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click for larger I am just back from the Sochi Olympics where I was working with the amazing teams from Asif Kahn and iArt on the “Megafaces Facade” for the Megafon pavilion. Over the past six months I have been providing creative direction for this crazy project. I was asked to come on-board to provide expertise in computer graphics, lighting, faces, and overall aesthetics to the piece. The challenge from a visual design perspective was to take raw, 3d scan data from the ‘photobooths’ in the pavilion and then develop an automated solution, which we called the Creative Processing Pipeline (CPP), for coloring, relighting, composing and outputting the faces to the facade in way that, well, looks cool. It is a bit like composing a drawing or photograph, but algorithmically so that it always (ermm, almost always) produces a compelling visual result.


10 incredible online art schools There was a time, not so very long ago, when art schools and ateliers were your only options for attaining a higher art education. Typically providing a strong, foundational background for artists with varied aspirations, they were (and still are) a fantastic direction to take when seeking out a career in the creative arts. Unfortunately, that rounded, long-term education comes at a cost, and particularly for those living outside of Europe, that cost could be prohibitively high, leading to mounting debt and insecurity at the pivotal point in a young artist's career. Luckily for our wallets, online art schools have emerged over the past few years that offer a vast range of courses Online education options differ dramatically, from the more traditional foundational courses that can last several months, to individual lessons tailored to fit one subject, from class-based seminars to inspirational podcasts and more.

BPR Rendering Workflow in ZBrush 4 R2 by Daniel Bystedt After posting the image Angry Faun on ZBrush Central, I got a lot of questions about my render and comp workflow. This guide was written while I was using ZBrush 4 R2 and rendering with BPR Render. All compositing was done in Photoshop.

the iPad Docking Station My iPad docking station, the Venus of Cupertino, is hot off the press. If you missed the genesis of this project see the early sketches in the drawings section. The Venus of Cupertino is a sculptural docking station inspired by the rounded forms of the ancient Venus figurines – a fertility goddess for the technology age. Gallery Gallery / Resume / Links eat 3d contest wip Back to top © Michael Vicente / Orb Polymer Clay Artist (◕␣~) Hello and welcome to my ART channel! here I upload sculpting demonstrations in time lapse and save those videos to playlists for my viewers to watch. Nothing is rehearsed or planned, as times I'm not sure if I can even do what I'm doing, but somehow its been working so far. I even point out my mistakes! You could consider this channel a documentary of my progression with sculpting.

Top 5 Online Art Courses That Are Worth Paying For ResourcesThis post may contain affiliate links.If you buy something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you(learn more ) Self teaching is a completely viable route for learning to draw and paint. There are so many great courses you can watch from your home computer that it’d be foolish to ignore this potential. But there are way too many video courses online that promise to make you a great artist. The truth is that you need to make yourself a great artist; these videos can only act as guides. And with so many options to choose it can be tough knowing where to start. ZBrush tutorial: Monster-size sculpting tips from the BBC's Planet Dinosaur Creating dinosaurs for a TV series can be a tricky process. In my experience, deadlines are tight and most of the time you only have one shot at getting the creatures right. But with some basic planning and forethought, you can focus on creating the creatures - knowing that they will fulfil all the necessary requirements - and facilitating any changes that may be required. Monsterous 3D modelling At Jellyfish Pictures, while working on Planet Dinosaur, it was decided that the theropods (I sculpted 27 of them) should have scaly skin, which can be time-consuming. So I planned a quick and simple character pipeline that would ensure consistent style across all the characters and enable artists to follow the same style.

Dlink red onyx: Jewelry Stone Bead Bracelet - 3 White - Stone: 3 White, 2 Red Rhinestone beads, Shiny Onyx, Black String - Adjustable Digital-Tutors Digital-Tutors - Your Creative Training Resource 146,818 views 5 months ago See how Digital-Tutors helps artists all over the world learn CG and VFX. Learn more on ... Watch training for over 50 of the most popular software (from Autodesk to ZBrush) in the world's largest CG and VFX training resource. Learn on your time with 24/7 access to every course and every project file you need for a hands-on learning experience.

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