle est partout ! Mais alors, comment on fait de la 3D ? Est-ce difficile, réservé aux professionnels ? Je peux en faire moi ? Contrairement à certaines idées reçues, la 3D est accessible à tous, il vous faut seulement un cours pour vous guider pas à pas : ce tutoriel est là pour ça ! Au cours de ce tutoriel, vous découvrirez les différents domaines de l'imagerie de synthèse : modélisation d'un objet, mise en couleurs (matériaux et textures), éclairage, rendu, animation...tout cela avec un logiciel gratuit (et libre de surcroît) : Blender 3D. Parés pour l'expérience 3D ? Exemples de créations réalisées avec Blender Ce cours vous plaît ? Si vous avez aimé ce cours, vous pouvez retrouver le livre "Débutez dans la 3D avec Blender" en vente sur le Site du Zéro, en librairie et dans les boutiques en ligne.

Modeling for 3D Printing with Shapeways Blender Scripts, Models and Tutorials Object Assembler is a free addon for Blender to quickly and easily assemble predefined models with automatic alignment. Those models may consist of meshes, materials, lamps, actions, text, lattices, armatures, empties, speakers or force fields. You can create your own models or download fully modelled, cycles-ready models from the model library. You can support the development of Object Assembler by purchasing models from the model library. You can find all the information on how to use the addon, create your own series and much more in the tutorials section. Object Assembler Mode The Object Assembler Mode lets you comfortably select the desired object in a specified quality from a list of icons and imports and aligns it for you. Shortcuts Change the snap point(s), the rotation(r) or delete(d) an object with a single keystroke. Navigation Once you entered the Object Assembler Mode all the major navigation functionalities of the 3D viewport remain available. Object Editor Snap Points Editor

Blender NPR Creating Rope INTRODUCTION Rope is a fairly common prop used in many different 3D scenes. To create this rope in Blender 3D, we are going to start by modeling the shape of the rope with the help of a few modifiers. Then we will spend some time creating a good looking material with the node editor, and end with a final render of our rope. The rope you end up with should be usable in a wide array of scenes. Head down to the children section of the particles system. Mesh: Understanding Land Impact » Sculpt Blender Land Impact is one of the biggest worries that people seem to have about mesh in Second Life. I have talked to so many people who don’t understand how land impact works and so either give up on trying to create mesh objects or even go so far as to demonize mesh altogether. So I figured its about time I write up my first mesh tutorial to set this straight The Advanced Menu First things first, lets get familiar with how land impact is decided. Now we look for the three magic numbers under the heading “WEIGHTS OF SELECTED.” With the example on above, you can see how this stool’s download weight of 19 is also its land impact. Before you upload a mesh to Second Life, the UI will calculate the weights of your model so you can see them and adjust them if you need to. Download Weight is determined by the complexity of your mesh’s Levels of Detail (LODs). To correct a high download weight, make sure your lower LODs are as simple as you can make them. How to get a land impact of 0.5 Wrapping Up

Tutorials English BlenderArt Magazine Results – Tutorial Contest for 2.72 Results – Tutorial Contest for 2.72 Posted by Chris Plush on November 10th, 2014 | 4 Comments CG Masters Tutorial Contest for Blender 2.72 Here are the awesome results for the CG Masters Tutorial Contest for Blender 2.72! You can view all of the entries, the contest rules, and information about the contest on the original contest page. 1st Place – $150 and four CG Masters DVDs of your choice 2nd Place – $100 and two DVDs of your choice 3rd Place – $50 and one DVD of your choice Honorable Mentions – Tutorial published on Create Splashes by Steven Lund Check out his website: CG Geek on YouTube Download the project files here:Tutorial FilesHDR Files Using the Sun Beams Node by Luca Scheller Check out his website: Download the project files here:Tutorial FilesOriginal BlendSwap fileHDR Files Create a Grunge Wall by AnandhaRaja A Check out his website: Blender Talkies Animate a Basic Quadruped Walk Cycle by John Montgomery Check out his website: John on YouTube

47 Amazing Blender Tutorials Okay all you freeloaders... here are the Blender tutorials I promised! I got you 47 amazing tuts from around the far reaches of the interwebs. So go get some coffee or a can of coke, cause you're gonna be here for a while. Model and texture a wooden barrel using multiple modifiers and projection painting with Jonathan Williamson . Learn how to create magic wand effects in this huge 3 part tutorial. This tutorial goes through the process of setting up your UVs, and then using projection painting to create the textures. Shows how to make a good three-point lighting setup in Blender. At the risk of sounding redundant....learn how to model a teddy bear:Part 1 Part 2 Learn how to model and texture a steampunk style telescope. Model a rope in Blender by replicating a segment along a path using Array and Curve modifiers. Learn to model a human head in this huge 6 part tutorial. CGSutra has 3 tutorials on Blender Basics: The Interface Working With Viewports Moving Around in 3d Space