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Tim Minchin's Storm the Animated Movie

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These 21 Brilliant Illustrations Summarize Everything Wrong With Society John Holcroft's thought-provoking illustrations depict everything wrong with the modern world. Credit: John Holcroft “Satire is fascinating stuff. It’s deadly serious, and when politics begin to break down, there is a drift towards satire, because it’s the only thing that makes any sense” – Ben Nicholsan. John Holcroft is a talented British illustrator known for his ability to merge retro-style illustrations with satirical commentary concerning topics that matter. Using drawing inspiration from the 1950’s, Holcroft has created thought-provoking depictions of everything wrong with the world today. From society’s dependence on technology to the devaluation of the workforce, his quirky, satirical works convey uncomfortable messages in a loud-and-clear manner. In the past, the artist has worked with The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Ecomoist, The Independent and Reader’s Digest – to name a few. What are your thoughts?

Cyberbullying - let's fight it together The music throughout the film is a song by Ben Folds called Still Fighting It. You can listen to it here: JOE: Um … Hi. My name’s Joe. Text on mobile phone screen: No Number YOU LITTLE KISSASS! Text on computer screen: Anon5446: HEY FREAK joebpruett: hu’s dat Anon5446: YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE Anon5446: LOSER! Email on screen: Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 16:36:31 + 0100 (BST) From:; Subject: To: Text on screen: YOU LITTLE KISSASS! JOE: Well, that’s it. JOE: (on video camera) I thought they were supposed to be my friends, but they’re all laughing at me. Text on screen: Cyberbullying is bullying It ruins lives Cyberbullying Let’s fight it together Ben Folds - Still Fighting It - Lyrics Good morning, son, I am a bird wearing a brown polyester shirt You want a coke? Good morning, son, I am a bird It was pain, sunny days and rain I knew you'd feel the same things

How To Become a Better Person This EFL lesson is designed around a short film by Tracy Foster for The School of Life titled How to Become a Better Person. Students work on abstract nouns, discuss virtues important in the modern world and watch a short film. I would ask all teachers who use Film English to consider buying my book Film in Action as the royalties which I receive from sales help to keep the website completely free. Language level: Upper Intermediate (B2) – Advanced (C1) Learner type: Teens and adults Time: 60 minutes Activity: Speaking about virtues, watching a short film, listening and writing Topic: Virtues Language: Abstract nouns Materials: Short film Downloadable materials: how to become a better person instructions Support Film English Film English remains ad-free and takes many hours a month to research and write, and hundreds of dollars to sustain. Step 1 Write “virtue” on the board. Step 2 Step 3 Get feedback from the whole class and write up the virtues on the board and help them with pronunciation. Step 4

The alphabet of illiteracy This ELT lesson plan is designed around a short film commissioned by Project Literacy and the theme of literacy. Students discuss problems related to illiteracy, practise vocabulary related to illiteracy, watch a short film, read a transcript,and watch and discuss a promotional video for a literacy campaign. I would ask all teachers who use Film English to consider buying my book Film in Action as the royalties which I receive from sales help to keep the website completely free. Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Advanced (C1) Learner type: Teens and adults Time: 90 minutes Activity: Discussing problems related to illiteracy, watching a short film, reading a transcript, watching and discussing a video Topic: Illiteracy Language: Vocabulary related to illiteracy Materials: Short film, transcript and short video Downloadable materials: the alphabet of illiteracy lesson instructions alphabet of illiteracy transcript Support Film English Step 1 Write illiterate on the board. Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

Sweden officially the 'goodest' country in the world, study says | World Politics Sweden has topped a poll as the best ‒ or “goodest” ‒ country when it comes to serving the interests of its people while avoiding damaging impacts to other nations and the environment. The country has outranked 162 others to take pole position in the Good Country Index, a league table based on 35 separate indicators from sources including the United Nations and the World Bank. Sweden scores highest for positive lifestyle contributions including prosperity, equality, health and wellbeing, while also performing well culturally. Iceland tops the list for its overall contribution to the planet and climate protection, including low CO2 emissions and minimal production of hazardous material, while the UK performs less well in this area, sitting down in 22nd place. The UK, however, is top of the table when it comes to science and technology, which takes into account scientific publications and study, Nobel prizes and patents. Play Video Close This is a modal window. Reuse content

Sweden is the ‘goodest’ country – according to the baddest of surveys | Andrew Brown | Opinion I love Sweden. I count the year wasted when I don’t spend a couple of weeks in the back country. I have good friends and extended family there – but I still can’t really believe that it’s the “goodest” country in the world, as a recent survey purports to show. This isn’t just because my last extended trip there was to spend a week investigating a particularly gruesome racist murder in Trollhättan, nor because the country’s politics are in a state of farcical disarray. The Liberals have rebranded themselves with a logo that suggests they’re all on Viagra, while the former Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin got caught falsely certifying the income of her rather dishy former bodyguard so that he could buy a fancy flat. Meanwhile, no policeman I spoke to thought there was any chance of repatriating the 80,000 asylum seekers Sweden plans to deport. The survey that selected it as such may well, however, be the worst of its type. Two things are on display here.

A conversation lesson about self-love – Intermediate level « Cecilia Nobre ELT Blog When I first came across Jessamyn’s story, I thought it was gutsy and moving. She is a Yoga teacher who has become an Instagram Yoga star for her body-positive message and for showing the world that yoga teachers come in all shapes and sizes.I tend to plan my lessons around topics that interest me first, then I reflect on whether my students might also connect and engage with these topics. Most of my sources are authentic and this one was no exception. I basically based all the tasks on Jessamys’s impressive Facebook profile: she posts interesting news articles, videos, photos and different sorts of media products. This topic couldn’t be more up-to-date : self- love, self-acceptance, self-esteem, fat shame. Teachers need to be aware some learners might have pre-conceived ideas on these topics – even being judgemental. Bear in mind we must not judge their opinions ( even if we completely disagree with them). Lesson Outline Slide 1 Slides 2, 3, 4 Can you do a handstand like she does? Slide 5

10 Emotional Abuse Tactics That Trump Blatantly Used in the First Debate The current United States presidential election has many people on edge. Therapists around the country are reporting spikes in patients dealing with election anxiety. Clinical psychologist Stephen Holland told The Atlantic, “Among people who are not Trump supporters, we’re hearing a higher level of concern and dismay than I’ve probably heard in any election cycle, in 25 years of clinical work.” Self reporter Haley Goldberg even described the feeling as “right in my chest, a tightening sensation that sent adrenaline through the rest of my body. Political Anxiety Disorder, says the Wall Street Journal, is definitely a thing. For some people, the anxiety comes from Trump’s proposed policies, which include banning all Muslims, and building a wall between Mexico because, in his view, all Mexicans are rapists. For many others, though, the language and rhetoric coming out of the elections isn’t just about policy, but is actually personal. 1. Trump is an expert at lying straight into the camera.

Memories Can Be Inherited, and Scientists May Have Just Figured out How In Brief Our life experiences may be passed on to our children and our children's children - and now scientists report that they have discovered that this inheritance can be turned on or off. What is Epigenetics? Epigenetics is the study of inherited changes in gene expression…changes that are inherited, but they are not inherent to our DNA. For instance, life experiences, which aren’t directly coded in human DNA, can actually be passed on to children. Studies have shown that survivors of traumatic events may have effects in subsequent generations. The question, of course, is how are these genetic “memories” passed on? This is the question that a Tel Aviv University (TAU) was seeking to answer when they reportedly discovered the exact mechanism that makes it possible to turn the transference of environmental influences on or off. Understanding the Mechanism According to their study, epigenetic responses that are inherited follow an active process as it gets passed on through generations.

5-Minute Film Festival: 5 Videos to Explore Growth Mindset We know there’s no silver bullet for improving learning outcomes for kids, and Stanford researcher Carol Dweck, who originated the concept of growth mindset, has spoken out recently against the misapplication of her findings. But with a deeper understanding of the idea, and more exploration around what proper implementation looks like, growth mindset has a lot of potential. If you’d like to learn more, or want to clarify the idea for the people around you, these five videos offer something for every audience—from preschoolers to parents and colleagues to college kids. Carol Dweck—The Power of Believing That You Can Improve (10:25) Dweck’s 10-minute TED talk is an excellent entry point to the subject. She walks you through “the power of yet”—and its polar opposite, “the tyranny of now”—to show how we can influence our own brain’s capacity for learning. Growth Mindset for Students—Episode 1 of 5 (02:36) A School That Keeps Learning—Part 3: Growth Mindset (08:40)

7 healthy tips for a better night’s sleep Sleep is critical for mind and body health. Without it, the effects can be severe. But what if you suffer from insomnia? Below, neuroscientist Claudia Aguirre provides 7 healthy tips for a better night’s sleep: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. For more health tips from experts, check out 7 TED-Ed Lessons for a healthier you. Author bio: Claudia Aguirre is a neuroscientist and the author of several TED-Ed Lessons, including What would happen if you didn’t sleep?

Ten things I wish someone had told me before I moved to Sweden Sweden, much, much colder than you think. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT British writer Clement Boateng loves his new life in Sweden. He just wishes someone had warned him about these ten things first... I am a London-boy born and raised, now currently living and nesting in Stockholm in the hope of a new life, new career, new adventure and new experiences. 1. I previously thought London was cold. 2. It really is tough if you do not speak Swedish. 3. Black seems to be the uniform colour here for everything. 4. There is another unspoken rule that says one must never be within an arm's reach of each other. 5. For a while now, the Swedish have been mislabelled as quite forward, blunt or even harsh with their use of English. 6. Completely off topic but still important nonetheless, is the topic of pizza. 7. Not five minutes late or five minutes early. 8. To all thoses still unfamiliar with this Swedish saying, it basically means not too little and not too much. 9. 10. Clement Boateng.

Woman speaks out after finding her photo used for a horrible meme Another day, another set of dank, problematic memes. This is how much of your life you'll spend hungover and it's pretty depressing The latest meme ‘trend’ asks you to tag a friend on an image. This image is usually of someone who doesn’t necessarily fit with society’s view of ‘beauty’. Yep, it’s another mean meme. While many may see it as harmless ‘fun’, what they are actually doing is relentlessly mocking a person on the way they look. It’s bullying and it’s disgusting. One person who has fallen victim to this meme trend is Lizzie Velasquez, a motivational speaker and author who was born with a rare congenital disease that prevents her from accumulating body fat. She has also been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue and causes problems with the way the body grows and develops, as well as heart and lung issues. ‘He’s running late, would someone please tag him and tell him I’m still waiting?’ Over 95,000 people liked Lizzie’s post.