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Les techniques secrètes pour contrôler les forums et l’opinion publique

Les techniques secrètes pour contrôler les forums et l’opinion publique

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The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies 25 February 2014. Related: GCHQ Full-Spectrum Cyber Effects: 24 February 2014. Related: GCHQ Online Deception: GCHQ DISRUPTION Operational Playbook: TheAcidTest Abstract: Arguments claiming to demonstrate the existence of God come in many varieties and levels of sophistication. Not surprisingly, the theist believes these arguments are clear demonstrations which underwrite a life devoted to worship, while the atheist, in contrast, skeptically begs to disagree. How is it that the soundness of the same argument is judged so differently? By what reasonable standard may these arguments be judged to be successful or not?

An Interview with Richard "Hollis" Helms, Founder and CEO, Abraxas Corp. // The Entrepreneur Center @ NVTC Not to be confused with the other Richard Helms (who headed the CIA under Nixon), “Hollis” Helms was with the CIA for nearly 30 years until October 1999, including 12 years overseas in several postings in the Mideast and South Asia. He was also one of the original assignees to its Counter Terrorism Center in the mid-1980s. He started Abraxas Corp. four years ago. Headquartered in McLean, it now has 225 employees. EDM – the worst thing that has ever happened to electronic dance music? “Who’d have thought three little letters could make dance music look so wanky?”, fellow blogger Clive from UK-based music blog Electronic Rumors asked on Twitter a few months ago. “What’s happened to dance music?”, Haezer asks his fans on Facebook. London music blog Too Many Sebastians recently declared the beginning of EDMageddon on Twitter.

Forget PRISM: FAIRVIEW is the NSA's project to "own the Internet" According to Thomas Drake, a former National Security Agency senior executive who blew the whistle on the agency’s reckless spending and spying in 2006, a previously unknown NSA surveillance program known as FAIRVIEW aims to “own the Internet.” Last month, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked a series of PowerPoint slides to the Washington Post and the Guardian revealing that the agency was engaged in a large-scale Internet surveillance program, dubbed PRISM, that collects Americans’ chats, emails, photos, and videos. One of the slides, only later released by the two papers, made reference to a group of additional “upstream” collection programs, including two named FAIRVIEW and BLARNEY, but gave no further details about their function. Drake, who was prosecuted under the Espionage Act for his whistleblowing, explained the upstream programs to the Daily Dot. “Upstream means you get inside the system before it’s in the Internet.

Autoimmunity, Allergies and DNA Activation By Sol Luckman NOTE: Although this piece was originally published in my popular free ezine, DNA MONTHLY, all the way back in 2005, and I’m nearly a decade older and perhaps a bit wiser, I still stand by the vast majority of the points I originally made about such topics as Allergy Elimination Technique, the dangers of vaccines, the nature of DNA, and the amazing healing potential of DNA activation—topics subsequently elaborated on in my book, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. Having spent nearly a decade dying, I am deeply grateful for the pioneering of Dr.