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History's HEROES

History's HEROES

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This is Me – Grade 7 Unit – The Canswedian English Teacher I was so lucky this year, in that my Grade 7s walked into my English class bright eyed and bushy tailed – ready to go. One boy put up his hand on the first day and declared, “I want to learn English, because I want to go to California.” From what I’ve been told, this is the middle-class Swedish dream. You do you little man – you do you. The Heroine and the Holocaust - Teachers - History's HEROES from E2BN This teaching idea is designed for use at KS 3 history. Why use this unit? Often, a good way into a topic is via one small section of it. This teaching idea provides just such an opportunity. In a terrible war, Poland's experience of World War 2 was uniquely terrible - a quarter of its population perished.

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Teenage Problems Anonymous asked: my best friend just admited that she's a lesbian and she's in a relationship with another girl. she's my bestest friend and i dont know how to react. now its always really awkward :/ help? look, i’ve very clearly stated that i have a separate blog for advice. a separate blog. okay. i’m a nice person, so i’ll answer this anyways. basically, it’s only awkward if you make it awkward. she is still your best friend either way. the fact that she is attracted to girls doesn’t change her personality or what made you friends before. it’s not like you were friends with her specifically because you thought she was straight. it shouldn’t matter. you also need to look at it from her perspective.

Hero Subunit 3: Three Paragraph Essay on a Personal Hero – The Canswedian Eng... Subunit 3: Three paragraph essay on a personal hero. Ask the students to think about their personal hero, or someone they look up to. It could be a family member, singer, someone from history, whoever…It is mindblowing how many will say they don’t know. If they don’t have one – they can research. I showed a few people The White Helmets from Syria for example. One girl thought about her grandmother who was battling cancer.

Holocaust Memorial Day: remembering horror of Auschwitz 70 years on The site was also the death place for many people who did not fit into the Nazis' view of their world. Poles, lesbians, homosexuals and the disabled were amongst those also killed here. Over one and a half million people were killed at Auschwitz, including women and children The infamous sign, made by a prisoner, was erected by the Nazis after the Auschwitz barracks were converted into a labour camp to house Polish resistance fighters in 1940. Faversham Stoa Faversham Stoa is a philosophy discussion group meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7.30 to 9.30pm in the The Bull in Tanners Street. We cover a large range of topics. If you have an idea for a topic that you would like us to cover why not drop us a line?

The man who cycled from India to Europe for love Image copyright PK Mahanandia Indian artist PK Mahanandia met Charlotte Von Schedvin on a winter evening in Delhi in 1975 when she asked him to draw her portrait. What eventually followed was an epic bicycle journey from India to Europe - all for love. The Heroes Unit: Subunit 2 – Modern Day Heroes – The Canswedian English Teacher Subunit 2: Modern day Heroes The purpose with this assignment is forcing students to get outside of their own backyards and hopefully get a little inspiration. There are so many role models out there that students are not aware of. The next step in this heroes unit is talking about present day heroes. I have four biographies I use: Malala, Aung San Sun Kyi, Mandela and Terry Fox. They are modern day badasses in my opinion.

The Christmas truce The Christmas Truce of 1914 is widely seen as one of the very few uplifting moments in the futility of the First World War. In this lesson, students will learn about the truce through listening to a podcast of the stories of soldiers who experienced it. After listening to this podcast, students will focus on the speakers’ use of narrative tenses and will go on to write a diary entry from the perspective of a WWI soldier. At Christmas 1914, there were a series of unofficial truces in no-man’s land. soldiers met between the trenches, talked, exchanged souvenirs and even played football. This is a photo of soldiers from the Royal Warwickshire Regiment talking happily with men from the 134th Saxon Regiment on Boxing Day. © IWM (HU 35801)

Why I decided to learn languages (14 and counting) Alex Rawlings Opens in a new tab or window., who won a competition to find Britain's most multi-lingual student Opens in a new tab or window. in 2011, explains why learning foreign languages is so rewarding, and how his school helped set him on this path. The UK, my home country, can be a place of great contradictions. We’re famous for being reluctant to speak other languages and indignant about whether they even have a use.

The Heroes Unit: Subunit 1 – Qualities of a Hero and the Heroic Journey – The... This is a mammoth of a blog post, so I am going to split it up into three parts for your viewing pleasure.This unit is on Heroes with three subunits – fictional heroes, modern day heroes and personal heroes. You can go through it in about 2 -3 months. Do me a favour. Ask your students who their heroes are. How many of them can answer that? I was quite shocked when not very many students could identify a hero in their life or even someone to look up to.

Anne Frank Who Was Anne Frank? During the two years and one month Anne Frank spent hiding in a Secret Annex in Amsterdam during World War II, she kept a diary. Anne Frank's diary, which was published by her father after the war and has been read by millions of people around the world, chronicles both the tensions and difficulties of living in such a confined space for that long a duration as well as Anne's struggles with becoming a teenager. Since the publication of her diary, Anne Frank has become a symbol of the children that were murdered in the Holocaust.

Blackout poetry – Cecilia Lind Hello students! Today you will try something that is called Blackout poetry, or sometimes also named Found poetry or Censured poetry. Grab a page from an old book, or newspaper and a marker, a whiteboard pen or a fineliner.Make circles or Squares around the words or sentences you find interesting and that when read together create a poem or story.Blackout or mark out the words that you don´t need to create a magical visual poem! For further instructions, inspiration click and take a look here, see a slideshare or browse around here. Now it´s your turn to have a go.