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Science is such an important subject and has a crucial role to play in everybody’s life. Without science we wouldn’t have medicines to make us feel better or be able to find new ways of producing energy to help protect the planet. Science is within the foods we eat and the clothes we wear, it’s inside and outside in fact it’s absolutely everywhere. Science is a very popular subject to study at university and here at Manchester thousands of students are studying it. Read on to find out more about science and the people who teach it at The University of Manchester.

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Resources for K-12 Education Search for a specific keyword or choose a subject to filter by : Science Charles Darwin Links Celebrate Charles Darwin's 200th birthday with these educational web sites, classroom activities and lesson plans. History History is a fascinating and revealing subject. Through history we can trace our own origins and the origins of our country. People who work in the role of historian are involved in discovering the past, collecting evidence of the past, organising what they find and presenting their discoveries to other people. We can all learn from history and it tells a rich and diverse story.

Project-Based Engineering for Kids Original, reliable, and fun collection of project-based engineering lessons for kids (and everyone!) Excited about making STEM project ideas accessible to everyone? Pledge on Patreon to keep the mission going. At the Educator tier, you can access lesson plans and more teaching resources! If you enjoy these projects, then check out my books Rubber Band Engineer and Duct Tape Engineer! || Everything I make Botham's Kids Corner This site has been produced in conjunction with Alan Snow to whom we are deeply indebted! Although Alan is a very modest gentleman and would never mention it... he is a very talented author and animator; recently winning the "New York, Best Illustrated Children's Book award". Although freelance, he works extensively with Aardman Animations, the creators of Wallace & Gromit! Look out for his hilarious computer game for sale through Virgin called "P.A.W.S." and his latest game from B.M.G. called "Duck City!" The images for "From Seed to Sandwich" were created by Roderick Murray.

Primary Curriculum Resources Primary Energy Infobook (e-publication) Energy Infobooks are the resource for many NEED activities and include an introduction to energy, information on major sources of energy, new technologies, energy conservation, electricity, climate change, and other energy information. They are available on four reading levels and are revised and updated annually. All About Trash Students learn about solid waste, its relationship to natural resources and energy, and options for handling solid waste including recycling, landfilling, and incineration. Blueprint for Success (e-publication) This essential gusdide helps educators develop effective energy education programs. Building Buddies Teacher Guide (e-publication)Building Buddies Student Guide (e-publication) Primary students are introduced to basic concepts of energy use and conservation, using the school as a learning laboratory and then extending to home energy use and conservation measures. NEED Curriculum in Spanish

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Classroom Resources SciGirls has the bold goal of changing how millions of girls think about science, technology, engineering and math – or STEM. Each half-hour episode highlights the processes of science and engineering, following a different group of middle school girls who design, with the help of scientist mentors, their own inquiry-based investigations on a variety of topics. They also learn how rewarding and fun it is to work with their peers, and the shows’ female mentors offer girls a glimpse of exciting STEM career possibilities. SciGirls educational materials provide gender-equitable teaching strategies and hands-on inquiries based on the concepts modeled in SciGirls’ videos. The SciGirls approach is rooted in research on how to engage girls in STEM. A quarter of a century of studies have converged on a set of common strategies that work, and these have become SciGirls’ foundation—aka the SciGirls Seven.

Teaching and learning resources | This site was developed to replace the National Strategies web area. Following the closure of the contract, it has been decided that the content should be made available through the UK Government Web Archive for reference only. On this site you will find the most popular content from the National Strategies web area, which has been updated to reflect the latest government policy and improved to make it more accessible. See how teachers, practitioners, classroom assistants, senior leaders, governors and other education professionals have been leading positive change in education. You can access strategies, practical support and examples of best practice. Whether it's nurturing enquiring minds or creating paths towards independence, you can see how others have made the difference.