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Difference Between Epinephrine and Norepinephrine. Epinephrine vs Norepinephrine Both Epinephrine and Norepinephrine are similar chemical messengers released by adrenal medulla.

Difference Between Epinephrine and Norepinephrine

Both of these messengers belong to the chemical class of catecholamine, which are derived from an amino acid called tyrosine. These adrenomedullary hormones play essential role in stress responses, arterial blood pressure, and fuel metabolism. In terms of their structure, Epinephrine and Norepinephrine are the same except that epinephrine has a methyl group. Focus on Brain Disorders. The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, in terms of both its structure and chemical composition. Created by our genes, life experiences and the environment around us, the brain acquires, coordinates and disseminates information to control how we think, behave, learn and feel. To do this, all of the one hundred billion cells in this complex organ must effectively communicate with each other, and failure to do so may cause or contribute to brain dysfunction and mental illness.

Factsheet: Overview of mental disorders. Neuroanatomy_large. Anatomy_of_human_brain. _lp84n93bN61qfepsg. Google Image Result for. Brain%20anatomy.